Hi Seniors,

Hope you can guide me in this matter. I resigned from my current company on March 10th 2011 and my last working was supposed to be June 20th 2011. Had to serve such a lenghty notice per company policy of 90 days.

The reason for my resignation was purely on personal grounds and my manager was very well aware of the reason and it was not because I got a job elsewhere.

Last week I spoke with my manager and told him that I would like to continue with my job and would like to withdraw my resignation. I was shocked when he told me this is the last thing you should do and it would be difficult to hold you back because of billing issues and would be difficult to re-instate billing for one headcount. Even my manager's manager echoed the same when I spoke with him.

If it was one month notice I would have never even resigned because if I had to then would have put down my papers on May 20th for my last working day to be on June 20th. I'm extremely disappointed to see how managers are making bad use of such a lenghty notice period of 90 days.

Per company HR policy I can withdraw my resignation even on the last working day. As far as I know as per law an employee can withdraw his resignation during notice period.

Can someone please suggest what are the options that I have left with me. Do I escalate the matter with Senior HR Manager of the company? I don't think that would help too much.

14th May 2011 From India, Bangalore

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1st u need to be sure on the company policies. If your company has a common site for communicating the policies then well good if not then find ways to know the same.
Few company have this policy of 90 days notice period but then they even provide options for immediate resignation or less notice period.
14th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
1st u need to be sure on the company policies. If your company has a common site for communicating the policies then well good if not then find ways to know the same.
Few company have this policy of 90 days notice period but then they even provide options for immediate resignation or less notice period.
14th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
@ kiran.tiwari04 - the company does have an intranet portal where all the policies are listed and on that its very clearly mentioned on the "Separation Policy" that an employee can withdraw his resignation preferably on or before his last working day.
Can you please suggest what options do I have left with me as my manager and also manager's manager are saying it would be difficult to retain you because it would be difficult to go back to the client and re-instate billing for one head-count.
As far as I know as per law I can withdraw my resignation while serving notice period.
So looking for suggestions here how can I retain my job. Seems like the managers are just misusing their powers.
14th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Sunil,
If it is your company HR policy to withdraw your resignation anytime during your serving period, then there is nothing left to ask, you can discuss this issue with Head HR and let him know the issue. I am sure for every HR person policy compliance is the first thing to do. Your case is very simple. But I would like to make you aware about the later session as well. Believe me if your boss is not interested in retaining you any more, the relations are not going be so smooth as it was before your resignation. Professionally you can fight to be retained but personally you will face a lot resistance from now onwards.
Sunil Singhal
General Manager-HR
PLG Power Limited

15th May 2011 From India, Solan
Dear Sunil,

Any verbal discussion with any manager is of no use. When you have sent your resignation in writing, why you don't send withdrawal notice also in writing?

If acceptance of your resignation has not been formally notified to you, you have the right to withdraw that any time before being accepted. Where the question of billing reinstatement comes when you will have to draw your salaries till you relinquish from the post. They will have to feed the particulars of your resignation event only in the month of June to ensure drawal of salary till 20th of June.

So, just state very clearly in your withdrawal notice that your resignation notice may please be treated as withdrawn and wait for the response. If they don't reply in writing and relieve you on due date, your case would become legally strong to claim for continuance on the job unless they formally terminate you from employment on any other plea.

BUT, mind it, by taking such steps you would definitely earn the displeasure of your managers and they would definitely like to take revenge by hook or by crook, when they are not mentally ready to take you back, but legally they can't hold you back.

SO, it is better to part with the job honourably and search for a fresh job during your resignation notice period. God will definitely help you. Sometimes, what happens naturally in a course of time, it happens for the betterment.

Wish you the best of luck.

PS Dhingra
Dhingra Group of Management & Vigilance Consultants
New Delhi

15th May 2011 From India, Delhi
Did U read your Standing orders/Service Rules, is there anything mentioned about resignation/withdrawal of resignation ? If so U have no option except going by that. If not, U will have right to withdraw till such time they have not communicated the acceptance or otherwise about yr.resignation. Nevertheless it is the prerrogative of the employer to decide in whatever manner till the expiry of the notice period. As of now, I think U have to settle amicably if U R really wanted to continue, using the help of yr.well wishers in yr. estt.
It goes without saying, an employer hardly like to retain an employee who is not wanted there, on the other hand if he is most wanted he will be retained at all costs.
15th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Legally Sunil, a resignation can be withdrawn until the time it is accepted in writing. Once it is accepted u cannot withdraw it. Legality apart, if yr manager is not willing to retain u and is citing other reasons, i do not see how u can sustain the relation.... anyway good luck to u.. 90 days of notice is quite a long time to make up one's mind..
16th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
I do agree with Mr.Dhingra's suggestion. However I suggest that you use yr good relation wid yr Manager n his Manager to reinstate you. Explain to them that fr a new comer too the co will hv to inform the billing details to the client. Try n reason wid them in a very friendly manner.
always remember that once u put in yr papers its always best to scoot rather than stay back.
16th May 2011 From India, Gurgaon
  • Very often HR practices are very different than what they preach.
  • But I am surprised to note that your Separation Policy allows withdrawal of resignation anytime before last working day. I hope you have not missed string of conditions attached to make it a valid withdrawal.
  • I will not allow such policy to exist in my company. What will happen in case I have already recruited the replacement ? Moreover there will be a tendency to resign on a drop of the hat and then withdraw the resignation, every now and then.
  • I feel you also need to introspect a little. You decided to leave the organization when you thought it to be necessary and you also want to be on board again as per your wish and will, as if you are traveling in a local train or public transport.
  • I feel you need to talk to your HR Manager and escalate the matter to hire ups to decide the issue either way once for all.

16th May 2011 From India, Pune

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