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What are your thoughts? I am curious because I am seeing the use of this term in posts often...
From United States, Daphne
Dear Mr. Nikhil, Strong views and Ego are the two different ways. If people have no answer to our arguments they blaim our views as Ego. Regards,
From India, Meerut
I appreciate the Question and would like to look at it through ORGANIZATIONAL PERSPECTIVE.

I think having STRONG VIEWS in itself can come through KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM & in a person with DEFINITIVE THOUGHT PROCESS. Such a person is bound to have 'QUALIFIED VIEWS' and a CONFIDENT PERSON would put them STRONGLY. Such a Proud person is identified with Ego (for correct reasons).

AUTHORITY gives the person every reason to have STRONGER VIEWS. Such a person is RELUCTANT to WITHDRAW or RECONCILE to OTHER'S VIEW. This OBVIOUSLY happens because an AUTHORITY being made to WITHDRAW DECISIONS or circulars would be CONSIDERED WEAK.

HERE is where EGO versus EGOISM & an EGOIST COMES in the PICTURE. I have seen many authorities STICKING TO WRONG DECISIONS just because OF FEAR OF HUMILIATION (if asked to withdraw decisions).

Being PROUD of ONESELF is NOT BAD but if the EGO goes to a level of STICKING to ones WRONG DECISIONS for protecting (FALSE) self esteem, even at the cost of hurting organizational well-being, is bad. While EGO PER SE IS NOT BAD, EGOISM DOES HARM to Individuals & Organizations.


Dr Ulhas Ganu

From India, Mumbai
Hello Nikhil S. Gurjar,

You raised an interesting query.

Like Dr Ulhas Ganu mentioned, Strong views come with knowledge--sometimes, sadly, with half-baked knowledge too.

Ego is absolutely different from 'strong views', yet linked to each other. Ego, to the extent I understand, has more to do with 'how one expresses' the strong views--NOT the content of what is being expressed/conveyed per se.

Let's assume I know a lot about a particular topic. I can share the info like I tell a movie story--plainly & simply; OR I can gloat to one & all that I know this stuff--directly or indirectly pointing out that not many people know what I know; OR focusing MORE ON WHAT THE OTHERS DON'T KNOW than what I know [akin to what Dr Ulhas Ganu mentions about STICKING to ones WRONG DECISIONS].

To the extent I understand human psychology, the III attitudinal response is a natural progression of the II type of response--something that develops even without the particular individual even realising it, simply because no one attempted to point out the flaw earlier. And so he/she begins to assume that THAT attitude is the right way--and hell breaks loose if, after that stage, someone tries to point it out.



From India, Hyderabad
Hello Mr.Nikhil,
I think both the concept-strong views & ego are totally different as well as inter-related.Differnt means strong views and ego has nothing to do with each other.but this difference depends on the way you express your views.sometimes people express their point of view in such a way that it shows their egoistic behaviour.In this way they are inter-related also.

From India
I second Sateesh. Being radical and oppressive comes in, with the territory. In business environment, I have seen very few leaders, who won 'buy-ins' not by pressure, but intellect. Rest were sheer brawns.
Being open to suggestion is often seen as low preparedness coupled with minimal knowledge. Consequently, protecting the 'turf' ends up in nasty ego fights .
Looking forward to read more views and experience on this.
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From India, Mumbai
Strong views definitely represents EGO as it projects you as Hard liner.
If you have more knowledge or better information than presenting it with clariy of thoughts is more desired than putting across as strong views.

From India, Vadodara
Interesting posts... How would one distinguish between the two? Is there an acid test?
Dr Ulhas has raised an interesting point. If the person is not making wrong decisions, you would probably call them strong views?
Taj, the 'what others don't know' syndrome is different from wrong decisions... Did I misinterpret? Please let me know.

From United States, Daphne
If we will see back in history some of the rushi like Durwasa,Gautam....etc have very extreme knowledge also gr8 ego. For very silly things they cursed horrible punishment. I think EGO is side effect of extreme knowledge,grand successes and strong views. Only words are different.
From India, Hyderabad
Only the perfect person can have a strong view.So it does not mean he is egoist. But that person should listen to others also.
From India, Calcutta

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