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Hi All,
I would like to ask the HR personnels - Does an HR abide by all the rules and principles for the very same reason that he/she rejects a candidate during an interview ?
For. e.g. if an HR rejects a candidate because he/she has frequent job hops, is it fair on the part of HR to do the same; i.e. keep switching jobs ?

Extremely interesting point. I can barely wait to read other's response to this. Here's my experience and learning. I have attended interviews in an organization, where the interviewer's role , i.e., BU HR Head remained same , but the person in that role changed thrice. Each time I was called to meet the BU Head HR , I found someone new. I was rejected by them, in all the three interviews , as I lacked stability !
I am connected to them through the social networking sites, that announces updates when they change a job. Each time they declare their career progression, I congratulate them .
I completely understand few terminologies are used , rather overused to declare the results for the interview. The judgement often remain subjective rather than objective, I believe!
Waiting to hear the experience and learning from other members.
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very good and right spade on head question
Whenever HR wants to change they change as per their wish , because the organization needs someone to do all clerical work so in absence of HR the managers, other dept need to do work, so they fill position as urgent, because if one day CEO Is absent next day papers can be signed but if office boy is absent one day no one will get coffee on that day ;) ;) other employees are holding high level jobs which are very very imp than HR , so its essential to check their job hoppingnessss,,,,

Please help us focus on a point and not blow it out of proportions. Lets stand apart from the generalizations and offer solution to specific situations.
Brainstorming is not only about pointing fingers but rake it enough, to end up with an understanding and not an absence of it.
I look forward to be enlightened, through the collective understanding from the discussion in this thread.
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Dear All,
This is also applicable to HR personels. My personal experience I joined a new organization in the month of November'2010 and my previous organization is asking me to rejoin again. But I asked them I can do so but after one year as this will affect my career growth in future.
Every organization has some expectation from us as they provide us bread and butter, so we need to think about them as human being.
I have deviated from the main topic but it could be corelated.


Sorry, nothing so queer and the behaviour of HR is NOT suspect or dishonest.

As a recruiter the HR is expected to act in conformity to the organization's policy, disregarding personal preferences and/or compulsions. Also why are expectations made from HR different than from other employees. All are human beings with individual failings, preferences, objectives. HR is part of this larger reality.

If HR is giving priority to the "role expectations" disregarding his/her personal choices, I would applaud such HR. If the same HR behaves in a different manner in matters of his/her personal/professional choices, it is individual decision. Good, if it works in his/her favour and if it doesn't he/she will pay a "price" and will have no room for complain! We are responsible for our thoughts and action and enjoy or suffer depending upon the consequences of our choices. But when we are bound by "role expectations" imposed by the organization and ACCEPTED by us we have first fulfill the role expectations.

Perhaps morally the HR could be faulted for applying different norms for himself and for others, but to the extent the HR is upholding role expectations despite personal conduct/preferences, it would be unfair to even allege duplicity of thought or action!!



April 28, 2011


I have seen many cases wherein if an HR switches over frequently,it is seen as a genuine reason. However, when the same person is hiring for a specific position, they filter out candidates with too many job switches.
Besides, every job is important to every person. We cannot differentiate that there are high level jobs more imp than HR. An HR can also do admin work. It is up to individual person how they take it. The HR should be practically convincing to self firstly, and than to others.

Hi Ashlesha,
Genuine concern! and very nicely answered by Mr. Samvedan. I agree with his point of view.
When an HR person changes job frequently thats his/her individual decision but when they reject some one else for the same reason that he/she are the representative of an organisation, so the decision can differ.
But it is also true that HR professionals are role models for many in companies, specially in these areas, so they should not practice what they cannot preach.
Also, frequency of changing jobs depends upon different roles, for example routine jobs creates monotony and so people change such jobs frequently(i have seen recruitment is one such area) on the other hand there are some jobs where stability is indeed required(people working on projects, handling some specific key role etc)
Hence, what may be frequently for you many not be for me...our individual perceptions do differ and so our decisions.

no one really posted their own experience wherein they had a job change very planned after a period of time or are job hoppers, all only posted replies which really does not solve the query, archana also meant to say that HR role is monotonus ( in recruitment field) so job hopping in HR is accepted? i dont think this makes sense, might be some HR should really mention while changing jobs were they selfish or truly followed HR religion,

best i can co- relate is policemen driving in wrong way / one way and not wearing helmet themselves , but at the same time catching offenders and fining them..

what can be said about this :) have nice day friends,,,,

Here I would like to say one thing, whoever employed in one place at early 20s and get retired in the same place cannot be a talented Professional. One or two jumps in a decade will be accepted as it will enhance his lifestyle status and his knowledge. But here the question of job-hoppers are arising specially those who shifts himself to two or three company within one or two years.
Job changing for anyone's betterment will be accepted and recognised as his talency.
As a matter of fact, the job change will be accepted as healthy development and growth in any company as well as for employees.

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