Then what neither your and other members discussions dont solve the problem, there are many instance where threads run into more than 20 pages still problem remains unsolved, almost all reply same that they listen to only one side of story, my advice to thread starter is if you and your friend really feel that they have been abused no need to wait , at that time itself on that same day hot hot they should have solved the issue, on the same day when that abuser came out , they should have given him black and blue with a mask over their faces ,u should only hit the iron when its hot, now after they left the matter what can they do, file case against HR in company or in police station ? are both going to help , will itdo justice, will the abuser get punishment, even terrorists like kasab are kept in 5 star jails in india then what to tell of a mere abuser,

From India, Madras
Hey Deadsoul,

Below is the personal email sent to Mr. Sandeep, who sought my advice. I do agree with you, but just think for a second, what are our roles & responsibilities as a human being. If i had powers or if i know magic, then i would have done more than you, which you cant even imagine..I believe in SYSTEMATIC APPROACH which is MISSING....but, it is the ALMIGHTY who has powers to set right everything..we cant compare ourself with HIM..I am requesting you not to invite troubles by exceeding your limits....we all are living our lives based on PARAMETERS. Kindly take my words for granted...

When we are right no one remembers, but when we are wrong no one forgets.


Dear Mr. Sandeep,

I apologize for delay in responding to your email. Kindly forgive..

At the outset, kindly try to understand the difference between you, your brother and the one who took your brothers INTERVIEW. I know you are feeling bad, but at the same time, you need to control your anger as well. It can harm your health.

You have the following options to decide

1) Try to gather as much as information about the guy who took your brothers interview and post everything about him including his name, contact detalls, company details narrating the incident and his attitude, misbehavior, bad conduct etc in any all those forums whereever you feel necessary so that people come to know useless professionals employed at seniors levels....This may give you happiness

2) Write a email to the consultant, who gave referencce for interview, about whatever happen with your brother and seek his suggestion as what could be done to solve the issue

3) If you believe in ALMIGHTY, whatever happened think that, had happened for your brother's good sake. PAST IS ALWAYS PAST. Your brother didn't react to interviewers attitude, shows that your brother's can work under stressed and pressure as his PATIENCE LEVELS are high. Its a exposure for your brother in a different way and i am sure next time, your brother will do well and will secure his job.

Launching complaint about individuals attitude will not solve the issue at all. Its sheer waste of time. Please do understand the complicated process involved where you need to gather complete recorded evidence to prove interviewer wrong.

If you are not satisfied by my reply, kindly do let me know. Dont expect anything from human beings as they are not capable of doing anything. Whatever you want, you ask/beg ALMIGHTY and he will definitely bless you but, ensure that you are 101% honest, sincere and truth is your principles of your life. If we are wrong, ALMIGHTY will never bless us. Yes, you can obtain blessings from humans by doing good things.

Take care sandeep and hope for the best to happen in the nearest future.....I am sure, everything will be fine.....KEEP LOOKING GOOD FOR EVERYTHING......MAITAIN POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE..

With profound regards



From India, Chennai
Hello deadsoul2011,
Sandeep wrote to me also & I replied to him--it was a chain of a few mails yesterday. But frankly, I didn't know if it was appropriate to disclose what he wrote to me in private, though I have no inhibitions in posting them--could help others too who might be in a similar situation. By & large, my mails to him were on the same lines [though a bit more in detail covering the incident from various angles & options available to him] as Khadir's response to Sandeep's mail.
Coming to the option/solution you suggested, I can only mention here one of the famous Quotes of PV Narasimha Rao [the architect of today's liberalised environment that we take much for granted today in India]: "Sometimes, even non-action is also a form of action". Pl note this is different from 'inaction'.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Kadhir Sir, you have mentioned in option one that sandeep can narrate the incident in forums but when a member tried to do so in citehr all members and mods deleted the post, now if a member wants to vent their frustration why does citehr have objection , because only citehr can solve the issue because orkut , facebook are for leisure no one will care much if you post your grievance or complaint against a person, go through the consumer complaint website, where consumers have complained agains t MNC companies big big industries and openly taken name of the concerned company representative who did not give proper service to customer, at one point you yourself advice sandeep to post detais on forums but at same time this cite doesnt allow?

what you have to say regarding this / why cant just citehr let members openely post the names of persons , companies against whom they have to complain, if the person against whom the compaint is posted inforums has objection let him contact cyber crime, but let citehr tell the truth

Refer this post where mods / senior members remopved the post of a aggrieved member


From India, Madras
Hello deadsoul2011,

Without going into the details of what Khadir mentioned, let's look @ the whole issue in it's proper perspective.

If you want to get a solution to any situation/incident, I am sure you would AT LEAST follow the following steps [if not more]--in this Order:

1] Keep your mind totally open, since you are unable to decide how to respond & would like others to suggest ALL options available so that you can make a well-informed decision/choice.

2] Give the full & complete facts of the incident--so that whatever advice comes would consider the FULL facts [at least from your perspective], since the chances of the advice being 'the right/appropriate one' are directly proportional to the consideration/inclusion of the full facts.

Compare this with Sandeep's expressed interest--"HOW AND WHERE TO REGISTER A COMPLAIN AGAINST H.R ?? if you guys have any idea please tell me.. if not then let it be..."

He didn't want to listen to any other advice [however sane/logical]--he just wanted everyone/anyone to tell him on how to teach the HR guy a lesson--irrespective of so many blind-spots/grey-areas in his argument. He didn't even want to consider that 2 wrongs [first by the HR guy & then by him] don't make a right.

It's upto you to reach your conclusions--whether he was really & sincerely requesting for advice.

Also, it does appear that Sandeep wouldn't be any more interested in following this thread, since none wants to show him the way/method to cause harm to the HR guy, maybe this thread ought to be closed?

Also, BTW, your suggestion of hiring a truck driver to bump the guy off wouldn't be taken by Sandeep--since he wanted to do anything as per Indian law.

Sometimes I am surprised with the level of vindictiveness expressed by some of the members--there was another posting few days ago which the Moderators had to delete in an intervention step. Are these one-off situations/occurances or a sign of the direction/way things are moving with the NexGen? Maybe food for thought for all the Moderators/Senior Members?



From India, Hyderabad
Hey Deadsoul,

I second to Mr. Taj, where he had explained the whole thing in a beautiful manner. Let me put in this way.

1) I am habitual in submit 360 degree solution to any problem where my role is limited as i can only show individual THE RIGHT PATH & WRONG PATH including MERITS & DE-MERITS. A wiseman will always stick to the right path, henceforth, it'll be my pleasure to guide him to reach his destiny while navigating him "how to overcome hurdles". NO ONE LOVES TO INSTIGATE AND PROVOKE INDIVIDUAL TO CHOOSE THE WRONG(REVENGE) PATH, UNLESS HE IS A SADIST/EGOISTIC OR HE WAS CHEATED(a person who wants others to take revenge where he might have failed to do so)

2) But, if decides to embark his journey by choosing WRONG PATH, i can still try to educate & convince him to my best knowledge but, do remember "THE REASON FOR COMMITTING MISTAKES IS ANGER/FRUSTRATION/STRESS & NOTHING ELSE" This is the "state of mind", where one has lost "TOTAL SELF-CONTROL". At this stage, if you try to disturb him, he will go "OUT OF CONTROL". Its better " TO LEAVE HIM ALONE or ISOLATE HIM FROM OTHERS TILL HE GAINS SELF CONTROL"

That was the only reason why no one had suggested Mr. Sandeep "what action can be taken against HR"

WISDOM lies in our THOUGHTS. Sometimes even a wiseman goes wrong because of NO PATIENCE LEVELS.

Consider this thread "The Heavy weight of EGO of an HR Manager" and i am sure you know the whole story. Can you let me know, whether the organisation(top management) has initiated the process to educate HR MANAGER about his behavior. No one knows about the internal decision but we members had discuss so much about him. In similarway, if Mr. Sandeep post his grievance in citehr or in any forum, can you assure me that, the production manager will be punished for his misbehaviour? My answer is NO.

To what extent we members of this forum can correct individuals????????????????

Lets not worry about those things which we cant change or manage. Lets think about our life, our family members and those who are closely associated with us.....

As i said earlier, we are living our life based on PARAMETERS. Lets share our knowledge that could help us to earn in HONEST WAY, without CHEATING others...

Feel free to ask me anything, i will answer them all. I have got practical solution for every query.........and i am grateful to ALMIGHTY for blessing with everything.........THIS IS MY PERCEPTION..

Have a nice SUNDAY...

With profound regards

From India, Chennai

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