I'm working on a project on competencies for an oil and gas company. I have already mapped out the competences, now I will like ideas on what are some of the competence assessment methods and procedures I can use to measure them. I welcome any ideas!

From Netherlands, Serooskerke
There are many standard frameworks available for these... Refer to some of the best work by MC firms... Tower Perrins, etc. They have a great set of white papers.
From United States, Daphne
I can suggest the method we adopted in our organisation. Once competancies have been identified for key positions, take the help of consultants who can design suitable psychometric tests. These tests would help identify individual competencies against marked and expected ones. Each individual member would need to undego one to one counselling by the counsellor and thereafter the group can undergo suitable training at development centres. Depending on the size of the group and the regional distribution, it could take 3 months. The group needs to be re-assessed on the same competencies 6 months after the training.
Consultants would be able to design the right questions and their involment assures the individual members of unbiasness.
Hope this helps.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Thanks. That is an option we are considering. The only problem is that most of our workers are always out in the field working on different rigs and platforms and only visit the office maybe once a year. I think something inhouse or online based tests and simulation could do.
From Netherlands, Serooskerke
I understand your difficulty. The 2 main problems we associated with in-house tests were:
1. Lack of technical expertise in designing such tests and more importantly its analysis
2. Since senior personnel were the target group, they would tend to take the whole process with frivolity.
If you have such expertise, then there isnt a problem at all. If you don't, then I really would suggest the help of consultants. One of your personnel could visit the rigs and get the form filled, the consultant need not go. Also the consultants will be able to find the best route.
I hope it goes well.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Hi Konraad,
Greetings form Prescient Personality Consulting, Hyderabad, India Partners of PI Company, Holland.
We have instruments which will help you identify the competencies for each role profile and the individual's capability to perform them.
Do visit <link no longer exists - removed>
Do call me for any clarifications.
Rummy Sharma P.
Rummy Sharma - India's Etiquette Guru
www.prescientconsulting.in (under construction)

From India, Delhi
Hi Rummy
Thanks for the contact details. Our company is based in the Netherlands, and having looked at your website I noticed that you've got an office in the Netherlands. As the project leader and the person who will make the final recommendations for the Competence Project, I shall recommend your company for assistance with the competence assessment strategy.

From Netherlands, Serooskerke
Dear konraad
Conduct an assessment centre in which you can call 10- 12 people. Do the folllowing activities -
1. Group discussion in any given topic.
2. case sutdy
3. any psychometric test like 16pf, mbti etc
4. on the job study
5. MBO -application of any activity.
6. team building oriented game.
and finally coduct - Behavioural event interview (BEI).
Competnecy should be assessed on the basis of outcomes of all the above.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Konraad,

I have done my MBA final year project in Competency Mapping for a leading Automobile Industry. I hope you would have done the competency mapping for individual job roles.

My project Procedure is:

We have done a Job Analysis to identify the key competencies to perform a given job with superior performance
1.Identify the key competencies for the individual job role.
2.Define the Sub-Competencies
3.Prepare the Competency Assessment form to asses the individual competency level you have to prepare the two set of questionnaire. one is Self Rating and two is Superior Rating.
4.In this Competency Based Assessment form we provided the priority, Sub-Competency, Self Rating, Superior Rating & Gap.
5.Self Rating form has to be filled by the employee and Superior Rating form has to be filled by the concern HOD.
6.Now your work will start, you have to asses the Self Rating and Superior Rating with Gap.It will clearly provide the data about what the employee posses and what is the organization requirement. In this assessment we provided 30% weight to the employee self rating and 70% weight given to superior rating. Just to avoid the bias.
7.If an employee exceeds above 20 he needs to undergo a training to improve that particular Sub-competency. IF he gets below 20 he doesn't need any training.
8.Initially we have done this assessment with three department in 3 different job roles. It was worked well.

Advantage is:

As you have done the competency mapping you your self go for an assessment process.
You will be more familiar with your organization.
It will bring out the greater output for your entire organization.
But the thing is it take too much of time to complete the process.

If you need the assessment form for the above process do mail at



From India, Madras
Thank you very much I think I will go for that. Attached is the competence assessment procedure which I have come up with. I hope to collect all behavioral indicators so as to make an objective based competence assessment.
From Netherlands, Serooskerke

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