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Thread Started by #kavita garg

I am to give presentation on stress to software developers.They felt that they have lots of stress of work but in reality they dont have from any side even they never meet their deadlines on time. Because of them company has lost important projects. Our MD dont say anything on not meeting their dead lines. even then they told us that company is not doing anything in their fever.
so pls suggest me how should i tackle them.
7th April 2011 From India, Ambala

Please find my suggestions as noted below:
  • Plan for a series of sessions .
  • Decide a map including the ideas that you want to drive .
  • Initially plan for sessions with your content. Then leave a thought or a topic even a brainstorming case to be taken next week.
  • Find an evangelist in your team who would like to take that following session. Eventually involve everyone.
  • It entirely depends on the office environment , whether a class room based program would work more than a idea platform or open sessions.
  • If you have a strong leadership, a platform for knowledge exchange would create a much stronger impact than a class room session.

Here are few videos which you may consider showing your team.
  1. Tony Robins : What we do , why we do and how can we do it better
  2. Brian Tracy : Boost your productivity
  3. The unorganised manager - This is a must watch DVD series. Every professional should watch it to make the most of whatever they are delivering. This was referred to me by Samvedan . I completely vouch for it. Most of the time, nothing at work progress, just because we perceive it in that way. Developing a new paradigm can boost morale and productivity.

At the end of the day , the employees would be happy when you have removed the bone of contention for them. there are situations where we can solve all the work related problems. However few are beyond it . Concerns such as low pay or comparatively lower brand can create constant dissatisfaction. You might be able to re-design your salary structure, even so it would be within your budget. In such tight situation, its best to regroup and refocus towards the most positive aspect at work.

Wish you all the best !


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7th April 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Kavita, Call me on my mobile. I may be able to give some solution. Ok... Dinesh V Divekar It is not goal but direction decides the destination.
7th April 2011 From India, Bangalore
Greetings, Expert’s introduction to bring in a change is the best way out . Regards, (Cite Contribution)
7th April 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Ms. Kavita Garg,
After going through your thread, honestly speaking "i was laughing" because i found childish approach. Kindly don't mistake me but, it is the fact.

I should appreciate your maturity levels, enough to differentiate between SUCCESS and FAILURES(your company's) which you had narrated in your thread.

I suggest you sincerely, not to look deep into your organisation which will derail you. Kindly do concentrate on your responsibilities. Read books, gain your knowledge and look for better company else you can decide whatever the best you feel for your future..

To understand stress, try to understand yourself, your strength, your weakness or do SWOT ANALYSIS. Then you give a call to Mr. Dinesh, i am sure, he'll guide you to the best of his knowledge.

Do consider, whatever Ms. (Cite Contribution) wrote to you. This is how i am promoting myself "I do have practical solution for every problem, i only individuals to approach me with full of trust and faith in ALMIGHTY" because whatever i do, i do with the grace of ALMIGHTY.

kindly do improve your writing skills as there are grammatical mistakes including tenses.

Forgive me, if i had hurt your feelings........May ALMIGHTY bless you always...

With profound regards
7th April 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Friends
Here I would like to tell one thing.
There will surely be tension in the work, but it should not get transformed into our body.
To Reduce the stress one must plan properly. If the target set is for one month, one must analyse the same in every week what is the target and what is the percentage he has achieved, what is the action plan to achieve the left out target, how one can improve the productivity alongwith achieving the target.
If they plan properly any target can be achievable;
All the best
8th April 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Kavita,

Stress Management programs will be effective for those who really put their efforts and strive to do something better.

But in your case its different, employees been given that leisure & comfort to pin point the management. I some how feel your management wants to build open culture in your organisation. Before answering to your question I would like you to analyse few things from your end.

Does your organisation have set the Business Objectives for this financial year?
Does your second line are enough matured to understand the business and take the ownership? Are they aware of the milestones that organisation need to achieve?
Is you management or your second line communicating to their team about the projects that company is bagging or going to bag?
Does your organisation have career progression chart? If so how it is been induced into the system?

Secondly please identify those who are totally disengaged with the work. As it goes "ideals mind is devils workshop". Educate your management if they are not aware of the above mentioned questions. I see there is nothing to do with stress management.

This is a common problem with startup & growing companies.

Please do call me on +919849729133 for further assistance.

We are an HR Consulting Company based out at Hyderabad and we provide HR support to SME's. My company name is Husys Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Positive & Dedicated
Associate HR,
Husys Consulting Pvt Ltd,

Is the communication channel is proper & effective?
8th April 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Kavitha
If they are not meeting deadlines it could also be due to lack of motivation or other issues which are blocking them. It would be good to have a one on one chat with some employees and get thier feedback.
There are many technques for stress management and motivation which can boost productivity
Stress Management and Peak Performance Trainer
8th April 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Susitha,
Is there is any motivational techniques, besides MONETARY BENEFITS, that could produce or make employees to deliver their best or beyond their levels.
Kindly advice.
With profound regards
8th April 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Shaik Abdul

Yes there are

1) In my workshops I teach employees the power of positive thinking. Also how thoughts create reality. Most people have more negative thoughts than positive ones Eg: I dont want to be poor. They focus on poverty rather than richness/abundance. What we focus on is what we receive .. this is called the Law of Attraction used by successful people like Jim Carrey etc . When employees realize the power of thier thoughts they change their attititude. They become more positive and this creates a more motivated environment to work.

2) Goal setting - I ask the management to share the orginizational vision with the employees. Most vision statements are only in the website and dont reach employees.

Companies whose employees understand the mission and goals enjoy a 29 percent greater return than other firms (Watson Wyatt Work Study)

Also employees should be encouraged to look at their short term and long term goals.

3) Also techniques can be taught which empower employees to handle negative emotions. Negative emotions could be due to inter personal issues in the team, problems with the manager or even personal issues. Most people stay stuck in the negative emotions and wait for it to go away. This causes de motivated employees.

This is not needed. There are effective techniques which can free you from negative emotions. Eg : Emotional Freedom Technqiues (EFT)

These are a few points and there are a few more. i can send you more details if you are interested.

Hope this clarifies




Enhancing Work Capability

9th April 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Kavita,

I am no HR or psychology expert. I wonder whether you are a psychologist to categorically say that the software developers (SDs) are not stressed. Unlike many at CiteHr, I will not give you solutions but raise questions. Have you discussed with SDs why they are stressed? I used to work in a place where I did not have much to do, and "clock watching" waiting to go home was itself a stress.

Have you asked them why they have not met deadlines? Do they have enough knowledge to work on new projects?

How much experience do you have of the nature of their work? How old and large is the company and how much does the MD know about their work? May be the MD knows the problems and hence does not say anything about it.

I also wonder why you have not commented on the posts in the thread started by you. Dinesh is correct in giving an one liner, as he wants to raise questions to assess the situation before giving his views.

Finally, what position do you hold in the company?

Have a nice day.


A retired academic in the UK.

PS: I also liked the excange of views between Khadir and Susita, and the advice of (Cite Contribution) of viewing videos.

9th April 2011 From United Kingdom
Hi KAvita, Plz do send me ur mail id so that i can send you a very good presentation on this. Cheers Pratibha Shukla Hi This is Pratibha.working as a director of the management institute.
9th April 2011 From India
It is said that Black is not opposite of White. It is Absence of Light. Similarly A Problem is in Existence because of Absence of Solution.

If the guys are unable to meet deadlines & yet are not blamed, one must find out if the deadlines are realistic.

Management appears reasonable by not pressurising the individuals. However, we also must understand that NGO's and even Non-profit Organizations also have targets to meet.

Stress management alone may not help the individuals as well as the organization. One also must remember that some amount of stress is essential for performance and only excessive stress results in breakdown of the individuals.

I feel apart from Stress Management, the team members need technical support. They need a knowledgeable leader or possibly a competent Advisor from the field.

Brain stroming on how to tackle the problem should also help. They know their problems, what they lack & would be able to come out with a list of requirements which can be looked into.

Dr Ulhas Ganu
9th April 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Susitha,
I am agree with you. This will be the only solution in place of providing them a presentation on stress management. First of all Kavita should have a face to face discussion with the staff and try to find out the actual problem with them i.e why they are not meeting their dead lines ? Why the organization has given this much of freedom ?
Please collect the feedback of staff and as per my knowledge the problem can be sort out with a very less effort.
Gautam Kumar Gupta
Officer HR
9th April 2011 From India, Bhopal
Dear Ms. susitha,
I agree with you in all aspects because whatever you had mentioned is the FACT. I am practicing POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE by means of POSITIVE THINKING STRATEGIES. I had even trained my employees on the same topic, tried my level best to inculcate good habits with rigorous follow ups but, at the end of the day, most of the employees are expecting MONETARY BENEFITS(even at TOP MANAGEMENT LEVEL) as they always compared their HARD WORK/OUTPUT with MONETARY BENEFITS correlated with their REQUIREMENTS/COMMITMENTS .....I had concluded that its a HABITUAL..

Even employees are fond of comparing their packages with their co-workers without analyzing the facts(pay fixation)

I had personally studies and observed in employees - HAPPINESS gained through MONETARY BENEFITS is on the TOP of the MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGIES. Rest of the MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGIES could not deliver LAST LASTING RESULTS.

My observation says that, It is TOP MANAGEMENT's responsibility to COMPENSATE their EMPLOYEES proportionately where OUTPUTS/PERFORMANCE/PRODUCTIVITY should be measured with PAY(SALARY) NORMS. Very few companies are able to compensate their employees which is the key reason for an organisation to be "employee driven"

TOP MANAGEMENT should make their employees feel their worth. This STRATEGY - PAY WELL & EXPECT EMPLOYEE TO MEET DEADLINES/TARGETS/GAOLS/OBJECTIVE - if an employee(well paid) fails to deliver or meet targets/goals then, initiate necessary measures to recover LOSS DUE TO EMPLOYEE...IT CAN BE DONE...but TOP MANAGEMENT doesn't understand its benefits.

Kindly correct me, if i am wrong.

With profound regards
9th April 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Mr. Simhan
I am much younger than you and still learning(gaining knowledge) every day. I am just sharing my knowledge/perception with you, as we are responding(everyone has got their own opinion/views/perception) to Ms. Kavita's thread rather understanding Ms. Kavita, in person.
Ms. Kavita had posted her thread "EMOTIONALLY". As such Ms. Kavita, has no issues(problems). We need to understand Ms. Kavita in person(human being), that will help us to solve her query(s).
One thing is sure about Ms. Kavita is that, she is dynamic, dedicated and result oriented employee who wants to do more and more for her organisation but things are not in place, in par with her expectations/perception. She needs an employer who can match her frequency(thoughts).
One has to understand HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY, it will help us in many ways and much supportive in our professional and personal lives.......
Kindly correct me, if i am wrong.
With profound regards
9th April 2011 From India, Chennai
I appreciate what you said. I had a word with Kavita. She is an intelligent professional, who is determined to solve this. I respect her dedication and thoughts. I am sure, with this kind of support, she will be equipped to resolve this.
Mr. Simhan have raised questions to ponder. I am sure, it will steer her thoughts in the right direction.
I look forward to her reply and her preparation so far.
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9th April 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi friends, I am looking for a salary structure with tax benefits to employees effective for 2011. I also have doubt whether we can frequently change the salary structure . Please advice
13th April 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Seniors
Thank you so much for giving your precious time to me. I am so sorry i did not reply because i was busy in other work. Now i have got everybody's point. Now I will handle this situation professionally.
Thanks to all....
13th April 2011 From India, Ambala
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