Hi Friends...
i am trained in SAP HR from an institute in bangalore, but not getting any call as a fresher. some people are suggesting me to show fake experience.
It has high time now, dont understand what to do.
Need your suggestions...please help me.

From India, Bangalore
I would not suggest something like that...its not good to show fake experience to land a job., the repercussions can be bad.
Also, how will you procure an experience certificate, what about the background check and reference check.
wait and the right opportunity will knock sooner or later.

From India, Delhi
I suggest you get into a small company and start gaining experience rather taking wrong step and inviting troubles, later on ...... with profound regards
From India, Chennai
Dear All,
Everyone suggests not to use fake experience letter.But in today world we see people getting very good jobs and very good packages just because they have used fake experience.Even I am against providing fake experience,but if the organisations will keep on selecting fake candidates what will happen to freshers like,who does not even get to show their talent.

From India, Delhi

Dear Spanda
Never ever think of giving some fake certificate for getting an employment.
It will spoil your entire career
Instead you inform the interviewer that I am a fresher, but I have confidence that I can perform as like well experienced. Give me a chance to prove myself, and then you can fix my salary.
Nowadays many companies are having opening for freshers as Management Trainees. If you can get in and prove yourself then you can reach any height.
Wish you all the best

From India, Kumbakonam
with your SAP knowledge you can look for an End user job later on you can easily get into functional consultant job. Please forget about the fake experience or back door entry which may spoil your career.
Rajendra prasad
Assistant Manager -HR

From India, Warangal
Dear spanda,

May be people got jobs earlier with their fake experience. But it was past do not think in such a way, you should aware that these days companies are very proactive. Before appointing a person they are examining about his past experience, salary details behavior, consistency etc.thoroughly. If they notice any fake information about particular candidate, without any second thought they take action against them. With this result she or his carrier may ruin so be careful that.

Actually fake experience is not at all a suggestible as our friend Bhaskar said ... many companies’ offering jobs to fresher’s .Instead of thinking about fake experience Do attend interviews and convinces them with your skills and knowledge. Get ready even though they offer lower salary, since you will get practical job experience.

Be patient & bold and don’t give up your trails until get an offer, I am sure there is a good opportunity waiting for you.

This is only my suggestion decision is yours

I wish you all success & may god bless you.

From India, Hyderabad
Think about the consequences before you attempt anything. Never get yourself involved into such illegal activities. Instead have faith, keep yourself updated, stay positive, never lose your hopes and continue your search for the right job. A friend of mine was actually working for an IT company for 4years. He quit his job to pursue SAP HR. After completing the course he did his level best to get a job but he couldn't. Later he got placed in a company where he has to work for 6month as HR and later they promised him to shift into SAP-HR. Now he is working as SAP-HR consultant.

So, what i meant to say was, be confident and never give up.

Gook Luck to you friend.

- Babu

From India, Madras
Hello Dipti,
I understand your frustration & am not going to deny it. However there is always a say, truth always triumph. Having said that - the days of providing fake exp letters are over bec every company started to do stringent back ground check and quiet honestly that would apply for the existing employees as well. To give live example, a lot of fake pilots & agencies providing fake certificates getting caught and they are behind the bars. People who served in the aviation industry for more than 20 years and also guys you have started thier career have been arrested and the reputation is totally gone for toss. All these years thier success stories is just an illusion but not the fact. So, understand good things wont come easily we need to work hard & nothing comes easy.
To put it straight what goes around comes around - so go in the right path it may take little longer but you will reach the destination which would give you good sleep in the night -
Best of Luck

From India, Coimbatore
Iwould suggest you get the real skills for lost time and you can go ahead with the fake experience bake up.start working in real time projects.Ican help you in this aspect if you are from hyderabad.atleast you need to work for three months to fit into this slot.call me on 7207297035

From India, Hyderabad

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