I am working in a paper industry as a safety officer.Recently a fatal accident happened at our plant.I want to Implement few safety culture at our plant.Please guide me.It is the very new industry, what will be the safety policy relevant to paper plant.
From India, Calcutta
hi first u make medical policy for each employee and give them safety items for every dept. appoint one first aid trained employee. ashish delhi
From India, New Delhi
Safety policy includes

1. an onsite emergency manual

2. Off site emergency manual

3. Safety instructions display at all relevant areas

4. All areas to be no smoking zones

5. Allocate a seperate Smoking zone way out from Factory working / stock premises

6. Stocking areas should be wired with Fire proof cables and lightings

7. Proper ventillationa and ntural illuminations and fire doors (fully metal fabricated fire doors)

8. Water sprinkler to be installed

9. Fire hydrant system to be installed (with operative license)

10. Smoke detector to be installed at operation / stores area

11. No wood particles allowed inside premises

12. Built in Hot work permit system/ no welding or gas cutting work to be done without permit

13. before permit the areas to be evacuated

14. Fire safety exits on all four sides

15. Fire safety training to employees atleast once a quarter

16. Fire safety mockdrills atleast once in 6 months

17. Usage of Fire extinguisher and Fire Hydrant training at least once in 6 months

18. Emergency response team to be identified and given training on above without fail

19. No cable trays inside working premises

20. No junction boxes ot connection of wire inside pemises (to lay only full length cable)

21. Swithces to be outside the working area

22. Welding / cutting work to be done under strict supervision with Fire extinguisher/Bucket of water/Bucket of sand

From India, Madras

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