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Dear Seniors,
We all are aware of NORMAL AND REGULAR PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM which is in practice for years together.

But i thought of acquiring COMPLETE FEEDBACK @ 360 degree level, from his(XYZ EMPLOYEE @ XYZ LEVEL or WHOMSOEVER IT MAY BE) TEAM MEMBERS where we could study about various essential skills/factors/capabilities/strength/weekness/attitude etc., that could help both(team members & company) before we take decision in favour of XYZ EMPLOYEE. We want to ensure that we are TAKING RIGHT DECISION IN FAVOUR OF XYZ EMPLOYEE.

Current generation MANAGERS/TEAM LEADERS should possess extraordinary skills that should enable company to carry out operations is a smooth way without any hurdles/obstacles(self created)

This will help us to identify the ISSUES which need to be rectified/corrected before PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESS is completed. I want employee to know/understand, where he is lacking and how he can correct himself or in that area to avoid future issues.

1) Is this process ETHICAL and VALID?
2) Will there be any issues if we consider the same for SENIOR EMPLOYEES as well because we want our employees to play a UNIQUE ROLE - TRUE/POSITIVE MOTIVATOR, TRUE LEADER rather being DICTATOR or just concentrating on getting things done as the ATTRITION RATIO is increasing due to unhealthy relationship between TEAM LEADERS(MANAGER, SENIOR EMPLOYEES and his MEMBERS)

Kindly suggest your best suggestions/views/comments etc.

With Profound regards

From India, Chennai
I did not understand your post very clearly, but whatever i could gather from this i would like to say few things:
# Performance Management system is just not a measure for appraisals, it is a system which provides feedback to the employees as well...or should i say it should be best utilised in that manner, no matter what ratings they have got what hike they have earned, feedback is very important.
# Secondly, appraisals really help in L&D, they can work as a platform for tNI & A.
# Whatever the cycle of appraisals in organisation a mid cycle review is very important to see, if the performance is going on right track, the KRAs are worked on, they are being achieved, what kind of efforts an employee is contributing as so on. Timely reviews can be done for anyone in the organisation, be it senior managers or line managers...this system worked for everyone, of course only if the TOP management supports.
So I hope we are in sink with each other.....

From India, Delhi
Dear Ms. Archna
I do agree with your views where employee should be given clear feedback about their PERFORMANCE in all aspects. But certain employees are not considering the feedback(downward) acquired from their team members which is making the PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM - INCOMPLETE, as we are not just looking for TECHNICAL SKILLS alone in our employees which are insufficient to take the company to the NEXT LEVEL.


The only hurdle in getting TRUE FEEDBACK about MIDDLE/SENIOR MANAGER is the SUPPORT from TOP MANAGEMENT which can help HR department to PLAY a very effective role. Retaining best workforce or employees a big challenge that is face by HR PROFESSIONALS but not by the company.

Lets hope for the best as we are trying our best to resolve various issues that could help us to achieve our company goals while retaining the best workforce and meeting employee requirements.

Thank you very much for taking sincere efforts as you are the only person who had responded to my thread. I think 360 degree PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM is yet to be appreciated by many organisations as it can set right many issues pertaining to employee career.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Your orgn is not mature enough for a 'conventional' PA system. You might want to tweak it and tune it to their maturity level, and include newer elements that you feel are necessary. We can help you professionally in this regard. Please get in touch with me and lets talk.

From United States, Daphne
Dear Mr. Nikhil,
At the outset, i thank you for your professional consulting services. I am responding to your feedback, not because i am offended nor i have EGO, but i felt that, i should prove that how matured i am. Henceforth according to you, even my orgn is matured enough for conventional PA SYSTEM.
But I request you not to underestimate any individual or any organisation in this world. According to me everyone is matured enough to take independent decisions but the point is how far we are successful in either guiding or motivating an individual to take relevant risk to succeed in his mission.
I too can offer my consultancy services to your organisation as i consider myself an EXPERT in HUMAN BEHAVIOUR & ATTITUDE related areas. I guarantee DESIRED OUTPUT. I can guide or make any organisation to achieve their goals provided they follow my strategies, strictly.
Forgive me if was wrong.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear SAK,

Like you, we are professionals, and highly trained at that, doing what we have been doing best, and that is management consulting. Thanks for the offer anyway. I would love to have you on our team as we are looking at expanding in the near future. I will definitely get in touch with you when we have a suitable engagement. I might get in touch with you next fiscal.

Please note that I am not underestimating any individual or any organization. My post only meant to say that different organizations and individuals have different requirements. Just as the same car is not good enough for all, we need to have different systems for different organizations. If my post gave you that interpretation, it was wrong in the first place.

As far as everyone is matured enough, true, I do agree with the statement. However, that being said, the organizational culture and values are assessed on a different scale of maturity. We have so many models for that and they mean one thing, every organization is different and the best for one differs from the best for another. By assessing that someone has Diabetes, it doesn't mean that the person is 'immature' and cannot take independent decisions. At the same time, the terminology used was the maturity of the organization with a particular system (CMM for instance). We all know that a CMM rating is not indicative of how independent or how mature the company is. It only speaks of certain parameters and characteristics. Your post mentioned things which are characteristic of typical organizations who are probably having issues in using the instrument effectively. Hence, the post.

Again, I would like to re-iterate that there has been a misunderstanding. If you think I offended you, please let me know. It was definitely just a professional view based on the facts provided and not intended to get personal.

From United States, Daphne
Dear Mr. Nikhil
I respect your views and i agree with you that you were referring to ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE.

But what makes a COMPANY to form?

It is we employees who are responsible for everything. But if the TOP MANAGEMENT is not perfect, neither we can blame the company nor those employees who did their best for the company. TOP MANAGEMENT will not learn how to embrace change until they start facing PRACTICAL PROBLEMS which are critical in nature, at times can even change the pillars of organisation.

If you could have presented your professional services in better way, i am sure you would have received better response. Certain words makes individual to response aggressively, however positive we are but it has a aggressive and dynamic meaning that makes us to respond proportionately.

I understood whatever you wrote to me but i was just trying to make your understand how certain words can make person to react. I request you to put those words in a more positive and pleasing way.

Its just my suggestion because i don't have any right to advice anybody, except advising my instinct. Forgive me if i was wrong.

Have a nice weekend.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Thanks SAK, I will make a note of that. If we could have taken this offline, it would have been more helpful to the others :-) I will send you a private message.
From United States, Daphne
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