"When P V Narasimha Rao was removed from the party presidency after losing the 1996 elections, his finance minister, Manmohan Singh, did not defend him. "Caesar's wife must be above suspicion", Singh publicly commented. Under UPA-I, seven tainted ministers were inducted into the government. He defended this, saying there was a presumption of innocence till guilt is proved. Caesar's wife did not play on his conscience at the time. Today, the prime minister has to ask himself: Who is accountable for trying to taint the institution of the CVC? An honest answer can help correct the wrong. A not-so-honest answer may further dilute the Teflon coating of Caesar's wife. Caesar's wife may not know where to hide. "
Read more: Caesar's Wife, Teflon-Coated - The Times of India Caesar's Wife, Teflon-Coated - The Times of India
5th March 2011 From India, Delhi

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SC found the appraisal by the Prime Minister and Home Minister in selecting PJ Thomas as CVC was not just,fair and reasonable.I think,more often than not the appraisals on pay hike or other wise even in corporate world are termed as unjust,unfair and unreasonable.
How serious is this malady? Is it limited to grumblers only or even devoted personnel have this grievance?
Inputs please.
5th March 2011 From India, Delhi

archnahr 106
Hi Dr. Mahanta,

I completely agree with you on the decision taken by Mr. PM in selecting PJ Thomas as CVC, but isn't it the case all around.

If you know than our dear President also had a case pending against her, and that too a serious scam related. As per the report in Times of India, many of our MPs have criminal cases against them, and all of them are not appointed or selected by MR. PM.

Sadly, This is the political scenario and has nothing to do with unfair practices, it is the fault of us, all the citizens of India who have failed to select a correct person to lead them, its our ignorance and our "I don't care attitude".

If you consider this, how many of us raised our voices against the petrol price hike when we knw our money has been mis utilised by the So called leaders of this country, be it CWG scam, 2g scam or the stacked money in the swiss bank account.

Everything is unfair, and without our voices all this will go nowhere.

And about unfair practices in companies....I would like to hear your views on this article i composed yesterday.

http://citeman.com <link updated to site home>


5th March 2011 From India, Delhi

Thanks dear for paying serious attention to the topic.Regarding selection of Thomas your views would have been correct had it would have been promotion. Here there are 3 names. Other 2 are stainless as per record and Thomas is an accused/suspect though he is not proved to be guilty.
Now SC sets a new standard for selection.I am afraid, jealous persons may drag honest people to controversy to deprive them of their due.We will have to wait and see if this standard sustains.
2.I will look your article on company practices carefully and then I will comment.
Thanks again.
5th March 2011 From India, Delhi

Archna ji.Read your link article depicting the malady.Every one of us is craving for a just. world but it is yet a distant cry.First of all we need necessary vocabulary to discuss on it. You can very well imagine the scarcity of vocabulary from a poll result of "The Constitution of India" community.
Do legal qualification and experience necessarily ensure judiciousness?
Created by: Jogeshwar
5 votes (55%)
Yes(option for legal professionals).
0 votes (0%)
Yes(option for others).
3 votes (33%)
No(option for legal professionals).
1 vote (11%)
No(otion for others).
9 votes total.
is judiciousness even a word???
No(option for legal professionals)
6th March 2011 From India, Delhi

ngurjar 48
Dr. JM,
That last post was interesting... True everyone of us is craving for a just world... but the sense and perception of justice differs from person-to-person and also for the same set of folks, from time-to-time...
What does this leave us with? A democracy running on 'oxygen' due to the failure of the legislature and the executive, undergoing a real slow-paced judicial surgery!!!
8th March 2011 From United States, Daphne

Archana , Mahata and all others..... u might tend to think me as conservative in out look but the fact remains that this is a HR forum and not for Govt- OR politics related issues...... i hv the highest regard for MMS for the qualfns he possess and the career path he had and i am proud that he is our PM but equally pained with CVC and 2-G issues ...i still maintain that there are other forums to discuss these issues... let us help maintain this as a purely HR forum ... thanx a lot...........
8th March 2011 From India, Bangalore

archnahr 106
Hi Ramamurthy..
Mr. PM is one of the best human being i have ever met, but yes there are certain decision even he regrets.
And dear we know this is an HR forum and if you read our posts clearly there is a discussion taking place on how just, fair and reasonable appraisals are.
Appraisals in every field is related to HR, in fact all these problems are related to Organisations and HR. Think about it.
8th March 2011 From India, Delhi

Ms. Archna thanks for response to Mr. Ramamurthyn. Infact you have shared a link related to fair appriasals.

Dear Mr. Ramamurthy,

Whenever so called 'white collar citizens' (my own words) like us see something involved with white dressed politician, we try to escape and there the problem exist. It is appreciated that how well Dr. Jogeshwar has liked the just, fair and reasonable appraisals with social issues. So what, these are the cases of our everyday life say it organizations, families, communities or our own realtionships.

By the way every human being in political in its nature and in own way...child does politics with mother.

My view: like the way we think about our politicians and government and their selection for anything or any step should be in congruency with the societal needs, in the same way role of organizational members is vested with the responsibility all its stakeholders. It is like all citizens are stakeholders of our PM or any other political party or government agencies and moreover the society itself is the stakeholder of its members like you and me. If my DNA don't have the elements of just, fair and reasonable practices how can I ensure it for the society or organizations.

and Mr. Ramamurthyn, sorry to say, you said something about purity of HR forum. I do not think linking HR practices with social issue spoils the sanctity of the discussion or forum, infact they are always linked. (if it gets lingered and centralized only to the political parties then yes I can object)

I do not have any intention to hurt anyone, wanted to put my views on this. Please confront and correct me if I am wrong.
8th March 2011 From India, Mumbai

thanx to Dr Mahanta, Archana, and Rahul Thapar. My concern was to say that once a thread is started with a polical content, many wud jump in with downtrodden political views which r not required for this forum. U can chek numerous forum / msg boards in other sites to know what i am saying. To run a society, government or an establishment with a thorough professional approach and corporate like goals is an ideal situation for which I will also stand for....... i wish and hope everybody carries the amount of maturity u hv all shown.....
9th March 2011 From India, Bangalore

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