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Give me the answer for the question in a polite way
You can say, its your wish to hire me or not but then for me i will try to be more than what you looking for and more then wat i can get easily. So see you next time sir.
Have a gret day.
I think i would say this.
You can say," I have full confidence in myself and my abilities and that I will secure another job. However I would appreciate your feedback regarding why I am not being hired, so I can improve upon the same."
One could say
I would not think in these lines as it would be a mutual loss.........
Instead, would be productive to follow a positive though of should i excel in a specific work handed over to me once I join this company.
Kind regards
Thats None of His business.. U need not have to answers such questions. Just say Next question please :)
I think, it could be said Both will be loosing, me for not getting the job and Company for loosing a most suitable person for the job, it needs
The polite and firm response would be: "Then I would join xyz & Co. which is on hold as my second choice to work with.........
i will tell please give me conveyance and beta for biriyani and then i will leave taking my conveyance and biriyani beta
I will introspect where I was wrong or what skills are still to be acquired by me. Work on them and overcome/acquire them and in future gets opportunity to come for interview at your establsihment, shall positively grab it. In any case I will see to it that I am a part of your organisation.
Infact you can say "But if you do hire me, what will I do??? Hire me or dont, I wont be doing much anyways!!!!"...............rgrds
In this case we need to study the mind of the interviewer.
We need to understand the relavancy of the question,whether it is asked on a sympathetical approach or for the sake stupidity.
For the first case ,the proper reply will be:
"I will introspect myself for not being selected here this time and will work hard or smart to get a success in my next another opportunity"
For the second case ,the proper reply will be:
" Certainly I will regret for missing the opportunity here,but I will prepare for a right answer to face a similar question if asked in my next chance."
Of course the candidate should be wise enough to study the mind of the interviewer.
Dear Ms. Malathi,
Your reply should be in par with the interviewers attitude and organisation work culture. Those who promote and follow OPEN WORK CULTURE they do expect aggressive reply. At times you will find aggressively interviewers who are desperate to hire employees who can think out of the box, who can dare to dream big and achieve the same. We need to be polite, soft, kind, humble and formal in our approach. Please don't ever react, only RESPOND FORMALLY.

Well, If you are confident about what you are then you need not remain calm. if you remain calm, it reflects that you are desperate for this job. if you really possess required skills/talent and if you are a Star Performer, then you can say "I am sure if i had been hired, then i would have delivered more than expected. Fortunately, I believe that, god had kept something much better in store, than i am expecting, thank you for your valuable time. Have a nice day".

please don't argue with the interviewer as it is not a good ethic. Everybody knows that, there are Interviewers(RECRUITERS/HR PROFESSIONALS) who are Arrogant and adamant ATTITUDE as well. Just ignore such people and concentrate on your career/future.

Mr. Prem had responded in informal way. "THAT NONE OF HIS BUSINESS". Such kind of reply hurts and makes people react emotionally which cant be controlled easily. Always, there is a much better way where you can address it formally. Kindly practice HOW TO RESPOND IN A FORMAL LANGUAGE which exposes your POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE

Well ATTITUDE defines ALTITUDE and ATTITUDE leads you to your success path.

“Don't let your attitude set you back” - John C. Maxwell

With profound regards
Thank him/her for the opportunity extended and Leave the stage !!
This is not the end of the road, better job is on the cards. Try and Analyze where you have went wrong , correct your mistakes and surely u will find a company that will value your contributions.
Mr shaikh, Thanks for feedback, Just to correct u , i meant that i will ignore such questions
An interviewer should be always mature enough before taking up his/ her responsibility. He should be wise enough to read a persons mentality by looking at him rather than asking some irrrevalent questions. A job aspirant will be always at his best in politeness when he attends an interview. Coz he is the one who needs job..An job aspirant is like a boy/girl who trying impress his girlfriend before marriage. The real character showsup when they get married. Same happens with the Job interview.
I would rather suggest an interviewer to ask for relevant and straight questions rather than forcibly make job aspirant to answer some byhearted answers.
Be yourself. Coz god has made every individual different. So be recognized for what you are rather than just convinvcing others.
Dear Mr. Prem
I should appreciate your sense of humour and i am really delighted by your response. But please do let me know one thing, at what ratio, your INTERVIEWING STRATEGY IS IN PRACTICE by various HR PROFESSIONALS? Do you have any idea about the IRRELEVANT QUESTIONS being posed by the INTERVIEWER? Why interviewers are failing to catch the real hidden talent in an aspirant?
I do accept your point that real character gets exposed of late. But why the INTERVIEWING PROCESS is not up to the mark, where they can appoint the BEST ONE. Where there is huge deviation in SELECTION PROCESS.
Forgive me if i was wrong but whatever i had notice and felt practically, i am responding about the same.
According to me, APPLICANTS should never compromise and get into wrong job/company, just to earn couple of grand.
Good luck and have a nice evening.
with profound regards
There you are,
Here in India we take everything personal rather than getting whole picture. Same happens during Interview. Many are predetermined before taking the Interview itself like whom to Select and whom not. That overall mentality should change.
An interviewer should always giv first preference to Talent. Everything comes next. We can always mould the character coz after all we all Human beings and we are bound to have attitude within us.. But talent is natural . so never risk to loose a Talented professional For Silly immature reasons..
I dont want to giv the List of Irreverent questions asked by Few Interviewers. Just coz of the reason there are Lot of Job aspirants (Coz of more population) , It does not mean most of them are loosers. So always respect the job aspirant. TELL him clearly where he is wrong and giv him valuable feedback rather than just saying 'WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU' or whatever.

I would tell the Interviewer who gives real feedback after taking up Interview is respectable.
Dear Mr. Prem,
I am talking about INDIAN RECRUITMENT PROCEDURES but not overseas. Certain companies who are recruiting for overseas requirement, their process is PERFECT and rest does recruitment for NAME SAKE. I am sure not every recruiter can match our recruitment strategies.
I do want overall mentality to change and recruiters should never give false commitments, pose irrelevant questions and more. I give more importance to understand the JOB ASPIRANT and his skills/talent. No matter if i take a little more than require but i ensure that, RIGHT CANDIDATE IS GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE A PART OF PERFORMING TEAM.
Everyone has ATTITUDE but the question is, whether it is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?
I prefer always giving straight forward reply after interviewing the candidate rather keeping in the dark.
With profound regards
I agree with jyoti jain and I think that is an excellent is a very confident and assertive reply - "I have full confidence in myself and my abilities and that I will secure another job. However I would appreciate your feedback regarding why I am not being hired, so I can improve upon the same."
Excellent reply I like your reply, kudos to you for stating the real cause of why such questions are asked.. here many will tell that interviewer testing patience , your reply skills etc, but real thing is no mature interviewer will tell rightaway that if i dont hire you what will you do, thats none of his business.
There is a reason for every decision taken by recruiters in interview .in this case we should ask in polite way the reason for rejection. It will not only reflect the recruiters thought also useful for us in next interview.
Thank you all for your contributions. Here is a real case. Interviewers ask such questions in the West too.
Long ago, my wife was advised by her HOD to apply for a Post Grad Teachers' Traing Course. She did, even though Indian BSc degrees were not considered as equivalent to British Honours degrees. She was invited for an interview and at the end of the interview, one of the interviewers asked her "What will you do, if we do not offer you a place?" To that she she replied, "I have a job to go to; however, the country will lose a competent Maths teacher". She got a place to study.
And, (being modest), I can proudly say, she retired as a Maths teacher loved by her students and colleagues. She was the only Asian teacher for the whole school.
Have a lovely day.
the suggestions comments made here are good. Depending on the circumstances and flow of the interview, you could politely mention that "you would be disappointed if the offer was not forthcoming but since there is a lot of competition in (this companeis industry), I would continue to discuss opportunites with other companies in this area." It is okay to bring some pressure to bare on the interviewer.
you may say that since I have not beeen selected, I shall have an introspection as to where I was wrong. I will overcome my short comings and in days to come I will ensure that I am part of your organisation. are too polite here. You may say this but I know you are thinking "you ignorant pig, how is it you can't see how great I am!" maybe its my years in the recruiting wars but I think you should stand up for yourself and show strength with humility, " I am sorry we could not come to an agreement on our opportunity to together. You have a great company but I am sure with my drive and dedication I will be able to find a position within this industry."
The salary question is tricky but shooting straight with confidence is best. If you have researched the market to get a range of what this position offers you can put the answer like this..."my research indicates that the salary range for positions like this is between $000 & $000. With my experience I would expect to be in the top quartile (etc.)" After 40 years of recruiting and interviewing, I coach people to stand up and be counted. A seasoned interviewer can tell if a person lacks confidence or will take a low-ball salary by how they answer this question.
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