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Thread Started by #sunshine179

Dear All,

I want to write the whole story before I conclude my problem and thank everyone who reads this mail. I would expect some replies for sure.

I have been working for a reputed travel firm in Hyderabad. Now the story begins with me attending an interview to this well reputed travel corporate. My first round of interview was completed in 5 minutes and the interviewee confirmed me that I have been selected and will have to go thru normal procedure of second round with head of the Sales and 3rd round with HR. don’t ask me how he decided to take me into the system in 5 minutes. I can elaborate that story if someone is interested. Now that I call it a story because this script if made into a film am sure, one would call it the same but than I would say it happened with me and its reality.

I got an offer and I joined with all the hope, good spirits, enthusiasm, force, willingness to work, get myself embedded into the system well. my first impression on this corporate was more like a government “dafter” than a real corporate, my approach to everyone was limited cos of there pessimism which did not helped me understand the process and procedures; however I have to literally prove them to be practical in accepting me. One thing I have to mention is the person (My Boss) who recruited me sits in Bangalore and I am only sales Guy here reporting to him with bunch of idiotic operational staff who are full of egos and double standards.

I some how managed to get close with the Sr.Manager Operations, this guy was having a immense experience in the field and made me understand my responsibilities in the company very clearly, with his support I have started cracking accounts, and then my first six months of honeymoon period was coming to an end but by than I almost established myself in the company. With my well behaving and friendly nature I have made an impression in the peoples mind inside and outside the organization and things were moving fine.

Due to some reason the Sr.Ops Guy has to be transferred to other location, but before he leave... because of the kind of rapport we share , he promised me that he will help me in getting one big account which I was targeting , I thanked him for all the support and he moves on. Meanwhile I was still in the market cracking more accounts, understanding competitions, building relations, gaining more public respect I almost become an entrepreneur myself and driving business as if its my own.. Things were not moving that great but yes there is a medium pace. The factors that also influence the movement were support from the seniors, market volatility, bribe, gifting. Etc. so basically market and support was pathetic to move in fast pace, and we being a reputed firm cannot involve in any unethical things what competition is doing to conquer the market.

Now comes the twist, one fine evening I get a call from this senior Ops guy who is now become GM Ops for the region there, calls me and reminds me his promise , which I used to keep on reminding him whenever I used to call him or lets say follow up with him. He stays that he is keeping his promise by actually getting me this corporate which I was targeting for 15 months, it’s a big one, a big company who requested our travel management services proposal. Finally the dream was coming closer, I can see that with kind of rapport our Ops guy share with the Travel Manager in that firm, I have a bright chances to close this account, and meanwhile also want you guys let know that my intro to this TM guy has been done thru phone, and I usually go and meet him give him updates and keep a track of what’s happening in his firm. This TM Guy turns out to be a ‘chedi friend’ of our ops guy and now the confidence of I getting this account has been doubled. The reason why?? I am the only sales guy in Hyderabad the account (firm) I and our Ops guy were pitching is also in Hyderabad, my Ops guy does not get into sales , all he was doing me was a favor and keeping his promise, his job would be done after introducing me to the TM guy. But he invested more of his time to actually get this company into my kitty. I would have been ever thankful to this guy if things were worked out accordingly.

But they did not……...interval….take a break…………………………...

Welcome back guys!!! Now that I have to keep my Boss in the Loop , about this Firm which we are pitching , I give him a call and explain him , forwarded the relevant email of request for proposal RFP which has been send to the ops guys who has in turn sends to me to take action .

My Boss tone has gone weird and different, he was not happy, I can feel it over the phone, he was restless want to hang the phone down, he wasn’t listening to me. All he say “send me the mail and I will look into it and call you back” very firm voice never ever heard it before. I for a second did not understand him at all. I was not concerned about it anyways my concentration is more on the presentation and the proposal which we has a team have to submit in scheduled meeting with corporate.

Now I suddenly started getting to see different side of my boss, he started to ask me all the in and out of the corporate, asked me to put it on mail, all the stupidest questions a boss can ask which would never been answered, he was so adamant that he didn’t even gave me a chance to make the presentation, he is taking the ownership of the presentation, I thought may be he want to take this responsibility as a head for south. But even my input to the presentation were not counted, I would have asked him why?? But not now, as the date is coming nearer. I started working on the proposal and send him for approval, my proposal got rejected, infect all the proposal are almost same all we have to do change the commercials, I did not asked him why it got rejected. But the proposal what he made is the same what I have send, but only thing he did is deleted my name and put it has “Hyderabad Sales Team”.

I did not understand that, what he want to prove by this, during these days he asked all the south team for a conference call, usually conference calls happens to be once in fortnight , this was something no one expected. Call began with general updates, individual performances, now it came to me. He is not talking about this corporate at all, he is infact asking me what that I am getting in this month, I said I have some in pipeline ,but I want to know why he is not talking about the one I have been following up from 15 months. He started to argue with me on numbers, shouted in front of everyone in the call, warned me , all of a sudden this behavior was unacceptable , I kept my calm and finally asked him why he is not talking about this account which we are working. He says that there was no effort from my side in bringing this account, it was shocking, I was zapped and could not even digest. Call ended, I felt bad, humiliated, and angry, and I cried alone, started figuring out where I went wrong, I cannot see even a single day he behaved like this with me before. He had always appreciated my work whenever he can , sometimes he use to put me pressure , and being in sales I know how to take pressure. I wanted to call him and fight with him why he has done this to me.

Than my mind started to work super fast towards the future. What implication this would bring to me in future and what has made him behave like this to me. Than questions popped from my mind?

Firstly the Ops guy sitting in some location in different state, irrespective of him being in that position he could have informed the news to my boss or anyone in the south or in that case he could have informed it to his boss. But he gave the information stating that he is full filling his promise to me .this has hurted my boss hard, reason is my boss and the ops guys hail from same state, and the ops guy is also close to my boss. EGO OF MY BOSS HURTED.

He than over reacted to the situation and acted weird, he know that if this sale comes on my name , I will be highlighted thru out pan India, and the account is so big that his eyes were on it even before the time I informed him that this is going to come. May be this is my side of story , I could not understand why he was doing all this , every day he shouting on one or the other reason, instead of supporting and encouraging me he started degrading and demotivating me in front of everyone thru calls.

I have decided that his ego has been deeply wounded, and he cannot understand that even if I get that sale he can grow because I grow. But he wants that sale on his name because he as an individual has a target, and that is where I cannot take it. Now I decided that even if I get that sale he will not appreciate me, instead he will keep blaming me that it’s not my effort. I can see my future not that great , I cannot work in this environment anymore, I cannot work here were my efforts are not recognized. I decided to move on and I put down my papers. But before that I want to try my last hope is going to head of sales and request him to interfere in this, but than he was the one who bought my boss into the system and he would obviously have a kind heart for him and he will not prove himself wrong.

Ok Friends Climax Time.

My resignation accepted my boss is one who has to approve with one month of proper notice, but my boss said that he had convinced HR that they will pay all the dues till notice period and informed me that due to the new sales policy no sales guy is supposed to stay for more than a week from the date of resignation and asked me choose a date to leave, I said I can leave the next day as there was some handover work pending, he approved that and now I am writing this email. I got relived from my job yesterday and all the F&F Formalities would be completed ion 45 days from yesterday.

I am sad, feel like cheated, humiliated, degraded, de motivated, and what not. My life is standstill and don’t know what to do. I cannot figure out where I went wrong.

Please help me guys, my humble request … do I want to fight back or move on with a positive note.
20th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sunshine "Move on with a positive note" and find a better job and company that rightly values your contributions. A new sunshine is waiting for you !!
20th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi Friend,
Am sorry to hear all the nonsense that happened. Every bad experience is like stepping stone for a shiny future. Take it in a positive note, move forward and try targetting for a better job. Sometimes EGO shows shadows of same face in different angles and in such a case this is where everything ends.
Don't let yourself get depressed or de-motivated. Instead gain confidence, there is much to do, use past as a tool, think about your future and plan accordingly.
Good Luck to you
- Babu

21st February 2011 From India, Madras
Thank you friends

Now I am facing new problem, I am supposed to handover my laptop back to the company,

before that I want somethings to be calrified, I have not signed any document stating that A sales person has to be relived in one week's time after resignation.

and my boss has given me only two days either last firday and monday as options for me to be relieved, so because I dont have much to handover and he promised me that my pay will be considered till the last date of my notice period which is march 10 2011, infact he added that pay will considered from feb 18 till march 18 and all the dues for 48 days will be settled in F&f Settlement, he said he has convinced the Hr guys to do so.

can this happen, whta option I am left with,

can I still serve my notice period,

Cos he is persturing my life that I did not surrended My LAPTOP on the relieving I have download my bank statements, My loan documents , some picture ,He threats me that he will put a case against me as breach of trust.

what I shoud do???
21st February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Do one thing, call your company competitor , talk to their Head sales and propose him with this account.

Tell them you can get this account in their company name. But unless your F& F settlement amount is received ask the company not to disclose your name.

If you need to take revange take it through business. Dont let him take this account. You know what the proposal and commercials is so quote less and provide much better service through your competitor company. This way every one will know you once they lose this big prospect client. There is nothing wrong , you call that person and inform you have resigned from this and you are probably joining this and since you are following them for last 15 months you already have made a good relation.

Give a try , but make it sure they lose this client. Ultimately on PAN India that person will be blamed for losing the order.

Best of luck ,

If you need any help can call me any time. I had too faced similer situations but I made my Boss to get terminatted from Job once I resigned from the organization.



+ 91 7303148539
8th December 2012 From India, Mumbai
You have a proven track with numbers and client , stay focussed in looking for a new role. Firms are always more than keen to hire an high achieving talent in sales and marketing . You score a brownie, there. Its always better to move away from a firm where transparency is nil and leadership corrupted .
Have your dues been released ?
Count yourself lucky that you have only spent 15 months of your career and have the rest of the employment to save. Wish you all the best !
8th December 2012 From India, Mumbai
It would be advisable to speak to a good recruitment consultant,also speak to your HR head and ask him for an exit interview form
12th December 2012 From India, Delhi
Dear Sunshine
I Can only suggest you to move on with a positive note. Appreciate you boss for what all good things he done for you and carry those along with you. Professional world is small. People will come accross in future.Things which will help you to grow youself is only positive thinking and a good relation with others.
8th January 2013 From United States, Buffalo
Dear Friend,
Fighting with the company is like fighting with the wall. My intial suggestion is thibk that out of frustration you have kicked off the company. Take a break for a week atleast . I advice return all the assets and whatever is belonging to the company. Thereon, look out for a fresh job. Please write a very senti and true letter to your boss who has done this mess and quote for positive responce for your antecendent from the next employer.
I know you will be between the job. But now the truth is , you need money and peace . First focus on that.
Best Regards
9th January 2013 From India, Pune
you have skills, go for another job, dont yourself in any fight with your boss, as might be you will meet him after some year,, as professional world is really small, so be honest work with same dedication, and never overwork :) sometime seniors takes it like a threat to their positions( its a personal experience)
10th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Sunshine
We might face such type of heads in many companies.
firs try to understand the attitude of the person (bosses) and act accordingly.otherwise the same may be repeated in your future also.if we follow this atleast we can save our time which is very precious.
All the very best.
11th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
dear Friend

my advise is to look forward your carrier if you got your full settlement , fighting is not wise legal remedies required evident which may not be possible except statement as you have written.

all the best.

rl pandey
12th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear firend--dont be dis appointed perhaps god has something better for you in sotre. When things happen in life as per your will--be happy. When things do not happen in life as per your will--be more happy because then things are happening as per god's will and god will always plan better for you than you can do for yourself--postive attitude will always help you in life--amar bir singh
15th January 2013 From India, New delhi
Dear Sunshine,
Really sorry for that.. but do't get down yourself... show your attitude and you have own talent which your boss don't have.. just go ahead and crack new things... but don't forgot about the incident happened to you... if you get an opportunity get revange but don't always fix your mind set of revange him... anyway all the best !!!
18th January 2013 From India, Chennai
Things like this happens in all offices. It is your conviction about yourself that matters most. You know that you are capable, hardworking, target oriented, and can be successful. If, the management cannot realise your efforts, they lose.
There are umpteen number of companies who need your kind of people and the potential. So don't get depressed, i am sure you would land up in a much better job and higher position that you were now.
The GEETHA says, what ever happened is for good, what is happening is for good, what ever is going to happen is also for good. So, cheer up and move on. Learn from your failures, rather than falling down.
21st January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi, Every things happens for our good only, Pls try somewhere and get good job. May be possible that better company with better profile waiting for you... ALL THE BEST. Regards, Vasanth
21st January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Going through the happenings it is disturbing but you have the talent, enthusiasm & courage to face the situations. It is a bing learning and move with a positive note, keeping company assests is not wise decision, complete the handing over fomality, obtain a relieving letter / service certificate.
The world is big and there are lot many opportunities in the market. Plan for a pleasant trip / take break, try and join some other company. Some of our friend is mentioning to approach the competitior and all is not advisable because till they will appreciate and respect you till they get good business & after that you will become cheap in their eyes and they will doubt your ethics.
Be positive - wishing all the best - kamesh
23rd January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
I have read this post after a long long time. Though I would like to answer if any such incident happen to any one else again, in future considering few circumstances they can fight with such tricky BOSS.

Suppose a company claims that an employee needs to handover and they warn for legal action. First of all dont panic , calmly tell them you are ready to hand over, on condition if company is giving in writing. If employee hand over the things and company take back the things and later dont turn up deny the verbal promise , what as an kicked out employee you are going to do. Once you have answer of this you have the solution.

There is no such Law in the Indian Constitution, as Indian constitution itself has loop holes. If you know how to use the loop holes you are protected. Company can send you a notice on their letter head and they need to according to law. Once you ignore it they will then send you another Notice through a Business Lawyer. you need to make sure the notice you or your family is not receiving. Unless and until you receive or acknowledge the notice the notice does not have any value. The company lawyer then can put an advertisement in the newspaper just in order to prove communication is been made, still legally no one can touch you.

Alternatively they will lodge a FIR in the nearest Police Station .Officer in charge can only ask you questions , they cannot give any judgement or force you to return. If they ask you to appear to police station , calmly sit and tell them you have always agreed and still you are ready to hand over the things but what is the security that company will fulfill their promise. An employee can tell , " I dont trust the employer " let them do the F& F settlement in presence of the Police Officials and once they provide your things you will also hand over the things. Company policy and all these are irrelevant as it applies only inside the office premises.

I do not say relations to be made worse , but What to do with such relation and thinking the same person we may meet in future in some other company. I doubt with same person people will really like to work in future too. Repeating mistakes is just foolish.

If you have downloaded Personal or Loan Documents in the Laptop it is not crime. No one can prove its Cyber Crime, as even in cyber laws there is no such rule which says downloading personal loan document in the official laptop is a pornograpy or stealing of data. If this is company's property then you can also blame they hacked your bank a/c and misused. Let them prove they have not done.

Breach of trust - Verbally made agreement is not valid in the Indian Contract Act ,, it has to be written. Let them prove there was a breach of trust.

If an employer continuously calls an employee's number and threatens or abuse , the employee should go to a psychiatrist ( for proof) and take suggestion from a lawyer and keep the record of the same. with few evidence the employee can lodge a FIR against the employer for mental harassment and believe me this is Punishable.

As mentioned he said he has convinced the Hr guys to do so. ?

In such situation HRs favours company and existing employees not the employees who has been resigned or kicked off, as supporting employee HR also will lose job. In this world during bad times never trust any one apart from yourself.



24th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,

Sorry to here all the nonsense of your Boss. I am agreeing with Rupesh, just forget all and search for another job. I am going through the same situation and now with fresh mind I am searching for new job. Meanwhile I read a good book “The monk who sold his Ferrari" and really it’s encourage me lot, may be u can try same. Sometime the people who have no skill, or very little skill they have fear from the people who are really rocking with their skill, so to keep their chair safe they starts low level politics, they convey wrong or manipulated messages to boss. Just review your whole experience and find out where you made mistake, mistake in sense that sometime we keep faith on wrong person, we are too open. Sometime it’s good to keep quite and just observe/ read people around. Whatever mistakes you feel, don’t repeat that mistakes in next organization. Learn from your experience. Keep faith on almighty God and Go Ahead with Confidence.

Wish u all the best for your new opportunities.

Sharad Pant
25th January 2013 From India, Poona
What is the point in working on an account that your boss dosent wants you to be involved with? Are you working for a company or are you the boss? If you are an employee remember that your boss is always right. Cracking any corporate account can never be done by a single account manager and always there are so many decision makers that need to be involved during a buying process…what I can see is lack of experience and understanding from your side.
26th January 2013 From India, Madras
dont worry ok this is quite common now a days be positive. We in gulf countries do face such things often. never believe any one who gives a lot of assurances ronny
28th January 2013 From Qatar, Doha
How can he do with you, slaps on his face......frustration release is very important do the more & great work & show him you always better from him. Where are you working now......
29th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Don't get demotivated dear. This is what we call life. Every second person feels jealous who is rising. Have patience and let them be like this coz it could be harmful for you in the future. Choose your safe side.
29th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Move on with positive spirit.No point fighting with your old organisation and diverting energy which can be better used for starting afresh.
29th January 2013 From India, Pune
Good and bad experience makes person strong to put next step in his carrier...... don’t mind, leave the job and start to hunt for new job
1st February 2013 From India, Bangalore
This happens all the time. I am facing a similar problem. I think all that we can do is to move on. If you question your boss, when its time for recruitment by a future company and if they ask for feed back your company may give a negative report.
2nd February 2013 From India, Thrissur
Dear friend,
All that I can say is you were the right person at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Move on with with positive insights in you. I am sure with the knowledge and passion that you carry towards your professional life will fetch you better results and also a very nice company to work for
3rd February 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear sunshine,
sorry to hear all these stupidity but what i suggest to you is move ahead with positive sign and treat it as corporate lesson, so that if in future you have such situation again how to reach and be alert;
4th February 2013
I would suggest you go out with positive thinking. And also see that you get your F&F settlement correctly. Just speak with the HR of the company and get the all information cleared. But atleast after you get all your dues cleared talk to the Boss and tell him what is reason of you leaving the job. Definitely it will not solve the problem but atleast he will know that.
When you have done such a great job in this company and definitely you will go higher than your boss.
4th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
I have come accross similar situation at office with one of colleague. I made my boss feel sorry even after leaving the orgaisation. He appologised in front of everyone. Now we are all in good terms and share good memories.
This happens when individual ego comes in between the Job profile.
Also effecient subbordinates are sometimes not tollerated by jelous Bosses.
5th February 2013 From India, Kolkata
Be chill and understand life has lots of ups and downs ... so carry on with with your passion .. Revenge is not and answer ... success is the solution ... Pascoal Dantas 9403336666
8th February 2013 From India, Pune
Dear friend,

Keep your cool. Frustration is not going to help anyone. All I would say is, you should have kept your boss informed about the discussion between you and the Ops GM. Always ensure that, all the updates should reach your boss only through you. It should not reach him through anybody else. Eventhough you have put all the efforts, you should have kept your boss in loop.

Now, let me explain you a different scenario. 1) The senior management staff will be meeting eachother on a regular basis, which you may not be aware of. They might meet for so many reasons. During such meetings, they discuss so many things. Imagine, if you were in your boss's position and some other departments head talking about the new sales account in the Senior Management Meeting. You will be totally embarrassed.

2) Even otherwise,if some other department's head opens up regarding the new deal to you. Imagine if you were in your boss's position and you will be embarrassed because it will be seen as if you have not got the updates from your subordinates.

Being an experienced person, your boss could have handled it in a good way. But, as you said, he would have been worried about his own target.

The problem is that inspite of all your efforts, the OPS guy had gained the benefits because he would have projected it to the top management as if it was his achievement. If you had kept your boss in loop, i feel that he would have ensured benefits for himself and you as well.

I understand that you would not have concealed the information from your boss wantedly. But please ensure that this doesn't happen in the future. In todays professional arena, we need to be smart thinkers. We should also ensure that we don't embarrass or scratch anyone (particularly our boss).

Best wishes for a bright future. There is always a sunshine at the end of a shadow. Please don't loose hope.


12th February 2013 From India, Tiruppur
Dear member,
Life and career never go ahead smoothly. we should always be prepared for facing them . Bitter time also possitive things to improve the quality of life and career to get the hight to life.
Shivnendra K
12th February 2013 From India, New Delhi
Dear friend,
"Move on with a positive note onward your path " and find a better job and also look out for a fresh job, and never overwork and company that rightly values your contributions. A new things is waiting for you
my advise is to look forward your carrier , fighting is not wise legal remedies required evident which may not be possible except statement as you have written.
i think you have proved you have skills, go for another job, don't fell anything and don't fight with your boss, as might be you will meet him after some year and then obviously automatically he will fill their mistakes,,i think as professional world is really small, so be honest yourself and company. :) sometime seniors takes it like a threat to their positions( its a personal experience and Count yourself lucky that you have only spent 15 months of your career and have the rest of the employment to save.
Wish you all the best !
Warm Regard
tahsin raza
12th February 2013 From India, Noida
People always leave companies due to their bosses.. not because they are not capable...You rock. Move on yaar....
14th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
I agree with Imok. The corporate worl is very small. Do not burn your bridges. You might require the experience letter from your ex employer. Keep visiting HR Consultancies for better oppertunities. Stick to the same industry as you have gained a good exposure. As soon as you get a new job, target the same client and bag it. Then meet your ex-boss and also inform to the sales head of your previous company about the closure.
16th February 2013 From India, Madras
hi dear i m solve u r problem plz contact meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
18th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
Feeling pity for you coz you made all the effort to grow the plant up into a tree but the fruits are now being enjoyed by somebody else,
what you can do is note this incident in your career notebook as a chapter of real lesson and be cautious and aware of such moronic people bcoz corporate is full of such butt-heads and greedy evil minded souls who just does'nt wants the buds to grow .
Don't lose hope, start your battle to conquer the field and to see the flag having your name waving high in your department of work .
Best of luck for a new start

18th February 2013 From India, Calcutta
The way you narrated the story doesn't look that you just a year experience in sales, it sounds like much more than that.

Do not forget to write the review about the company where you worked. use mouth shot .com or any other, there are many, at least your pain will help for another youngster not to suffer working for such bad bosses and companies.

Do Cry as much as possible because i also do it, it gives much relief.

Never get demotivated, be thankful to your boss that you lot learn't lesson at this early age only, where there is very less damage compare to long run.

Highly recommend to take a week long trip and have some fun . (if interested to come to Bangalore for a week time for time pass do let me know i can share my room with you. contact info : )

write in a peace of paper that "one fine day i will be boss of the person who has cheated me and keep in wallet"

Do not start drinking and smoking as though you lost world war my dear bro,

before you do that do remember that you are spoiling your own health for taking revenge on others.

Good day!!

Do not forget to smile when you meet that manager again. pretend that you were so happy with out him :-)

19th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
Please wirte anything in short . some person don’t have sufficient time to read that ..... Regards, Saurabh
20th February 2013 From India, Delhi
As per my understanding your boss was scared about your progress and achievements. There was a serious threat for his job, i only easy option was to move you out of the organization to be safe and also to close the new proposal.
We find uch people all over in teh industry, the easy way is to either get ahead of them before they notice or move away from them for a better future. Remembering the quote by Winston Churchill " you will never reach your destination if you stop at every dog that barks"
Wishing you all the best for new assignments.
20th February 2013 From India
Please move on with a positive note. I can perfectly understand your emotions but such things are becoming regular and the moment you keep the result away from your efforts, nothing can demotivate you. Be focussed, put efforts , march in the right direction but keep away from the results. Tough to practise but you would see a spectacular difference in you as a person and your life. Keep smiling.
22nd February 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear friend, Pulak is very right. Do the same as Pulak said to best wishes are with you.
22nd February 2013 From India, New Delhi
Dear Friend,
it is too late to comment on this topic but really very much bad the boss did with u . But i can say be positive and go ahead it is everywhere u will see in your life such things and office politics . But u need to take care and dont trust in any office person committment in future life. Do at your end and your enthusium.
23rd February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear friend, do not worry, go ahead you will defiantly win, god with you. manish thaker
25th February 2013 From United States
I agree Palak .... too good people sitting there right up should not be allowed to spring around like toads haunting their subordinates life... they also should learn a lesson.
25th February 2013 From India, Pune
Dear Sunshine,
File a report against the company MD. Cheating means cheating with all regards. Dont worry, if they have provided you the appointment letter and mentioned the notice as one month period. you can file a case against him.
26th February 2013 From India, Delhi
Don't follow this method because revenge is a double edged sword and you are killing the opportunity of getting hired by the new company. When you say these a responsible HR would have a question what the candidate will do when he leaves our company. the moment HR thinks your appointment can be cancelled/can be sacked after sometime.
26th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Friend,
Same things happened to me!!! there is a twist I worked for 12 years and now in notice period.
If one door will be closed, obviously other doors will open for your bright future.
Always think positive!!!
27th February 2013 From India, Madras
Hi Friend,
All the advise given by others are correct.Follow the same.
Do not follow unethical things as along you are serving the notice period you are working with that company.
Check if you can take any legal action with respective to the Notice period.
World if full of highly educated, highly qualified , highly respective and reputed idiots,in sales you are not suppose to believe your own shadow it is our foolishness to believe others no matter even if he is our BOSS.
This lesson which you have learned will help your in lifetime.
Think always positive and go ahead.
28th February 2013 From India, Hyderabad

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