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Hi Evereyone who is an intellectual....i wish you all read this and spread this message...this is just a small endeavor from side to bring to light the hoax created by these self proclaimed babajis like Avdhoot baba, Asaram bapu et all...people who are weak mentally fall prey to these babas and the babas take advantage to make money and fool gullible souls. A simple example...this so called Avdhoot baba talks about healthy body, healthy mind and helathy nation...does he bother to look at himself and his size in mirror before preaching people about healthy lifestyle...he is morbidly obese...dont you think one must practice whatr one preaches?????either he over he is commiting one of the seven sins called sloth...or he has medical problem for his obesity..and if he has medical problem then how come he cant cure it by mental strength???? he claims one can cure all diseases by mental strength!!!!!....he claims we have five bodies!!!!!! who has proved it????? he claims he can change your destiny .....can anyone in this world change ones destiny???? ones success or failure is his own doing and no one else is responsible for the same -----this are just my few thoughts and I will keep on updating and try my best to expose such frauds.....i hope like minded people join this movement and spread this message....thanx guys...and P.S. world will not end or vibrate in 2012....please for heavens sake sake upppppppppppp
You are very right. these kind of babas making fools to innocent people for making money and fame. people should be aware.
@pokestar.....preaching has always been the forte of our culture without questioning the credentials of the preacher. Yes, there are many such self-proclaimed businessmen who claim to be Saints and do very well to amass wealth. We are born and brought up in a culture where hypocrisy is the norm rather than an exception. Yeah, first they said the world would end on Year 2000 (people claimed it was written in a one of the holy books etc.)...that didnt happen so 2012...and then another date....Its suprising to know that people dont understand that Even if the world was to End Today, Right Now Right Here, even then you have to breathe and live till the last moment fulfulling all your duties.................rgrds
yes dear whatever you have mentioned i am totally agree with that..............i hate these kind of babas and feel like to kill ;) all of them who are just fooling innocent people......... but this is our people also those who believe in all these babas wont listen any single word against their baba......
Hi friends....thanx for overwhelming response...if i can call that.....still a movement is started with a small seed which grows into a tree...i have started this movement of exposing these so called babas...henceforth i am going to give examples of Avdhoot baba as he is the biggest hoax...both in the size of his body and other wise.....he calls himself a godman....and what is he doing but making money out of fools....he is promoting his son now as he knows someone has to carry this family business forward.....he says he is sanyasi....then why does he charge people to come for his so called shibirs?????why doesn't he hold these shibirs free?????why is he promoting his son?????has anyone stopped to think of this so called Godman or as he calls himself avatar of Shiv or know-all of Shiv his credentials???? has anyone questioned the credentials of his wife and his son who are giving discourses and fooling people....what is his education???? what is his level of knowledge????..everyone just follows him blindly....but has he said anything diffgerent than so called spiritual gurus like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Deepak Chopra, Rajneesh etc. has said......think guys please think...this is a movement and spread it like wild fire and nip these babas in the bud...end their existense......NOWWWWWWWWW
I truly agree ..............i mean these frauds should be put in jail..........but it won't be of no use as they have support from political parties so they won't stay there for long.....? But we can only spread the awareness only ....hope it can do wonder............................
i totally agree with u , these selfish people just to make money and fill their bellies can go to any extent , and we don't need any baba ji's to guide us its only r souls which can guide us
(At this point I would like to reveal a very interesting phenomena. Every thought that comes in your mind has a specific shape, color and fragrance. If someone is engrossed in negative thoughts he will display negative traits like ugly appearance, darker negative color and foul smell. On contrary, if someone is thinking positively all the time, he will have pleasant personality emitting attractive odor and fair color. Subconsciously all the energy bodies around you reflect the state of your thoughts.)

What I have stated above in brackets above are the words of this Avdhoot and laugh just proves the ignorance and then stupidity of this baba......acccording to his theory all the beautiful people have positive thoughts and are good people and all the dark people or poor people who cant have bath and smell have negative thoughts and are bad people.......yeahhhhhhhh way to go you baba.......i am sure anyone wgho goes near this baba can smell the foul body ododr from his fat much for positive thoughts

Hi Guys How is everyone.....I am back again...this time with a story of a family destroyed by one such godman.....a lady i know got involved in spirituality via one such unknown person who claimed to be spiritual...talked about God and pujas etc and slowly got himself infiltrated into the family...the family started believing this person blindly for every decision of their lives.....without realising that this person was actually eating his cake and having it of the daughter of this family was having marital problems (dont know if these problems were created purposely to be with this god man or they really were existing) any case...this lady and very self-consciously started ignoring her husband...her family...her children...and under the garb of spirituality started spending more and more time with this god man....this god man promised the family that he will solve all their problems if they follow his advice...but so far not a single problem is solved..instead this god man is having fun with the daughter.........

Having told this story I would like to bring to everyones notice that this is just one such story....there are plenty of them out there in the universe who are having fun under the facade of so called false spirituality

Bing elevated to Rishi or Swami status happens only when the man has conquered his desires including sexual desires.
People do not become swami or rishi just because they grow long hair or talk lots of knowledge from scriptures or copy mannerisms of guru or lick guru's feet or do long and hard labor for the organization.
It takes a hard consistent practice of witnessing consciousness and steady elevation of the self. No guru can help you there you HAVE TO do it to yourself All by Yourself.
I remember one philosopher told: look after your family very well and care for your neighbours on either side..that much seva is sufficient to transform the whole world. One does not need to leave thier family and children devastated and reach to help the far world. What is the use if you orpahan your own children in order to do charity to the orphanages around the world, its foolishness??
In the end what matters is being a GOOD HUMAN BEING

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