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hi, i plan to make a basic english class in my organisation twice a week. anybody hve a module/slide presentation for this programme? pls send to me...... tq
28th June 2007 From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
In English Training instead we make the course content..better understand from trainees/with your assessment what they are lacking and prepare the modules. In such programmes participation is important. This will create interest and will be effective.
28th June 2007 From India, Hyderabad

I run similar kind of sessions in my organization by name "Impressive speech sessions". The entire agenda of these classes has been divided in two categories:

1. Language Skills

2. Pronunciation & Confidence building

Now I do not have any set module or presentation, however the structure is as follows:

1. For Lanugauge skills

parts of speech




Subject Verb Agreement

Active Passive Speech

Direct Indirect Speech

2. For pronunciation I follow a presentation from my previous company.

Sounds of P T K

Th sounds

V sounds

Practicing for day to day word usage.

Refer to below mentioned materila for tenses:

About Tenses

In English, only two tenses can be distinguished in the verb alone: the simple present tense and the simple past tense. All other forms use extra words, called auxiliaries, to distinguish tenses.

Simple Present:

Current action or condition: I hear you. Here comes the bus. General truths: There are thirty days in September.

Habitual feeling or action: I like music. I run on Sundays. Future Time: The train leaves at 4:00.

Present Progressive:

Activity in progress: I am playing soccer now. Verbs of perception: He is feeling sad.

Simple Past:

Completed action: We visited the museum yesterday. Completed condition: The weather was bad yesterday.

Past Progressive:

Past action that took place over a period of time: They were climbing for twenty-seven days. past action interrupted by another: We were eating dinner when she told me.

Simple Future:

Action that will take place in the future: I will walk to school across the country. I won't be spending a lot of money.

Present Perfect:

With verbs of state that began in the past and lead up to and include the present: He has lived here for years.

To express habitual or continued action: She has worn glasses all her life.

With events occuring at an indefinite time in the past (with ever, never, before): Have you ever been to Tokyo?

Present Perfect Progressive:

To express duration of an action that began in the past, has continued into the present and may continue into the future: Laura has been working for two hours, and she hasn't finished yet.

Past Perfect:

To describe a past event or condition completed before another event in the past:

When I arrived home, he had already called. Jane had seen the movie before I asked her to go.

Past Perfect Progressive:

To express duration of an action that began and ended in the past, in relation to another event in the past:

She had been walking when a car hit her.

Future Perfect:

To express action that will be completed by or before a specified time in the future:

By next month we will have finished the job.

Future Perfect Progressive:

To express ongoing action that is taking place in relation to another future event:

By the time Kate flies to Mexico City, Rob will have been driving for eighteen long hours.

Past Participles and the Perfect Tenses

As the examples above show, the prefect tenses always use the auxiliary infinitive verb to have along with the past participle of the main verb in the sentence. The past participle is often exactly the same as the past-tense form of the verb, but there are a large number of irregular past participles. In either case, the past participle remains constant, whether the tense is present perfect, past perfect, or future perfect. The distinction between the tenses is made by the form of the auxiliary verb to have, which can appear as has, had, or will have.

List of Common Past Participles

Infinitive Past Participle Infinitive Past Participle

bring brought brought bite bit bitten

buy bought bought break broke broken

fight fought fought choose chose chosen

seek sought sought drive drove driven

think thought thought forget forgot forgotten

freeze froze frozen

bet bet bet get got gotten

burst burst burst give gave given

cost cost cost hide hid hidden

hit hit hit ride rode ridden

hurt hurt hurt speak spoke spoken

let let let steal stole stolen

put put put take took taken

quit quit quit write wrote written

read read read eat ate eaten

set set set

shut shut shut be was been

become became become

begin began begun blow blew blown

drink drank drunk do did done

ring rang rung draw drew drawn

shrink shrank shrunk go went gone

sing sang sung grow grew grown

sink sank sunk run ran run

spring sprang sprung see saw seen

swim swam swum throw threw thrown

have had had shine shone shone

hear heard heard spin spun spun

make made made string strung strung

pay paid paid win won won

say said said mean meant meant

hold held held bend bent bent

bleed bled bled build built built

deal dealt dealt

lead led led feel felt felt

speed sped sped keep kept kept

sell sold sold leave left left

stand stood stood lend lent lent

tell told told light lit lit

dig dug dug lose lost lost

swing swung swung send sent sent

sting stung stung shoot shot shot

slide slid slid sit sat sat

wake woke woke weep wept wept

sleep slept slept

bind bound bound sweep swept swept

Table for the same is attached.

What ever I have on this subject is attached herewith.


28th June 2007 From India, Pune

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File Type: doc direct_and_indirect_speech_rules_114.doc (66.5 KB, 2161 views)
File Type: doc prepositions_198.doc (57.0 KB, 1761 views)
File Type: doc verb_tense_overview_with_examples_756.doc (33.0 KB, 1745 views)

some more ppts Please feel free to ask me, if you need anything else. :D Regards, meenakshi
28th June 2007 From India, Pune

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File Type: ppt email_ettiquette_131.ppt (517.5 KB, 1370 views)
File Type: ppt subject_verb_agreement_134.ppt (285.5 KB, 1196 views)

Hi Meenakshi !
Amazing Work ! Will be very useful to many.
Thanks a Lot for sharing
Actually In our organisation also we just started conducting english classes
for our employees and for near by communities- I found your materials
very useful !
and one more request - you have any assessment format - for
individuals before starting the english course..if u have please
share with me !
thanks in advance
tk care
29th June 2007 From India, Madras
Meenakshi The info provided by you is great. I had a word doc on email writing and Presentation skills, which might be of some help..
29th June 2007 From India, Bangalore

Attached Files
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File Type: doc effective_presentation_skills_222.doc (49.0 KB, 1178 views)
File Type: doc 20_rules_of_writing_effective_business_emails_104.doc (29.0 KB, 1893 views)

Hi Minakshi,
The english module, you are implementing is really a systematic one.
i am now going to use this for my own. thanks for sharing this type of information with all the members. specially for those, which are freshers on their role.
30th June 2007

I also conduct english classes in my organisation.find herewith schedule:


Exercise 1

Present Tense

all the trainees will have to repeat each sentence in his/her own words-presnet tense

Exercise 2 Vocabulary

Write synonms of the words

Exercise 3 Essay(written communication)

Trainees will write an essay in their own words

Exercise 4 Essay(oral communication)

Trainees will read an essay


Exercise 1

past tense all the trainees will have to repeat each sentence in his/her own words-past tense

Exercise 2 synonms

Write synonms of the words

Exercise 3 reading test

Trainees will read an essay given on day 1

Day 3

Exercise 1 Future TENSE

Exercise 2 plural and singular presentation

Exercise 3 test

Test on plural and singular presentation

Exercise 4 reading test read topic given by trainer and read it out

Day 4

Exercise 1 vowel a and an

Exercise 2 test vowel exercise a and an

Exercise 3 tenses usage has or have

Exercise 4 tense test exercise has or have

Exercise 5 reading test read on topic given on day 3

Day 5

Exercise 1 Usage of in,on at'

Day 6

Exercise 1 prounciation s and sh

Exercise 2 reading test

Exercise 3 tense-Past tense question
2nd July 2007

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File Type: ppt deepshikha_noun_746.ppt (1.38 MB, 804 views)

Dear All
This is my 2nd day in the new office. I have just come to know a lady is charging us around Rs 100,000 for a similar course and she is equipped with linguaphone and all..Is it worth the hype and expenditure??
3rd July 2007 From India, Mumbai
Dear all
Lotus books-an agency for Linguaphone are conducting a basic english course in my organisation
rough dtls about the course are
words etc
sentence construction
3rd July 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Nikhil,

Investing for employees development is always good. The course you are talking about sounds to be good and will be implemented in a professional way for sure. However there's a major concern. When it comes to langauge skills session, it is very important that participants feel comfortable with the trainer and other participants. Now if you get it done from some external agency, participants may feel a little uncomfortable infront of an external expert. Also it involves money.

So I would advise you to do it in house. Talk to your employess and try to make groups on the basis of their present level of communication skills. For example: there might be few who need to start from very basics, there would be few who are fine with sentence construction but they would have hesitation problem. So accordingly prepare agenda for each group. And instead of keep agenda for a day or two, it is better to split into smaller sessions.

And if even after thiss, you think there isn't much improvement then you can seek assistance from external agency.

Let me know if I can be of some help.


4th July 2007 From India, Pune
hi Meeni Amazing work Menakshi this will definetly use full for each one of us regards sandesh
4th July 2007 From India, Bangalore
hiii.. I once happened to make a presentation brief presentation on "English Writing"..it dealt with basic dos and donts of writing ..If it can be be of any help to u just let me know. thanks.
4th July 2007 From India, Jaipur
Dear Meenakshi,
thanks a lot for ur suggestion..we have conducted a pre-test on empl who r nominated for this course. I think we r going ahead with ext trainers. I'll talk to each trainee personally about the prog and what attitude they shud kepp in the training room.
However above number is still small..There r many others in my org who really need such prog..For them we can conduct the course in-house. Here ur PPTs and advice will come to my rescue for sure :)
can u plz gimme ur email id so that i can write u directly
Thank a lot

+91 98922 42767
17th July 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Meenakshi, your ppts are very good. just need to knw if you can give me tips on how to develop a trainer and participant guide on voice and accent training regards G
5th September 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Meenakshi,
Thanks a ton for sharing these information. It is extremely useful for each one of us. We dont even reliase ven we commit such minor mistake.
Great Work !!!!
Keep it up !!!!
:) :D
God bless
Please keep in touch

9th September 2007 From India, Bangalore
I think it will work in your case
21st September 2007 From India, Delhi

Attached Files
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File Type: doc english_accent_656.doc (116.0 KB, 384 views)

I think it will help you a lot. Regards Rajeev
5th October 2007 From India, Delhi

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File Type: doc english_accent_676.doc (116.0 KB, 261 views)

Dear All,
I am on the process of preparing Performance Appraisal for Quality Control Analysts who are in Officer Cadre in our company. Can any one help in sending me a format of the same of a Pharma / Biotechnology company.
5th October 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Hi It will work for you. Regards Rajeev Saini
8th October 2007 From India, Delhi

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File Type: doc english_accent_148.doc (116.0 KB, 169 views)

Hi All..
I am new to this site and i am hoping that you will help me searching some good ppts on voince and accent and how to learn English..
If anybody ahs some please mail it my email ID
5th February 2008 From India, Pune
Nice one.
Can you help me how to reply to negative feedback from the client. I can recall only 3 sentences -
Thank you for bringing this to our notice.
Will counsel the team member regarding the same.
Regret the inconvenience caused.
17th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
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