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Dear Friends,

1. PF Withdrawal upon resignation :

Upon resignation an employee can either withdraw or transfer his/her PF amounts at his desire.

a) For Withdrawal : Inorder to withdraw the PF/ Pension funds you have to submit form 19 and 10 C preferably through your employer. Depending upon the attitude and working capabilities of employees in the respective EPF Office, it will take 45 to 60 days to get your balance credited to your bank account.Withdrawls of PF can be done only after 60 days period after resignation.

Form No 19 is for Provident fund withdrawal & Form No. 10 C is for Pension scheme withdrawal. I have attached both the forms for your reference.

b) For Transfer : For transfer you have to get form 13 submitted through your present Company but you need to know your earlier PF a/c no.etc.

Also you need to provide following details to your current company.

  • Name and address of the previous company from which PF is still pendind to be claimed.
  • Group Code of the previous comapny.
  • Date of Joining and date iof leaving from previous company.
  • Your PF no from the previous company.

2. PF withdrawal during Working period :

The Provident Fund members can avail advances / partial withdrawals subject to certain conditions like Marriage for self and dependant sisters, brothers etc / purchasing of dwelling house or repayment of housing loan / specified medical treatments / Closure of establishment etc.,

You need to submit FORM 31 for claiming amount. But the PF authorities will sanction only if you satisfy the qualifying conditions. I have attached a document " Guidelines for PF withdrawal" that gives you an clear idea like on what grounds can a employee withdraw PF during his/her working period.

Hope this information is of some use to you. Seniors please add your comments and suggestions. Please correct me if am wrong anywhere. I just shared what i knew.

Have a great day ahead.


14th February 2011 From India, Madras

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf 10c_form_pension_fund_132.pdf (68.5 KB, 28517 views)
File Type: pdf 19_form-withdrawal_pf_127.pdf (121.9 KB, 7465 views)
File Type: doc Guide Lines for PF Withdrawal.doc (55.0 KB, 10271 views)
File Type: pdf 13revised.pdf (24.2 KB, 5304 views)

Hi Babu,
Great efforts....There have been many queries about PF lately and its a good compilation of all necessary requirements and formalities related to PF at this one place.
It is the efforts of people like you which makes this forum so innovative and special...
Keep up the good work..
14th February 2011 From India, Delhi
I second Archana. i am saving this post on the CiteHR New member's group repository for every one to refer it. Thank you for this effort. We truly appreciate it !
(Cite Contribution)
14th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi can you please suggest me any training centre if I wants to get full training about statutary compliese all the laws
14th February 2011 From India, Pune
Useful for everyone.. Seen a lot of queries for the same..
In this regard only, i have one query.
My PF amount is pending from my previous employer. I tried to withdraw the same but it was rejected on the basis that it was for less than 6 months. I am willing to get it transferred to my current employer.
Now in case I change my current job. I will have two PF accounts (Previous & current) to be transferred to my new PF account.
How such cases can be proceeded? What is the best to be done?
14th February 2011 From India
I had my PF account with EPFO Faridabad & my my company was also in Faridabad. I have got completed withdrawal forms including with Form 3A. Now I need to sumbit it to PF office faridabad.
Is it possible to send the form by courier or post, else I need to submit by self?
Pls suggest me as I am not residing now in NCR.
14th February 2011 From India, Lucknow
If you want to transfer your pf amount to your new PF account with your current employer then you need to fill up Form 13 and submit it with your current employer.
If you wish to withdraw your PF money, then you need to fill Form 19 and Form 10 C. After filling it up, send these forms to your last employer to fill employer's contribution and your contribution for current year. Finally get sign and stamp of your last employer and submit these forms to PF Department- Faridabad.
do not forget to receive acknowledgement slip after submitting them.

14th February 2011 From India, New Delhi
Hi Shweta,
I have not heard that they can not settle your pf account on account of less than 6 month's contribution.
Your employer must not have filed the return to the PF department and hence making these excuses.
Have your received these comments in writing/ on paper?

14th February 2011 From India, New Delhi
hi Babu, Good effort by you. Please keep giving ur best. Best of luck. Regards Anirudh HR Exe
15th February 2011 From India, Delhi
Dear Taru,
I sent it myself to the PF department, recieved the aknowledgement and after some days the form was returned which i recieved from the PF department only and the reason of rejection was mentioned as the contribution is less than 6 months.

15th February 2011 From India
Dear Babu,
It is truly nice to place all the details which are very pertinent for any employee regarding PF and it's Forms.
This is an answer to many queries being raised on day to day basis by the CiteHRians on the above subject.
Once again thanks a lot...............
Ravula Subbaa Rau
15th February 2011 From India, Hyderabad
I left my last company in Dec 2007, but I didn't withdraw my PF amount. Now somebody told me that you can withdraw you PF money before 31st March 2011 otherwise your account will be forfeited. Kindly guide me in this regard.
15th February 2011 From India, New Delhi
Dear Babu, It is really a great effort. There is small query regrding AD form which needs to be attached along with the withdrawl form. Please guide. Regards Swetank
15th February 2011 From India, Delhi
you are not clear that form-19 & form 10-c return to you or only form-10-c return to you as per new rules less than 6 month service family pension amount forefeet and they return form-10-c.
in less then 6 month p.f. service only form-19 settle.
15th February 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
my withdrawn totally wright but in Maninagar Ahmadabad Gujarat p.f branch dine and return form they tell employee to submit transfer form-13 because due to your present age you join other pf. comp./establishment.
can they dine withdrawan ?
15th February 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Seniors,
Even i have certain queries on this, to avail any loans or to withdraw pf amount is that we need to complete 5yrs tenure?? Our accountant told us we cannot avail any of the above facilities unless we complete 5yrs tenure after filing the PF.
Can you please assist me on this
16th February 2011 From India, Hyderabad
While submitting withdrawl claims you have to write your phone no on right side top portion and have to attach cancelled cheque or bank passbook copy and if there is time gap then you should attach one letter reason for late claim also.
16th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
I have a question related to PF withdrawl.....although you have excellently replied to all the general queries related to the subject but I have a it really necesaary to withdraw your PF amount through employer I have a case which is in discussions between my of our collegue have recently joined us and he has not served his desired notice period with the previous employer now the previous employer is not ready to sign is PF Application...In such cases what is the other option left with the employee....can he apply for his PF withdrawl by getting the form signed by some gazetted officer or is there any option of withdrawl on self declaration basis......
16th February 2011 From India, Chandigarh
Applying before 31st Mar 2011 is a better option because due to lack of money in with PF govt it is proposed in the budget that after 31st Mar 11, One can only withdraw his/her PF amount after the retirement age 58 before that it can only be transfer. As this is yet to be approved by Ministry.

16th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
hi babuthanx 4 d information.all others have really added up in that information.thanxsamsheen
16th February 2011 From India, Ludhiana
Dear Babu,
Great efforts, I think this way a lot of unsolved cases can be closed.
I would like to know as per PF Act whose responsibility is to submit the form for withdrawal of Provident Fund.
The employee who has already left the company
or the Last employer has to submit with PF authorities after completion and endorsement of accumulations
16th February 2011 From India, New Delhi
It actually depends on the employee interest.
If employee wants to get his accumulated PF to be transfered after joining a new company he/she can go for it or else if the employee wants to withdraw it then its employee responsibility to request HR of his previous company for PF withdrawal.
- Babu
17th February 2011 From India, Madras
He can get his form 13 signed from either of the following and then need to be submitted in PF office :
1. Manager of the bank where u he has the saving account.
2. Head of educational institute.
3. A gazetted officer
4. The Megistrate
5. President of village/Panchayat/ MP/MLA

17th February 2011 From India, Madras
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ........
17th February 2011 From India, New Delhi
Thanks for such a useful information. Can you please send me ppt on compensation management which is needful for magzimize the retention level of an employees.
18th February 2011 From India, Pune
Hi Babu,
This is prasad active member in citeHr group.I seen your posting regarding PF in citehr.
I want suggestion.I applied my PF Withdraw in the month of July 2010.Till now i did't received the withdraw amount.
can you plz suggest how i can track or how i can complaint.
Plz check attachment of Acknowledgment
5th March 2011 From India, Vijayawada

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File Type: jpg DURGAP~1.JPG (281.1 KB, 55 views)

Hi, Please find the Automated Computerized PF Form Excel Warm Regards, Jatin Dua
6th May 2011 From India, Pune

Attached Files
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File Type: zip PF-19, 10-C, 5 ,10, 3-A ( computerized).zip (1.48 MB, 213 views)

Hi I have a question on PF withdrawal. I have resigned from my existing organisation and has taken up a new job outside India. I want to withdraw the complete money accrued to my PF?pension fund money. Since I shall be going abroad so I cannot transfer this money to my new employer. My question is - is this money taxable as per the income tax rules in India. I need a quick response and if this is not taxable then the clause no as per IT act so that I can site the same.
Thanks in anticipation for the help.
28th October 2011 From India
By the way I have already worked for the current organisation for more than 7 years 2 months. Shuvro1958
28th October 2011 From India
I need to chek and seek guidance / clarifications form experts and seniors on following:-
If an employee resignes from job after working and constibuting to PF & EPF for only three years. After resignation he wants to withdraw the amount (both contributions self and employers) from PF / EPF. Will there be any Income Tax liability on refund on such withdrawal. Will the PF/EPF deduct Income Tax (TDS) before paying to member?
Kindly help.
Regards and best wishes,
1st November 2011 From India, New Delhi
I wants to withdrawal my pf money to my current bank account ,but i didn't have cheque book (for canceled cheque) . is there was any option to get money in my punjab national bank account ? also the pf account which has been given to us by our last employer was not showing EPFO SITE data . for your reference ,my pf account is : DL-41217-9652 .
also my last employer didn't response well for this kind of issue . plz suggest what should i do ?
22nd July 2012 From India, Chandigarh
hi guys,
i have left my company last friday and now wants to withdraw my PF amount. my employer has asked me to submit the pf form to her. do i need to fill form 9 only or form 10 C also.
please advice
11th August 2012 From India, Mumbai
I have purchased flat which is in construction and releasing the installments thru Bank Loan which covers for the flat value. I required fund of Rs. 4 lkhsfor Amenities like car parking,club etc and registration charges Rs. 4 lakhs. I want to take PF loan for this to meet my requirements. I have 2.77 lakhs in EPF employee account 1.06 lakh in Employer account. Am i eligible for take PF withdrawal for rs. 4 lakhs on this purpose. How much time it will take to sanction the loan
17th August 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Seniors,
I would like to know the rules and procedure for withdrawal of PF by foreign national upon resignation after serving 3 years and making contribution to the PF and FPF.
Any help and guidelines, this is to help a friend.
Thank you,
20th August 2012 From India, New Delhi
Dear All, Its been 1 1/2 year since i resigned my previous company and now i am planning to withdrawal my PF amount. Do i need to attach form 3 A with the withdrawal from. Kindly suggest.
28th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
28th November 2012 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
Good Morning,
I already applied to withdraw money from PF account and I got a message from PF office as \'Form 10C rejected and rejection letter will be dispatched\'.
However, I received money from FORM 19.
My PF account is 11 years old and I want to know what will be the next step.
I came to know that if PF account is above 10 years old, I cannot withdraw money from it or close it.
What is the reason for rejection?
Help requested.
5th May 2013 From India, Chennai
I have applied in Form 31 for withdrawal for a Flat under construction. I have submitted all necessary documents as listed out by the PRO ( K R Puram, Bangalore). However the application got rejected with the reason : "Sale Agreement not enclosed". The even sanctioned the amount I had applied for (in the last page of the form).
Surprisingly I had included both the Sale & Construction Agreement for my flat. I visited the EPFO office and spoke with the one of the staff. She mentioned that AO had some reservations. I'm meeting the AO tomorrow.
Quick question : Is it mandatory to have the Sale Agreement registered ? (mine's just stamped)'. The originals are with the Bank. Would they give it back to me for registering ?
Appreciate any prompt response
Many thanks!
23rd May 2013 From India, Bangalore
I was working in OKhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110020. I have collected PF form with detailed filled and signed by the employer. My concern is, Can I send it to PF office through Registered Post? If so, then to whom it to be addressed? and where it to be sent? Is it necessary that,form to be sent along with cancelled cheque/passbook copy? if so, then whether it to be attested by employer. Kindly suggest. It will be a great help.
Warm Regards
17th August 2013 From India, New Delhi
i was working with ICICI prudential and after 2 months i gave resignation . So i just wanted to know that whether i am applicable for withdrawing my PF. Please reply
24th August 2013 From India
dear all; i perched 1 plot how to get my pf plot perches loan and from 31 attached document details pl tell me any one.
23rd September 2013 From India, Chennai
In continuation to the earlier question:
Can an employee opt for PF withdrawal from the previous employer if incase the latter is planning to transfer the account to the present employer against the will of the employee, who needs the money back in cash? For information to yourself, the previous job was of a government body and the PF was maintained by an internal PF Trust as the employee was not confirmed but was on probation.
If the money can be withdrawn then kindly refer me the Sections and Rules of the PF Act
Nayan J
24th September 2013 From India, Bhubaneswar
A query from my side..Pl suggest:>
Can an employee opt for PF withdrawal from the previous employer if incase the latter is planning to transfer the account to the present employer against the will of the employee, who needs the money back in cash? For information to yourself, the previous job was of a government body and the PF was maintained by an internal PF Trust as the employee was not confirmed but was on probation.Moreover the employer agreed to release the EL encashment and others pertaining to terminal benefit excluding PF for which he is seen adamant to transfer to the new employer, who happens to be a state government
If the money can be withdrawn then kindly refer me the Sections and Rules of the PF Act
Nayan J
24th September 2013 From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi All, Pls clarify on this.. Is it necessary that the cancelled cheque should be from a nationalized bank?? Regards, Madhu
17th October 2013 From India, Salem
I had to leave my office as the company was shifting from Mumbai to Pune. I worked there for 6 months & 9 days. PF & EPF was deducted monthly from my salary. What is the procedure to get back the amount or withdraw it on my own? Is employer's approval or sign or any such thing required in this process?
19th February 2015 From India, Mumbai
I had worked for 6 months in a private company, where they deducted pf from my salary & EPF & EPS also from MY salary. Now the company has shifted to pune, they have recently provided the salary slips, but i am unable to check the balance at epf website. My account no. is 128608/5. The error that it shows is Member name mismatch. I would also like to withdraw the pf amount, can I use the above given guidelines for the same.
Please suggest
Valentina Dcosta
9th March 2015 From India, Mumbai
Thanks a lot for sharing such a great & important information. Keep it up ..... Normally these kind of information is not easily available. Thanks again.
23rd April 2015 From India, undefined
I wanted to withdrawn my pf amt now , but i left my organisation in may and the branch is in gurgoan and now i am in mumbai, is it possible to withdrawn within 30days and is it possible to withdrawn from any office
2nd July 2015 From United States, New York
Can u help me if i can go and withdrawn the amt by filling the form now as it has to be done after 60days of the last working in the company , plzz reply asap
2nd July 2015 From United States, New York
Hi Babu,
Iam planning to withdraw my previous employer PF, Having some query on filling the forms, Could you please upload a sample scanned copy of filled form 10C & 19C so i can refer it for my doubts, Thanks...
26th July 2015 From India, Bangalore

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