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Dear All Please suggest me what activities can we do to motivate employees in it software company... our company is small company.......i need innovative ideas from all of you....
14th February 2011 From India, Ambala
Dear Kavita,
Pls refer to tis post which ws posted by one of our members....
i hope this can help you out in some way.....
14th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Kavita,

Please do consider my suggestions:
  • Identify the top few concerns of the employee that you would target to work through with this motivation program.
  • Map those concerns to events that can be implemented within your bandwidth. Suppose you have employees leaving you at a short notice and the reason being they don't see a future in the company. Plan and offer them programs to make them more employable which would require them to spend a fixed duration.
  • You may segregate initiatives into event including transactional events such as Birthday celebration, team bonding and transformational event such as Idea platform.
  • An acknowledgment at work is quintessential . But try to differentiate it from the usual R&R programs. You may award the best performer and the one who made the best improvement.
  • You may even form team with single point of contact from the operation/production employees and work them to implement these events.
  • Here's an article on how to implement innovating HR initiative to develop employee morale at no or little cost. HR Innovations <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

Blog your queries.

(Cite Contribution)

14th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Employees want to be recognized as individuals, shown savvy, and are assumption opportunities to change. This requires bosses to care one-on-one rather than treating every employee similar. Here are some low-cost ideas for motivating your body that can soul a big reappear on promotion.

• Encourage comments from extraneous and internal customers. Displace approval.
• Cue staff how their manipulate matters to customers and encourage whatever level of client interaction for everyone.
• Song an employee into your part retributive to say convey you without discussing any else printing.
• Correspond a impart you roll or e-mail.
• Displace a paper to the employee's spouse/family thanking them for their reinforcement.
• Create an employee newsletter to portion updates and memory.
• Collection a bulletin commission for employees to assets tidings, hobbies, and identification.
• Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and specific achievements.
• Quest the advisable parking pip for an employee-of-the-month. Let body end how the mar is attained.
• Add a annotation to an employee's cheque light something extraordinary he/she did that hebdomad.
• Connect in and exploit an employee who is low pressure. Ask what can be through and supply all the task side-by-side.
• Create a occurrence of tread by sharing employees a hazard to impact on glamorous projects or discover new skills.
• Delegate worthwhile projects, not righteous retainer tasks, to growth feelings of desire and feel.
• Make light-hearted awards that address something unequaled about apiece mortal like, "Optimum Screen-Saver," or "Top Wit Cashier," and time them at a potluck dejeuner.
• Permit on reformative articles that could goodness employees and sequester a greenback that says, "Saw this and cerebration of you."
• Inform active their hobbies, families, children, pets, etc. showing concern in what matters most to them.
• Ask an employee who is proficient in a destined region to series others, or sort an intro at a body gathering.
• Play script a dominion author to verbalize on subjects of relate to employees same aim direction, difficulty management, or rising relationships.
• Help develop skills with a training accumulation filled with books, tapes, and different resources that employees can chit out.
• Forecast employees to look seminars and ask them to urinate a demonstration to others sharing what they scholarly.

Thanks for.....
14th February 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Friend,

IF you want to improve and implement new systems then here is what you can do :

Employee recognition : Spot Awards, Annual Achievement awards, Outstanding performance award, Best Employee award etc. A scanned copy of letter of appreciation along with their photos should be displayed in the notice board. The letter should excel their achievements, i.e how different are they from others? On what grounds were they nominated? How could they serve as role model for other employees....

Together WE - In-house magazine : Once in a quarter these magazines gives a snapshot as to what is happening in their company which includes sharing Company growth, Management Objectives, Customer satisfaction, List of new customer sign-up, Sales review, Customer delivery and feedback, Partnership details, Up coming projects etc. The company also prints the contributions given by the employees such as Motivation stories, Paintings, Poetry, Riddles, Jokes, Technology related articles, Safety and Health related ppt, Nature photographs taken by employees etc.

Reach US : Its a online forum that is available in intranet site of that particular company where employees can post their issues related to work, work environment, HR Policies, Training needs etc. Once in a month HR head along with their executives will have a open meeting with the employees (without mentioning the name of the employee) to resolve it then and there.

Quality Session Meeting : Department wise team meet will be conducted by HR where in which each employee comes up with new ideas and concepts to improve the Quality of work, also how to deliver the same on time, how to reach out for customer satisfaction, technology growth, significance of team work, knowledge on advanced technologies etc., At the end of the meet, department head nominates a employee and gifts him a prize for his innovative and creativeness

Chat : Internal chat will be provided for employees – Easy way to communicate.

An Idea : Its an online forum in the intranet where employees can share their ideas and views on celebrating Annual day function, Kick – off party, Festivals, Get-together day, Birthdays etc. For every best and unique idea there will be a surprising gift.(Movie tickets, team out, team lunch, chocolates, An official day off etc.)

We care : HR should conduct Free Health Check-up for all employees once in a year as well as should call in Doctors/ Psychiatrist for seminars on various topics chosen by employees via poll. Blood donation camps can also be arranged as a part of social service.

Quote for the day : This is done department wise. Any one employee from each department should write a quote on their white board. HR should decide the best quote for the day. The department that gets the highest points for the month would be offered a gift. Gift is again based on the number of points that they accumulate (Hats, Shirts, Coffee mugs etc. with Company logo)

If you want to conduct some cultural programs on a eve then here you go :

First divide your employees into 4teams. Name them seperately. Choose a leader for each team. For evey event one person per team is allowed. The maximum number of awards won by a team will be the best team for 2011 - Cultural activities wise

1. Rangoli - Give them a concept and their rangoli should reflect it.

2. Traditional dress contest - One male and one female from each team should participate

3. Burst the ballons - the one who bursts maximum ballons in a minute will be winner. Please note that they should fill the air and then burst the ballons.

4. Facial - Take a plate. Fill that plate with glucose and grapes. The one who picks the maximum number of grapes using their mouth is the winner. Note : Tie their hands and at a time only one grape piece to be picked up.

5. Dance competition - Any dance they prefer.

6. Dhum sharods - Its like a mime show. Let a member pick a paper from the bowl that they have. One person from each team should come forward and read the content in the paper. He/she should make their team members understand what is there in the paper via actions alone. If team members get what their team member was trying to tell then that team wins a point.

7. Hit the pot - Tie a pot with color paper and every member from a team should hit the pot within 3 strokes.

8. Poetry corner - Best poetry will be awarded

9. Cat walk - One member from each team is allowed.

10. Anthakshari - Singing songs starting with the last letter of the song.

11. Hunt - Hide a piece of gift somewhere in the party hall. It belongs to the one who finds it.

12. 1minute - The one who eats as many biscuits in one minute will be the winner.

13. My story - Let each member from every team describe their daily activities right from they wake up till they sleep with actions alone. The best one will get the prize.

14. Humour session - Best joke of the day.

15. An reflection - Choose 4employees in your company. Announce their names. Each participant from every team should come and imitate any one of the 4choosen names - More than one is also allowed. Awards goes to the best imitator.

If you want to gift something on an employee Birthday / Wedding then here you go :
  • Give half of his/her basic pay as gift.
  • Paid leave for a week for wedding and paid leave for 1day on birthday.
  • Painting pic of the couple. Get it framed - They will love it. For a Birthday give him/her a card and chocolates.
  • Give them a gift voucher - They will enjoy shopping. You can do the same for Birthday.
  • Decorate his/her work place and welcome him/her with sweets and flowers. Arrange for a surprise party and its up to you to decide on how to conduct the party.
  • Arrange for a small Cake cutting party for the couple at your cafeteria. Pick the best picture and gift it to them in a large beautiful photoframe. Don't forget to get everyone's autograph on backside of the frame.
  • Sponser for a candle light dinner.
  • A small holiday trip to the nearby resort.
  • Branded Wrist Watch to the couple.
  • Movie Tickets
If you want to change the look of your company then you can implement these :
  • Placing money plants in all the corners of our office.
  • (OR) Placing a fish tank in the main hall such that its visible to all.
  • Colorful pen stand in every desk. It consists of a pen, pencil and eraser.
  • Beautiful flower vases here and there in the hall / Wall - Either plastic flowers or original ones
  • Cute Coffee Mugs each to every employee - They can have tea in their own cups instead of having it in paper cups.
  • Nice water bottles to every employee. They can fill water and place it in their table instead of running to the water area 10times in a day to drink water.
  • Providing table mats for their lunch. In such a way they dont spill food on the table.
  • Colorful curtains for windows.
If you want to celebrate Independence day or Republic day then here is what you can do :
  • Flag Hoisting
  • Give chocolates to everyone.
  • (OR) Small gifts to all.
  • (OR) Small flags
  • (OR) Pen to everyone.
  • (OR) Sweets
  • (OR) Conduct lucky draw - The one who wins will get a gift.
  • Traditional dress contest
  • Essay competition on Republic day / Independence day
  • Presentation on importance and significance of Republic day / Independence day
  • Decorating their own desks
  • Rangoli competition
  • Debate on a particular topic
  • 1minute game
  • Singing (OR) Dancing competition
  • Snacks distribution
If you want to do something on a daily basis then you can do this :
  • Quarterly take your employees for a picnic or movie
  • Everyday write something on the white board like Quotes+Humour+Home remedies+Riddle etc.. Encourage your employees to participate in it.
  • Order some useful magazines, Books and Newspapers.
  • Send Motivational emails to employees every week.
  • Call everyone for Quality session meeting. Conduct this every month to solve their queries. Provide tea and biscuits to everyone.
  • Once in a while arrange for Team lunch
  • Send Birthday/Wedding day wishes via email. Welcome them with flowers.
  • Arrange for a small get-together.
  • Celebrate Festivals, Birthday, Wedding day, Annual day functions etc.
  • Gallery : Post employee pictures taken during tours, lunch, team lunch, Festivals, birthdays etc.
  • Value employee contributions via awards and rewards system
  • Arrange for a polling session before you initiate any new process in your company. Probably this will help you to understand the mindset of your employees.
  • Always seek employee suggestions if you want to do something but make sure that either the HR or the Management takes the final decision.
  • Give surprises. Everyone likes it.
Hope this is of some use to you. Have a good day ahead.

- Babu

14th February 2011 From India, Madras
Thanks to all of you for giving me valuable suggestions........... but my boss asked me to design a symble to appreciate the one who is achiever......... can anyone help me what should i suggest to them...
14th February 2011 From India, Ambala
Plan a trip out of the workplace combined with a training program...its fun for sure and as yours is an IT company where people have to work for long hours and generally the work life balance is in jeopardy...
So, take them for River rafting, One day picnics with family, have a family day celebration, a trip to Adventure Island or similar places...
Hope these ideas work for your company...
14th February 2011 From India, Delhi
Hi archna
thats good idea... but i make a symbol to put on employees p.c's... so that anyone can easily recognize target achiever... I suggest we will put differnt differnt colours on their p.c's..
14th February 2011 From India, Ambala
Hey.There are some suggestions for motivate the employees that i want to share with u all.
1.You can motivate your employee by ask their opinion about the policies.
2.Give recoginition to employee.
3.contests and competition can also help to motivate your employee.
4.keep 1 day in a month to invite your employee's family at office for get-together.
With Regards
14th February 2011 From India, Delhi
i appreciate yr sincerity and dedication for motivating the ppl in yr org..i wud suggest you to conduct some Personality dev progg which can hit at their thought process, provided its interesting and interactive....full of fun....
incase u belong to delhi, let me know if i can helpu..infact I m associated with an angg and mgmt college and out of passion for PDP and Life skill Devl progg, I conduct such progg outside tooo. I can \do it complimentarily at yr work place provided u r in NCR.
Mine is a sp designed progg for working professionals and can touch their hearts with its audio-visual contents..
pls get back incase u wanna know more,
14th February 2011 From India, Delhi
Empower your employees by having them make their own decisions and allowing them to think out of the box. It'll help them, the business, and you as an HR person. Create an open environment where people can share things.
And what others said, I just thought I'd add that because I didn't see "empowerment" anywhere.
Yu Yu
14th February 2011 From India, Delhi
as it is an it sector...i would possibly say tat u conduct sme activities tat would relax them from the stress work like organizing sme games and sme other fun prgms that would entertain the employees.this could develop a state of fun and happiness in their minds which may lead them...
14th February 2011 From India, Kochi
Dear All

At the outset, I extend my gratitude for those who had posted precious information about MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES. Please keep up the good work.

Dear Ms. Kavita

Since you said your company is small, definitely you'll be having BUDGET CONSTRAINTS. Please allow me present my views for your query.

1) To motivate employees Best way is to experience the POWER OF APPRECIATION which will bring MASSIVE RESULTS.

2) POLITE/HUMBLE/KIND/SOFT COMMUNICATION STYLE will boost your employees MORALE and will help them to develop POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

3) You will find plenty MOTIVATIONAL information online which you can SHARE with your EMPLOYEES everyday.

4) Please ensure that, the AGENDA OF MOTIVATION IS DEFINED which can solve the purpose rather just carrying the activity without SPECIFIC GOAL. Please be focused in your Motivational Activities

Sharing knowledge is not about give and take policy. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another to develop new capabilities for better performance which creates TOTAL LEARNING PROCESS. Help your employees to enhance their skills at various verticals and improve their READING SKILLS that enhances PATIENCE LEVELS, besides it also improves WRITING/LETTER DRAFTING SKILLS.

Hope this will do the needful.
14th February 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Ms. Kavita
STAR is always considered to be the best LOGO ever used by many orgainsations. I suggest SHINING START which you can prepare by yourself or search sites like and more.
Hope this will do needful for you.
14th February 2011 From India, Chennai
ohk... thats really good idea... n tell me one thing if employee will not achieve their targets then what should i do ? i need to prepare a logo for them?
14th February 2011 From India, Ambala
Dear Ms. Kavita
On a positive note you can say "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME BUT DON'T MISS YOUR TRAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN" rather talking NEGATIVE which DEMOTIVATES employees faster than anything else in this world.

We need to find out THE REASON from those who missed their targets. Study your employee well about their INTEREST and HOW PASSIONATE they are towards their job.

a) I don't suggest any LOGO for NON-ACHIEVEMENT but you can present something that reminds about NON-ACHIEVEMENT and MOTIVATES to ACHIEVE SET TARGET.
b) Once TARGET is achieved you can take it back and present to another who did achieve the same.

This way you can carry out this activity and make sure that employee hates to receive that GIFT which reminds him/her about his NON-ACHIEVEMENT.

I do have experience in MARKETING DOMAIN and my strategy was quite different from others as i believe in BEING CREATIVE & UNIQUE from the REST. The same i had trained to my team members as well. Train your employees to

a) "ADD 100% ADDITIONAL TARGET TO THE TARGET SET BY THE COMPANY" This strategy will drive your employees crazy to achieve their targets but ensure that employee doesn't get frustrated because its all about NUMBER GAME and LOOSING ENERGY
b) MOTIVATE them to achieve BEYOND THEIR LIMITS for which they shall be COMPENSATED for their HARD WORK/ACHIEVEMENT.

Please apply CREATIVITY at all levels which is nothing but THINKING OUT OF THE BOX and DARE TO ACHIEVE BIG or DARE TO DREAM BIG & REALIZE IT.

Please be POSITIVE all the time and don't react/act NEGATIVELY even if your circumstances are not favoring you. Learn to MOTIVATE your employees and this will produce BEST RESULTS.

Implement the greatness of this proverb "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible" – Arthur C. Clarke

If there is anything else i can do for you and other members of CITEHR, kindly do feel free to contact me. I wish to learn more out of less.

Good luck in all your endeavors

With profound regards
15th February 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Kavita,
a) You can introduce "Spot awards" scheme. You can give spot awards to the employees using best practices.
b) You can start "Best Suggestion Scheme". The employee giving the best suggestion in the field of the Safety, Production, Maintenance etc shall be awarded.
c) You can start " Achievers Award scheme". The employees which performs extraordinarily well shall be awarded.
Manav Sharma
Deputy Manager - Safety
15th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Manav Thanx for ur contribution... as per suggestions from all of you... so we huv planned to start achievers award scheme in our organisation..
15th February 2011 From India, Ambala
Conduct some sessions away from work and work location to know themselves and to build togetherness:
1. Motivational Sessions
2. Skills improvement (Related to work or on personality development)
3. Conduct sessions like Book Reading of famous books
4. Social Services (It builds the branding of the company)
5. Every one is curious to know their strength if not weakness. I conduct workshop on Handwriting Analysis. It relaxes every one and brings an individual to travel into themselves
6. Fun Games
7. There may be unique skill set in an employee if not from work related. Give them a chance for public demo
8. Conducting seminars (could be work related) once in a year to exhibit an individual research and writing skills for paper presenting and awarding them in front of other groups by inviting them as chief guests. It motivates an individual and feels recognized
15th February 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Start the following:
1. Employee of Month
2. Performance Incentive
3. Attendance Allowance
4. Distribute Movie Ticket
5. Celebrate employee birthday - department wise
6. Refreshment - Tour/Picnic
15th February 2011 From India, Delhi
Motivation is a big source of Energy.To motivate employees contact to a philosopher who gives lectures.
Take lecture after 1 month of period.
It will refresh employees mind & boost working ability.
15th February 2011 From India, Pune
Dear All,
Employee ka jeb & man dhono agar fulfil ho jai they can motivate better. All are work for three R. These three R are Reputation, Recognition & Remuneration. If an employee get these three R he/she can be more motivated.
warm regards
15th February 2011 From India, Patna
Dear Madam,
Now a days motivation became an important one & its not a single process. Understanding the employee's needs & problems gains more important. This has to do continously. So my suggestion is to introduce a mentoring process in your organisation.
16th February 2011 From India, Kochi
hi try start birth day celebration of employee and also promote his/her area of development by tech. training ...... enjoy monuda HR DIVINER IT
16th February 2011 From India, Delhi
Dear Kavita I think this is useful for your Just Check it out
16th February 2011 From India, Gurgaon

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Dear All,
Warm Greetings....
Can anybody point out the GOOD HABIT(part of a CORPORATE CULTURE and POSITIVE ATTITUDE) which i found in Ms. Kavita, which is/was missing in any many(not in particular)?
Wishing all Good luck
With profound regards
17th February 2011 From India, Chennai
its reallt helpful for me as a new fresh HR...
i really got a wide knowledge on motivational aspectes...
and finally i cant forget dear sister Kavitha who is the generator of this post.. thanks a lot for u all...
Thanks and Regards,
+91-8951456795 / +91-9003377961
prakison87.ace at gmail dot com
1st March 2011 From India, Bangalore
Well nobody had pointed out the GOOD HABIT of Ms. Kavita, which is THANKING PEOPLE. Its helps people to build relationship and it can be considered as one of her GREATEST QUALITIES.
We all should possess the same.
With profound regards
1st March 2011 From India, Chennai
I have tried a lot many things starting from compensation to appreciation in performance. But in reality nothing works better than letting them think out of the box. Extracurricular activities Gives scope to think beyond one's expectation, helps break the barricade of seclusion and post traumatic disorder with disillusion in the course of meeting the expected job roles due to stress and anxiety for having worked in the same circumstance.
This may not be the only but as per my experience, it is your best tool to break the ice.
1st March 2011 From India, Mumbai
one day excursion is ok but their attitude, passion level need to be looked into..there must be some works hops on continuous basis to keep their morale high all the time... oceanic waves
3rd October 2012 From India, Delhi
4th October 2012 From India, Pune
1- organize family get together 2-provide better working condition 3-keep time for extra activities such as sports,cultural etc
4th October 2012 From India, Pune
Hi Kavita, You can use employee of the month award and a small cake cutting ceremony when a project is completed successfully, this will give a sense of recognition to the team.
4th October 2012 From India, Ludhiana
give them extra salary...that is best motivating factor to them nothing else can motivatte much then this.. try it and let us knw if gt successful
4th October 2012 From India, Delhi
Team Spirit. Have a picture taken on your entire staff (including you!), have it enlarged and hang it in a visible spot. Most people like to physically see themselves as part of a group or team.
When running contests in your area, try to create contests and affiliated activity that are team driven. People driving to reach goals together definitely enhance team spirit solely because they must lean upon others and be prepared to be leaned on.
One very effective idea for me has been building a collage of creative ideas with the "Team" theme. All employees are responsible for submitting a phrase referring to TEAM on a weekly rotation. Each of these ideas (such as TEAM: Total Enthusiasm of All Members or There is no I in Team) is placed on a wall, creating a collage of Team-oriented phrases. Don't have one person responsible for it as a team.
With regards,
5th October 2012 From India, Mumbai
Time Off. Implement contests that earn time off. People will compete for 15 minutes or 1/2 hour off just as hard as they will for a cash award. And in many cases, I have had people pick time off over cash when given the choice. Put goals in place (padded of course) and when these goals are reached by individuals, teams or the entire staff, reward them with time off. Allow early dismissals, late arrivals, and extended lunch periods or additional breaks
5th October 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear Kavita,
Look Employes are different in every aspect of time.
As you are a small company and want to motivated them
1. Keep weekly or monthly reward of Rs 500/- for the best employee
2. Keep some indoor games in the canteen like carrom board and if videogame.
3. Can plan Days in office which we use to have in colleges.
4. See the requirement of your employees first.
Thanks & Regards
Farha Sayyed
ACME Excellence
5th October 2012 From India, Pune
Dear Kavita ji,
Here are few of my suggestions:
1. Personal care for each regarding work or their personal issues
2. Tell them they can learn/grow/explore more in small companies when compared to big companies
3. Outings with some agenda of learning pg/social service...
4. If more financial funds are there, give incentives or some valuable gifts often.
5.Involve them in decision making while giving tasks so they will be more responsible
6. Welcome new innovative and implement and compliment the best ones.
7. Early grievance readdress
6th October 2012 From India, New Delhi
very good idea thanks a lot for sharing
31st October 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear All
++++++++++++++ Thanks for your inputs. Wish a happy and prosperous festival of lights, DIWALI +++++++++++++
5th November 2018 From India, New Delhi
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