Hi, I would like to get some good innovative ideas for carrying out some activities in my organisation for employees. Request you all to suggest me some good ides which are not so time consuming, more refreshing and with a minimum budget....
Sneha Goud

From India, Mumbai

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Hi Friend,

IF you want to improve and implement new systems then here is what you can do :

Employee recognition : Spot Awards, Annual Achievement awards, Outstanding performance award, Best Employee award etc. A scanned copy of letter of appreciation along with their photos should be displayed in the notice board. The letter should excel their achievements, i.e how different are they from others? On what grounds were they nominated? How could they serve as role model for other employees....

Together WE - In-house magazine : Once in a quarter these magazines gives a snapshot as to what is happening in their company which includes sharing Company growth, Management Objectives, Customer satisfaction, List of new customer sign-up, Sales review, Customer delivery and feedback, Partnership details, Up coming projects etc. The company also prints the contributions given by the employees such as Motivation stories, Paintings, Poetry, Riddles, Jokes, Technology related articles, Safety and Health related ppt, Nature photographs taken by employees etc.

Reach US : Its a online forum that is available in intranet site of that particular company where employees can post their issues related to work, work environment, HR Policies, Training needs etc. Once in a month HR head along with their executives will have a open meeting with the employees (without mentioning the name of the employee) to resolve it then and there.

Quality Session Meeting : Department wise team meet will be conducted by HR where in which each employee comes up with new ideas and concepts to improve the Quality of work, also how to deliver the same on time, how to reach out for customer satisfaction, technology growth, significance of team work, knowledge on advanced technologies etc., At the end of the meet, department head nominates a employee and gifts him a prize for his innovative and creativeness

Chat : Internal chat will be provided for employees – Easy way to communicate.

An Idea : Its an online forum in the intranet where employees can share their ideas and views on celebrating Annual day function, Kick – off party, Festivals, Get-together day, Birthdays etc. For every best and unique idea there will be a surprising gift.(Movie tickets, team out, team lunch, chocolates, An official day off etc.)

We care : HR should conduct Free Health Check-up for all employees once in a year as well as should call in Doctors/ Psychiatrist for seminars on various topics chosen by employees via poll. Blood donation camps can also be arranged as a part of social service.

Quote for the day : This is done department wise. Any one employee from each department should write a quote on their white board. HR should decide the best quote for the day. The department that gets the highest points for the month would be offered a gift. Gift is again based on the number of points that they accumulate (Hats, Shirts, Coffee mugs etc. with Company logo)

If you want to conduct some cultural programs on a eve then here you go :

First divide your employees into 4teams. Name them seperately. Choose a leader for each team. For evey event one person per team is allowed. The maximum number of awards won by a team will be the best team for 2011 - Cultural activities wise

1. Rangoli - Give them a concept and their rangoli should reflect it.

2. Traditional dress contest - One male and one female from each team should participate

3. Burst the ballons - the one who bursts maximum ballons in a minute will be winner. Please note that they should fill the air and then burst the ballons.

4. Facial - Take a plate. Fill that plate with glucose and grapes. The one who picks the maximum number of grapes using their mouth is the winner. Note : Tie their hands and at a time only one grape piece to be picked up.

5. Dance competition - Any dance they prefer.

6. Dhum sharods - Its like a mime show. Let a member pick a paper from the bowl that they have. One person from each team should come forward and read the content in the paper. He/she should make their team members understand what is there in the paper via actions alone. If team members get what their team member was trying to tell then that team wins a point.

7. Hit the pot - Tie a pot with color paper and every member from a team should hit the pot within 3 strokes.

8. Poetry corner - Best poetry will be awarded

9. Cat walk - One member from each team is allowed.

10. Anthakshari - Singing songs starting with the last letter of the song.

11. Hunt - Hide a piece of gift somewhere in the party hall. It belongs to the one who finds it.

12. 1minute - The one who eats as many biscuits in one minute will be the winner.

13. My story - Let each member from every team describe their daily activities right from they wake up till they sleep with actions alone. The best one will get the prize.

14. Humour session - Best joke of the day.

15. An reflection - Choose 4employees in your company. Announce their names. Each participant from every team should come and imitate any one of the 4choosen names - More than one is also allowed. Awards goes to the best imitator.

If you want to gift something on an employee Birthday / Wedding then here you go :
  • Give half of his/her basic pay as gift.
  • Paid leave for a week for wedding and paid leave for 1day on birthday.
  • Painting pic of the couple. Get it framed - They will love it. For a Birthday give him/her a card and chocolates.
  • Give them a gift voucher - They will enjoy shopping. You can do the same for Birthday.
  • Decorate his/her work place and welcome him/her with sweets and flowers. Arrange for a surprise party and its up to you to decide on how to conduct the party.
  • Arrange for a small Cake cutting party for the couple at your cafeteria. Pick the best picture and gift it to them in a large beautiful photoframe. Don't forget to get everyone's autograph on backside of the frame.
  • Sponser for a candle light dinner.
  • A small holiday trip to the nearby resort.
  • Branded Wrist Watch to the couple.
  • Movie Tickets
If you want to change the look of your company then you can implement these :
  • Placing money plants in all the corners of our office.
  • (OR) Placing a fish tank in the main hall such that its visible to all.
  • Colorful pen stand in every desk. It consists of a pen, pencil and eraser.
  • Beautiful flower vases here and there in the hall / Wall - Either plastic flowers or original ones
  • Cute Coffee Mugs each to every employee - They can have tea in their own cups instead of having it in paper cups.
  • Nice water bottles to every employee. They can fill water and place it in their table instead of running to the water area 10times in a day to drink water.
  • Providing table mats for their lunch. In such a way they dont spill food on the table.
  • Colorful curtains for windows.
If you want to celebrate Independence day or Republic day then here is what you can do :
  • Flag Hoisting
  • Give chocolates to everyone.
  • (OR) Small gifts to all.
  • (OR) Small flags
  • (OR) Pen to everyone.
  • (OR) Sweets
  • (OR) Conduct lucky draw - The one who wins will get a gift.
  • Traditional dress contest
  • Essay competition on Republic day / Independence day
  • Presentation on importance and significance of Republic day / Independence day
  • Decorating their own desks
  • Rangoli competition
  • Debate on a particular topic
  • 1minute game
  • Singing (OR) Dancing competition
  • Snacks distribution
If you want to do something on a daily basis then you can do this :
  • Quarterly take your employees for a picnic or movie
  • Everyday write something on the white board like Quotes+Humour+Home remedies+Riddle etc.. Encourage your employees to participate in it.
  • Order some useful magazines, Books and Newspapers.
  • Send Motivational emails to employees every week.
  • Call everyone for Quality session meeting. Conduct this every month to solve their queries. Provide tea and biscuits to everyone.
  • Once in a while arrange for Team lunch
  • Send Birthday/Wedding day wishes via email. Welcome them with flowers.
  • Arrange for a small get-together.
  • Celebrate Festivals, Birthday, Wedding day, Annual day functions etc.
  • Gallery : Post employee pictures taken during tours, lunch, team lunch, Festivals, birthdays etc.
  • Value employee contributions via awards and rewards system
  • Arrange for a polling session before you initiate any new process in your company. Probably this will help you to understand the mindset of your employees.
  • Always seek employee suggestions if you want to do something but make sure that either the HR or the Management takes the final decision.
  • Give surprises. Everyone likes it.
Hope this is of some use to you. Have a good day ahead.

- Babu

From India, Madras
Hello Babu,
Your ideas are very good. I would like to improve my self in Core HR activities with IQ and with a sequence. I am working as HR - executive in a manufacturing company. I look after mainly Housekeeping activities, Pest control, Joining formalities and general admin activities. I would like to have knowledge on Recruitment- How to interview the candidate and on what norms the candidate is to be selected. I what to know the Psychology of the people and involve in the statutory activities and as well as improve my art of mailing.

From India, Hyderabad

There are many ways to boost employee engagement, attain higher productivity and bring out a happier business culture - without money. Below are proven ways that you can refer to.

1. Make work fun

Working day doesn’t have to be monotonous for a successful business. In some places, meeting deadlines or doing the work itself is really stressful enough. A little fun will make the day more enjoyable. That, in turn, makes it easier to come to work.

2. Extra time off

Often, time off is a strong motivator. Hold contests and let your employees compete for extra time off (extra half hour off, etc.). Let the winner choose when they would like to take that time off – for example, turn up late at work, leave early, or have longer lunch hour. For some firms, they set team goals and let everyone leave early when the goals are reached.

3. Create a sense of unity

Spending 8 hours per day with colleagues tends to develop a feeling of family. A strong employer can develop this with some changes – for example, picture of all the workers in a prominent place. Also, occasional company-wide social gatherings (Halloween or Christmas parties) can bond people together. Another nice idea is creating such clubs as ‘Cookie Club’ where different workers sign up to, once a week, bring in homemade baked good. You will be surprised at how fast your employees bond when food is involved.

4. Create a positive working environment

Many studies have pointed out that work quality is associated with employee’s surroundings. A filing space, comfortable chair, necessary office supplies, a few plants and the like can considerably improve your workers’ productivity levels as well as overall morale. Survey your staff’s working conditions with an unbiased eye. What changes can you make to better their productivity? Those minor infrastructure expenses can prove nothing next to turnover costs.

5. Give ample face time

A strong employer is the one who has time to effectively listen to their employees, even if it is only for 5 minutes. Providing your employees with ‘face time’ shows your care. That time can be spent for employee development or just taking some minutes to listen to their concerns, feedbacks or other comments. Spending some minutes of your day with one of your high performers can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

6. Job titles

When you consider a job title for a worker, be creative. Ask your employees to give you their input for the correct tile for a job. The right title is significant and enables a person to be proud of their position at the firm.

7. Connect their work to higher purposes

To capture your employees’ hearts and minds, you must help them seize how their specific job impacts the end product or service. Also, on their onboarding process, rather, on their first day of working, let them know about the corporate missions, vision and values and how their work contributes to the company’s growth.

8. Give them control over their work

Employees want to have control over their work. As you give them such autonomy, they feel they are trusted and try not to fail your trust. Meanwhile, be friendly and available to give them advice and encouragement so that they can keep on the right track and accomplish their tasks.

9. Facilitate progress by removing obstacles

What happens on a great working day? In a study implemented by Harvard researchers, more than 12,000 work diary entries were studied to find out what happened in an employee’s daily work life that was important in the highest levels of creative output and work satisfaction.

The most common event that triggered the best working day was reported to be any progress made by individuals or by their team. Every a humble step forward counted. How about the most common event that triggered the worst working day? It’s a setback.

Does your company have old-fashioned policies and procedures, labor disputes, or workers who don’t have tools and resources they need to do their job? To boost your employee engagement and emotional commitment, you have no choice but to remove those obstacles to success and make sure your workers can make progress in their everyday work.

10. Celebrate successes whether big or small

We tend to focus celebrations of work success at big events – for example, achieving record performance, launching new products, landing new customers, or hitting the year-end results. Those are important reasons to celebrate. Still, why not celebrate many steps along the way that are successfully completed by workers to achieve those great victories? Are your leaders trained and encouraged to watch for and give those recognitions?

Indeed, acknowledging employees’ achievements can raise business morale. As employees understand their work will be acknowledged, they get to perceive that they are valued. A valued worker is a happy worker, and thereby a productive worker. A simple thank-you, high-five, a little pat on the back or personal note can go a long way to raising your workers’ emotional commitment.

For those who interested in the link between money and employee engagement, read more at 10 Practical Ways to Buy Employee Engagement without Money

Hope this helps.

From Vietnam, Hanoi

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