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Hi People
Can you let me know what are the careers that could be opted when we are choosing MA Social work and what are the opportunities that are available when I complete the course
Thanks in Advance

From India, Madras
Legal Analyst, Hrm
Management Training
Labour Laws
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Hi there..I am a qualified social worker in the UK and practiced for about 15 years. Now I work in HR. There is a huge shortage of social workers in the UK. We are having social workers coming in from all over the world to work in the UK. You need to find out whether your qualifications in social work from India are recognised in the UK.
We cover a fair bit on Child care legislation here while we are at the university.

From United Kingdom, Nottingham
hello, i have completed my MSW from Vinayak Missions University,Tamilnadu.
How would i confirm that my degree is valid at UK or not.
wouls u please be kind enough to let me know the procedure of validity of any degree

From India, Bhubaneswar
Please give me detail of distance lerning course in MSW in medical psychetric or Ma in medical psychetric. Please help With Regards, Jitendra Singh
From India, Ahmadabad
I have done Masters of social work from M.S.University of Baroda...!
This is one good course to do..! And there are some good colleges for it..!
Best institutes in india for this course are;
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai;
Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai;
Faculty of Social Work, M.S.University, Baroda;
Delhi University..!
Indore school of social work...!
I am right now working in HR Field..! you can develop your career in HR, Medical and Psychiatric social work, corporate social responsibility, development sector, etc.
Mayur Parmar..!

From India, Mumbai

You need to get in touch with Niace in Leicester.
email them on
Tel. 0044-116 204 4200
Hope it works out for you. I must stress that the social work courses here are very Child card legislation/ Child Care Act led here in the UK

From United Kingdom, Nottingham
Hello Mnarayan,

First I would like to congratulate you for your choice of pursuing MA in Social Work.

There are loads and loads of opportunities out there, not just in India but all over the world, with the recent shift in focus on human rights and sustainable development. There are enough jobs for an MSW pass out, if job is your sole criteria for studying the subject in the first place.

There are several specializations being offered such as Human Resource Management (HRM), Community Development, Medical and Social Psychology, Mother and Child Development, Corrective Social Work (something to do with Social Work in Prisons), etc. all of these again have further sub divisions/ specializations. Depending on your specialization you can get good jobs in Industries, Community Development Works, Hospitals, to name just a few. But specialization do not determine every thing and you can always go for job rotations if have a knack for change and novelty.

All of these said and done, I would suggest you to just think over certain issues:

1.Why have you chosen MSW and not just any other course? Finding a definite answer for this question would do you immense good. MSW will land you with a good job but to continue with a job in the development sector you need certain inner drives most important of which is to be passionate about your work and a firm belief in the worth of wht you are doing.

2. It is important to keep in mind that just studying MSW does not make a man a social worker. Feel the conviction within to fight the injustice without, because at the end of the day, job satisfaction would be more important to you than the salary drawn.

3. Lastly, in whatever you do, do it with integrity. Be true to yourself, and everything else will fall in place.

4. And, lastly a practical advice, knowledge of computers and good grasp over English is very essential.

Am sorry if I have bored you with this long lecture but couldnt help it. I dont usually see people around me in Kolkata studying or even knowing about MSW which is kind of sad, and so here i am going bla bla bla:-))

Wish you all the best,

Dona (I passed out from CSRD-ISWR at Ahmadnagar last year and am working with International Justice Mission at present, in case you are wondering who am I).

From India, Calcutta
If you are creative and love writing stuffs, there's lot of documentation and communication work that go on in NGOs and hence several jobs in communication.
Also you can go for the Govt. civil service exams and be in government service.

From India, Calcutta

Hi Narayan,

You may like to go through following details, as extracted from TimesJobs. Probably this may help you a lot:

Social Work

At A Glance
The Social Work profession promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships, and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance their independence and happiness. If you are willing to be a partner, negotiator, supporter, communicator, re-framer, confronter and reflector and if you feel a great deal of compassion towards social issues, then this can be an excellent career option for you.

Social work is not just about doing good deeds and helping the under-privileged. Over a period of time, it has evolved into a profession. Correctly it is not a ‘conventional’ career. But with issues of disability, drug misuse, poverty, mental ill health, problems associated with aging etc. rising constantly, social work has become a vital need of our society today. If you are willing to take up a profession for emotional fulfillment and if your purpose of working is not just financial, this would be the ideal career for you.
  • The Work
    Social work is all about determining people's social, economic and emotional problems. Social workers work towards the solutions of these problems through counseling, arranging conferences, increasing resources, spreading public awareness and starting social programs and health services. Assessing and treating, mental health and emotional problems is also the job of a social worker. Social work offers diverse opportunities because every individual and society deal with different kinds of problems.
    • Clinical Social Work: Social workers who venture into this field can work in psychological and mental health care settings or large companies. Their job involves psychotherapy and counseling.
    • School Social Work: This job involves providing emotional help and problem-solving to prevent family and school breakdown. Counseling the children, home visits, family assessments, making referrals to locality teams etc. is all a part of this job. Discussing and educating on issues like drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sex-related problems and diseases is also the job of a school social worker.
    • Psychiatric Social Work: Psychiatric social workers work with disturbed children and teenagers with behavioral problems. They assess and diagnose their problems and help in facilitating a treatment process.
    • Criminology and Correctional Social Work: Social Work in remand homes and prisons to prevent crimes and anti-social behavior is also carried out by social workers. Crime prevention programs are also started by social workers.
    • Medical Social Work: Social workers who venture into this area, help patients and their families in coping with stress and other personal and economic problems. Any hindrances that restrain recovery are dealt with by Medical Social Workers. Services for home care after discharge from the hospital, economic help for poor patients and long term care facilities are all provided by them. Also, they help health professionals in treating the patients by providing them with information concerning the social, emotional and economic status of the patient.
    • Community Organisation: Social workers work towards solutions to problems of specific communities. They deal with problems like lack of housing, unemployment , local services etc. They help in distribution of resources and implementing social policies.
    • Research: Social workers carry out social research to determine solutions to problems like poverty and homelessness. They also research on the causes of social problems and the effectiveness of agencies.
    • Industrial Social Work: Social workers help ensuring labour welfare in industries and commercial units.
    • Social workers also help people with mental health problems, marriage issues, substance abuse and dealing with diseases like HIV/Aids.
  • What it takes?
    Interest in the psychological and emotional side of people's behavior, sensitivity, patience and persistence are a few of the characteristics that you must possess to be in this field. You need to have idealism to make a difference to the lives of individuals, the courage to make a positive decision to do a job that contributes to the society, the need to feel proud of your contribution and stimulating role and most importantly personal fulfillment. Also you need to treat everyone as equals and you can not hold a bias or prejudice against any section of the society.
  • Where to study?
    You can undertake a two year course [MSW-MA] at the post-graduate level after completing your graduation in any subject. Graduates with a degree in sociology or a social science subject get higher preference. Admission is based on an entrance test which tests your mental ability and general awareness. The interview conducted in the next stage is to test your speaking skills and to understand your reasons for taking up this profession.
    The well-known institutes that you can apply to are listed below:-
    • Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi 221002
      B.A, M.A.
    • University of Delhi, Delhi 110007
    • Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025
    • Gujarat Vidyapeth, Ahmedabad 380014
      M.A. M.S.W.
    • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deomar, Bombay 400088
    • Andhra University, Waltair 530003
    • Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati 517502
    • Mangalore University, Univ Campus, Mangalagangothri 574199
    • University of Madras, Chennai 600005
      B.A. M.A. M.S.W.
  • Top Organizations
    United Nations agencies like UNESCO and UNICEF, NGOs like Cini Asha and Balwadi and Governmental agencies like Labour Bureau and Department of Rural Development.
A social worker works towards the interests of the community and ensures that its most susceptible/vulnerable citizens receive protection and care in the most responsive way possible. Can any job be more fulfilling than this one?

From India, Delhi

I would like to have an practical idea on how to generate the income to support the organization who works in the field of social services based only on the donations??. How would the organization generate the extra income for its sustainability without hampering its norms and values.??? with adding its value also
Please reply this helps a lot
Thank you

From Nepal, Kathmandu
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