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Dear All, Please help me out in sending cancellation of Offer Letter,please forward me the format. Regards
From India, Gurgaon
Hi, For the clarification. please send the reason for cancelling the "Offer Letter", based on that I will send you back the format of Cancellation of Offer Letter.
From India, Pune
Dear HR Professionals,
Please help me on this. We have selected a candidates for a position in our organization and issued offer letter (soft copy) also. Now the situation is that we should hold/cancel her offer letter due to some other reasons.
Please share one Job Offer Cancellation/Hold Mail or letter with me which should not hurt the candidate.
Awaiting your support.
From India, Gurgaon
If the candidate has not accepted the offer letter within stipulated time of 7 days of receipt of the same , do we need to send the cancellation letter. if yes what will be the format?
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Vbhimrao, Incorporate a clause of " Nonacceptance withinn 7 days " if the candidate fails to convey his acceptance within 07 days then the offer will automatically be withdrawn.
From India, Pune
What if the candidate is not accepting the offer since he is demanding a package hike.....and the org cannot offer the same.....he has wasted our time as well, how do we inform that to the candidate.
From India, Pune
Dear Disha
you can simply the reason whatever you have mentioned in your post and inform the candidate that his offer is stands cancelled / put on hold for some time period and as and when the requirement arises the candidate will be issued with a fresh offer letter.
You can ask apology for the cancellation of offer of employment in the letter itself.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear All Contributor
If any one issued to offer letter to some one and if
1.After acceptance of ur offer letter if he resign the current organization. on the base of ur offer?
2. If he demand the claim for his damage on the base of ur offer letter?
So that practice is harm full for human
please contribute ur view
From India, New Delhi
It is elementary!
An "offer" is a statement of "willingness". Unless it is "accepted" the "Appointment" cannot be made.
Therefore if a candidate resigns his present employment BEFORE "accepting" and/or receiving "Appointment" assurance or the actual Appointment Letter, it is his problem and not that of the new (would be) employer. There will be no damages claimable or payable at all!
It is well known as principle of a "Contract" that for a contract to be enforceable three things must be present. Offer, Acceptance and Consideration. These come from the Indian Contract Act. Check if these three elements were present explicitly in the example you have stated and you will get the answer yourself easily!
August 21, 2012
From India, Pune
Here I am apprecaite the valuable reply of samvedan
01. it is not good for any organization to issue offer letter and cancle after candidate acceptance.
02. And other you said that
contract have three part
offer (by organization)
acceptance ( By Candidate)
Consideration ( How can consideration without join and without take joining by organization)
I can understand that without consideration contract is voidable but here not fully void
than consideration required to joining if candidate reach there for joining and employer refused to take, when who will be responsible for break the contract
I want to some other view of my senior and great contributor
From India, New Delhi
Dear Rajeshwari, Give me clarification or reason for cancelling the "Offer Letter", based on that Seniors will send you helpfull information. Somany visits are here but no replys...
From India, Bangalore

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