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i have got job in a company as hr generalist in a company which is into civil services project management and also i have another offer for ITrecruiter/admin in a ERP solutions company . please anyone suggest me which is the better option . pls pls pls i am in a big dilemma pls leave a reply
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what is ur interest and experience (if any), compare ur job profile, scope, payment and convienience as well as compare company profile, scope in that company, their existance in the market etc.
hey, as per my opinion u should go 4 genaralist role in the civil project report........but consider the comparison of both company......
both companies are at the stage of growth... whch is the better industry for career purpose, is it ERP solutions or project management
It purely depends on nature of company , working atmosphere & HR Set up / Internal Systems.
IF you think the above factors is more or less similar with both companies , evaluate within, which profile will suit you more, will give more exposure and opportunity to learn and achieve your career objective.
As a generalist you will learn about the end to end process of HR and get exposed to entire spectrum of activities.
As a IT Recruiter / Admin you will confine yourself to a small part of HR process. As a recruiter you will be sourcing the resumes from the job portals, tele calling and fixing the interviews.
If the civil services project company offers you a better pay & better workplace, don hesitate go ahead with it .
as a generalist you ll have to put your hands on recruitment, training and development, payroll admin... n all sorts... if u r willing to play this multiple role just go ahead with that... or if u want to make your career profile very specialized opt recruitment..
An oportunity int oHR generalist role is not so easy when compared t oa recruiter role. But, to excel in HR Generalist role, one should be competent enough to analyse and execute all the situations that might arise during the due course.
It paves way towards the overall exposure and to be in the deciding role.
So if you are passionate towards it, then just go ahead else.. think about recruitments.
Hi well I agree with Yaasmin but one more thing i wanna tell you that you need to understand what you want and also, as you said that you got a job as a HR Generalist, guess you know the scope, value and area of HR and well familiar with the functions of HR thn why you wanna go with this IT sector or say IT recruiter job where you will not find too much scope and career oprotunities like you can get with Non-IT jobs..See if you really wanna go with Core HR and not wanna go with only recruitment and so on, you must not go with this IT recruiter/ERP Admin job.

You must understand that HRM is a major management activity, while the HRD is a profession which includes broader range of activities to develop personnel inside of organizations and the most importantly these activities are almost same wherever you go with any industry whether the Garment Export, Auto/Manufacturing/ IT and EPC and your work remain the same but yes the environment/nature of work of Industry are different thn others. Let me tell you one more thing that you will find more scope, better career options and a strong knowledge of HR by going with this HR Generalist job.

And about Admin job or ERP, there is no need to go with it and, you may go for the SAP-HR course which will enhance your HR skill and give you more and more to develop your career and towards goals...

Just bcz of one or two things or they posbly are offering you a great package, i dont think it is good to change and also with this HR, one need to have strong knowledge of the function and good experience as i mentioned above which you can have by going with this HR Generalish Job only.

Best of Luck
I am working with construction company for last three years, u r requested please not to go for construction company at all. It will ruin your career. Go for IT company.

See if you can take something from my experience.. After finishing full time MBA in 2009, I joined a small ITES co as HR generalist in Chennai for a very basic pay. Now with 13 months of experience, I'm looking for a change & attended many interviews. What i found out is
1) One will have a higher pay package in a recruitment profile than a generalist profile in a 1-3 year time frame (especially if start off with a small -mid sized co)
2) U will learn a little bit of everything in HR Generalist profile, but if the attrition is higher in your co, then most probably you will be focusing on recruitment.
3) When you attend interviews in 1-2 years for any HR profile, you will be competing with 3 types: candidates who are generalist like you, specialists in a particular domain, internal job posting within the co from recruitment to generalist role.

The two options in front of you is:
1) Join as a recruiter, earn good money, shift to a well established co with 2-3 years of experience where if you are lucky, will get placed in a generalist role through job transfer in some future date, or if not, will be promoted to lead recruitment & to recruitment manager(based on performance, of course). Opt for this if you want to get settled in life quickly.
2) Join as a HR generalist, gain 2-3 years experience, while keep updating your HR knowledge.. The path of a HR generalist is slow but steady.. so dont expect any quick fixes.

Choose wisely.. All the best & of course, keep us updated :)

Benito M
Hello pushpananjundaiah,
I fully agree with Benito.
Basically it all depends on WHAT you want from your career AND in WHICH DIRECTION you want it to take AND at what pace you want to move 2-3 or 5-6 yrs from now.
In such issues there's nothing called a 'perfect' choice/decision. It all depends on the individual's priorities. And also keep in mind what YOUR CORE STRENGTHS are--all may not be suitable for a Generalist HR role--however much attractive that might look from the sidelines. And the same applies to the recruiter's role too. Choose a role/job where your core/inherent strengths are used & your limitations don't become the stumbling block.
All the Best.
Hi, according to me , u should go for ITrecruiter/admin in a ERP solutions . coz its time of IT so, in the same or another co , u wil get more chances to grow up
HR GEneralist is anytime better, forget about the money and all, you’ll get a huge exposure.
Mr. Sandeep Iím also from a leading EPC (MNC) company and have also worked with Auto Manufacturing and IT industries and I found what is important is to work not nature of industry and with my 5-6 years of experience, Iíve learned many things and one thing I must say that there we need to understand the work of HRD and their functions and what is HRM where there is no much difference between the Industries but the style and system of work.

Furthermore, we must understand the work of a HR Generalist where we have to work on every function of HR and as far as we all know the functions and activities of HR remain the same in every Industry.
And there is nothing like one who will work with Construction company will ruin his/her career of there is no professional growth and further opportunities ...
I am not agree with you.

Dear Pushpa

The exposure you get from HR Generalist from other sector is much higher than in an IT organisation. HR in IT will be more confined to Recruitment, very few cases extended to other areas in HR. IF you are looking at a good recruiter role , IT would be the best option. But if you are looking at HR as a Wholesome role HR generalist would be the best option. Its always easy to get into IT from other sectors, but from IT getting into other Sector as an HR is very diffidcult. This is my self exeprience and i have worked as a recruiter for 3 years, hence i have seen no Manfacturing company or any other Industry prefering HR profeesionals from IT industry because the exposure would be less.

After putting in some 5+ years of experience as a HR generalist, it is easy to switch over even to IT industry, incase if you get SAP implementation exposure in your own company. Also you can become a Functional Consultant by learning SAP in parallel.

Wishing you a Wonderful career in HR.


Dear All,
Small Addition to What Mr. K J Mehta has opined.
Kindly be informed that the IT / ITES allied industries have reached a saturation level in terms of growth and expansion in India. Alarmed growth was in the previous decades, such levels are not expected or will get repeated in the future.
As far as Construction / Manufacturing is concerned, it is poised for huge expansion and contains high market potential. It is expected to attract large number of customers and create abundant employment opportunities.
Going by the statistics & industry reports , it is advisable for you to take up the career as a HR Generalist in a Civil Project (Manufacturing /Construction) Company
HR Generalist is better................................................................................................... Rafeeq
First of all picture yourself, who you are u and what kind of work do u really like, for eg: u like to go among employees and passionate to mingle with people u can go head with Hr generalist role, otherwise take computerized job.
Go for generalist profile as you will get exposure in Recruitment as well as other many functions of HR & in recruitment you will only get the exposure in sourcing nothing else & its always better to work in corporate then consultancy for better growth
Jalpa Mehta
Hi Pushpa,
Even i would suggest you to opt for HR generalist in Project Mgmt company as myself im working as a Projector co-ordinator and there are new projects up coming so there are no of opportunities and appraisals . so i would ask u to opt for this..... All the Best.
with your feeling in this mail, my suggestion is go for civil services project management. due to now it position is down. so my suggestion go for civil services project job.
i have got job in a company as hr generalist in a company which is into civil services project management and also i have another offer for ITrecruiter/admin in a ERP solutions company . please anyone suggest me which is the better option . pls pls pls i am in a big dilema pls leave a reply[/QUOTE]
Hi Pushpa,
First, I would like to congratulate you.
According to me you should take up HR- Generalist role, as it gives you more exposure
Go fo it,
1. even though your pay pack might be less initially
2.If you are in junior cadre ,this traning and exposure will be immense to your intellectual growth and more over you will covering recruitment aspect also
3. Your career graph will be more easier to climb up.
4. your might loose on incentive part which usually recruiters might earn
Think twice....... Good Luck
Dear Senior I want to prepare the Hr Manuals for my company.. can u mail me the format for the same? Regard Reema
Dear Pushp,
I would only like to suggest you to go for Generalist profile.Please keep this in mind... Recruitment is one function of HR which you will be specialized into going to ERP solutions. But if you go for generalist profile, you will get to know about every functions of HR, where you will be called as specialized in every function. Go for the best where you wish to make your career.
Listen to your heart silently, and take decision.
Alternately, you can have a few evaluation criteria-
1. Scale/History of the organization - 40 points
e.g. Very large IT company vs small scale civil construction
Huge civil construction company vs very small IT company
2. Pay package - 20 points
e.g. Large pay in a small company vs small pay in large company
3. Family likes - 20 points
4. Job description (Role) - 20 points
you can add many more.....
Hey Hi, Will U plz Tell Me What is actually role of Hr generalist.PLZ help me i am doing MBA (HR)
I my opinion and experience you must go for the first option that is Generalist profile.Because it will give you a good exposure in HR profile as well as in industry type. Good Luck and have faith.....
thanx a lot frneds for your valuable suggestions, i joined civil services as a hr generalist from 2day. wish me gudluck . thanx a lot.
Welcome to the world of HR generalists Pushpa. Ha ha.. yeah you will feel idle most of the time. In HR, you wont have much work to do if you wait for work to fall on your lap. Take initiative, speak with management about pressing employee issues, chalk out an action plan, get approval form senior management & implement HR practices.. thats the way you will grow professionally.
Hi Pushpa
Any Organisation you join the initial one month would be like that. You need to get to know thier processes, Organisational Sturcture, the Business model etc. Only then you will slowly get into small transactions and subsequently you will be made incharge of a particular process handling.
hence Enjoy your these leisure period in uinderdtnading about the organisation.
That will help a lot.
All the best.
lakshmi Ganesh
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