I have read that the basic four stages/ steps are
1: Assessment of the job
2: Attracting applicants
3: Placement and follow up
4: Analysis of the application
But I did not know the detail. Please someone tell me the detail. I shall be thankful to you.
30th August 2005 From Pakistan, Peshawar

Khalid Ss
Hr Manager

stages of recruitment
analyse a job
assign responsibilities to a job and assign a salary/wage
advertise the job in newspapers with time frame of closing date
receive applications of that job from individiuals
record the application
select at least 6 candidates that qualify
select 4 people to sit as panel members
conduct interviews
select the best candidate
offer employment with wages and benefits
induction takes place for the new person to know procedures and policies of the firm
hope it will assist
12th September 2005
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