I am Divya Kishore working with Jindal Steel as a managemnt trainee. Can anyone help me with some training games on "Time Management" as I have been asked to provide training on this topic and i am asked to prepare the module in just 3 days.
Also, as I am deputed at factory, I have been asked to organize some activities that can make plant life even more lively.
So, please suggest me such activities.
My Email ID is '[email protected]'

From China
Hi Divya, I have some questinaire on Time Management. If you want I will forward them. Looking forward to your reply. Shanti Rekha
From India, Mumbai
Dear All, I also have an Questionnaire, Kindly see if it is useful for you...............
From India, Delhi

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Hi Shanti Thanks for the Questionaire...........It was really helpful............Please do let me know if ever you require anything anytime. Bye Divya
From China
Hi Divya,
Check out this link..
It is an interesting tool and can be modified to suit your training session...

From India, Mumbai
Dear Dhivya,


I have send some Time Management Games to ur mail id. Please do check. I am once again posting the same



This exercise makes it easy for leaders of other teams to come together as a group

For the purpose of updating one another on recent developments in their own work groups.

The exchange is a way to break the ice in a team-building session without requiring people to expose themselves beyond their individual comfort level.


You will need one of the “ Team starter Worksheet” for each participant. Each participant will need a pen or pencil for completing the worksheet.


Introduce the exercise by pointing out that the press of business sometimes makes it difficult to keep up with one another and that at the beginning of this session it is important to know what everyone’s expectations are.

Inform the participants that their goal will be to update one another when necessary on recent developments in their respective work situations.

Give everyone a copy of the Worksheet and instruct them to take about five minutes to complete it. Ask them to work quietly and to remain quiet until everyone has finished.

When all have finished ask each participant to read his/her responses aloud. After each person finishes, ask the rest of the group members to summarize what were said by that person.

5. Ask the group members what themes they heard. Then ask whether or not there are things that surfaced during this disclosure that will need the attention of the group during this team-building session.


Make a transition statement that will lead into the next activity. For example: “ now that we’ve heard what is going on with each of the group members, let’s turn our attention to how this team-building session can help is to support one another during the rest of this session and in the future.”

Time Required

30 minutes


Seated place


Hand out copies of any of the following "IQ Tests". Each block represents a well known phrase or saying. You may divide a large group to teams of three or four. Give a time limit. The team with the most correct answers wins.

PLASMA - H2O - Blood is thicker than water

Arrest You're - You're under arrest

HIGH CLOUDS - High above the clouds

1 3 5 7 9 WHELMING - Overwhelming odds

PICT RES - You ought to be in the pictures

Head/ache - Splitting headache

EMPLOY T - Men out of employment

LESODUB TENNIS - Mixed doubles tennis

KJUSTK - Just in “Ks”

WRitING - Put it in writing

LOV - Endless love

T RN - No U Turn

24 Hours - Call it a day

B ILL ED - Ill in bed

PETS A - A Step Backward

Gettingitall - Getting it all together

1 T 3 4 5 6 - Tea for two


A READ AND DO TESTS Time Limit: 3 min.

Read all that follows before doing anything:

1. Write your name in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

2. Circle the word "corner" in sentence two.

3. Draw five small squares in upper left hand corner of this page.

4. Put an "X" on each square.

5. Put a circle around each square.

6. Sign your name under line 5.

7. After your name, write "yes, yes, yes".

8. Put a circle around number 7.

9. Put an "X" in the lower-left-hand corner of this page.

10. Draw a triangle around the "X" you just made.

11. Call out your first name when you get to this point.

12. On the reverse side of this paper add 6950 and 9805.

13. Put a circle around your answer.

14. Now that you have finished reading carefully, do only number 1 and 2.

Hope this help u ...


John N

From India, Madras
you could check the following link and find somethings which might be of interest to you:

From India, New Delhi
We are a leading consultant in Bangalore. If you want some help you can contact me on +919986924598.

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Thanks a Lot !
It's a really very useful Questionnaire, so far as Time Management improvement is concerned ! If u have some other such useful Training / self development materials for HR trainers, please let me know at
Pankaj Sinha,

From India, Delhi
Hello Everybody,
I am from Ahmedabad. i have done Mater of Labour Welfare, and presently working in pvt ltd Office Secratery, it is new opening co. and i would like to get suggestions for getting better team in sales, Accountant, HR.
So. please guide me what should i do first

From India, Ahmadabad

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