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Dear All I want your opinion regarding when labour inspector demand for bribe so, How should we resolve that issue when our compliance document is perfet?
7th January 2011 From India, Delhi
Dear Nadal06

Never make any complaint to anyone, if you and your company wants to be in Construction Field.

Please take him to some good hotel feed him and bargain and then pay it out and clear the issue.

Eventhough you maintain the records perfectly, if the labour inspector wishes to fix you he is having so many ways to fix you and so many ways to help you.

Is the Toilet facility adequate, Is canteen facility available, Is the water supplied by you is pottable, Where is your creach, like these so many question you cannot adeopt as per the statutory requirement.

He will simply come to your site; enquire 7 or 8 labourers about their wages, obtain the sign from them and he will simply go away from site. One fine day you will receive the summon from court stating that you have made underpayment to your workmen. Your workmen strength is 1000 perday you have to make Rs. 238000/- but as per the enquiry you have paid only 130000/- left is Rs 108000/- per day. Your site is running since 18 months Hence Rs108000/- * 26 days * 18 months = ______ please deposite with Labour court. like this you will receive the summon. Think what will be your position in your company, outside, Labour Court trips, Lawyer fees, your peace of mind, your disturbed mind will obviously effect your family and children.

Think and put up the matter with your management and clear by throwing some bone to the dogs.

With warm regards

S. Bhaskar

8th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Pradeep Yadav
If you pay the escalated rate of bribe evenafter filing the case and pending with labour court, (here the labour inspector need not to go to court) he will guide you how to get escape from the case also.
He will tell you to submit for providing food to the worker costing around ____ rupees, Advance given in his home village which will be deducted from his monthly wages Rs._____/- which costs per day ______. and what else he can he will guide you.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
8th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
I do agree with Mr. S Bhaskar. Never make any complaint to anyone. Clear by throwing some bone to the dogs. With warm regards Sanju Joshi
8th January 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Sanju
Anyhow we have to survive with these people.
Please recollect what our former prime minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee told.
Humko na rahna hai doston ke saath
Humko na rahna hai dushmanon ke saath
Humko rahna hai apne padosiyon ke saath
We have to live with our society.
Here I am not blaming anyone for this scenario.
Daily we have to add some sentence in our prayer
Oh God Give me power to change the world. Otherwise give me power (tolerance) to change myself for whatever happening.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
8th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Mr. Nadal06,
I fully support with Mr. Bhaskar & Mr. Sanju .
I suggest you to talk with you senior and make a full coordination with labour officer . He is to much power to help you and your company .
8th January 2011 From India, New Delhi
If you are in the good books of your Inspector of Labour and JCL or DCL whoever your licencing issuing authority, then you need not to bother about anything.
It is not possible to be good to everyone but try to be good to everyone.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
8th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Nadal,

Bribe has become a part and parcel of our society. In every Government office you will find a board (merely for statutory purpose) that will announce that "If you are subject to harassment by any official who seeks bribe/ favour, you can write or complain to". Do not get carried away by such announcements.

Assuming that you have fixed one inspector who has sought bribe from you then you will get away temporarily. But as Mr.Bhaskar has pointed out your organisation will be subject to more statutory inspections.

Law is nothing but interpretation. So there is nothing much you can do about it.

In fact we overlook certain bribes that we pay in our day to day life. We pay Rs.300/ head for having a quick dharshan of Lord Venkateswara while several hundreds of people wait in the queue for sarva dharshan.

We have been permitted to book tickets by Tatkal while several others are in the Wait listed category by paying the extra amount. (Legalised bribe??).

We pay an amount to the driving school to obtain our driving license, to the officer issuing our family ration card and so on.

Assuming you refrain from paying a few hundreds to restore your power supply for fixing up a blown up fuse you will end up running a DG set which will be atleast 10 times costlier. So you need to weigh the options.

We are not encouring bribes but it is for the officials at the statutory departments to understand and reform themselves.


9th January 2011 From India, Madras
Good Advice. I agree with Mr Bhaskar here. "Throw Bones to the dogs is apt usage in this situation":)
9th January 2011 From India, Madras
How nice to hear all the comments. No surprise we open the newspaper every day with one new scandal. We have lost complete faith in our selves, have forgotten to stand up and raise our voice against ill and become part of the ill. Let us not blame Kalmadi, Raja, Balkrishanan and scores of others. I was passing by yesterday in a posh area in Baorda where I located a young tribal couple with 5-6 yr old son. The boy, I noticed, was bare footed. In prosperous Gujarat! Nadal, I would not encourgae to bribe the inspector. Be faithful to the law and your profession and if you can not just get out of the GULAMI and be on your own. I am sure you will be able to feed you and your family, if not buy bungalow worth Rs 1 crore.
HR family can locate the corrupt inspectors and teache them lesson by taking collective action. UP IAS officers Association is locating corrupt IAS officers and demand action against them. Can this community think in that direction?
9th January 2011 From India, Coimbatore
Good conversation. It shows your selfishness about yourself. If no one comes forward then what happen in near future. You have shown one side (position) of coin. Just imagine another side of coin.
9th January 2011 From India, New Delhi
The Bribe system is introduced by whom.
Is there any guessing about its introduction.
In Hindu epic one Pareekshit Maharaja was trapped by snake after bribing his associate.
Even for crusifying the Jesus, he was trapped by bribing his disciple.
These are all some example for existance of Bribary in world.
What is its origination.
Initially when I joined I too got frustrated and irritated by listening the bribe part.
But If you can please add two more lines in your daily prayer.
Oh God Please give me power to change the environment
Give me tollerance to change myself according to the environment.
What to do. Its the matter of survival.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
9th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Yes, these kinda guys are like throw bones to the dogs..better go for it..I assure you that no one can change this attitude..All the best!!
9th January 2011 From India, Madras
Dear Sir,
A separate voluntary organization is necessary to fix such corrupt persons without making it to reveal by whom the complaint was booked. The corrupt persons should be entangled in litigation without revealing by which client has registered complaint. The best way to punish such officers is to "stab at the back". One should not encounter him in face to face. At the same one should put the corrupt persons in utter confusion and anxiety.
Persons with public interest must unite together to encounter corruption.
9th January 2011 From India, Madurai
Dear Nadal, Shekhar, Bhaskar, Joshi, Kanan etc,

I'm afraid I do not entirely subscribe to this method of becoming a 'Part of The Problem' by succumbing to the system.

I understand the nescessity of paying a small / large amount to avoid amount of money to avoid further harrassment but that is like feeding a fire. The problem will not go away! Please do not succumb to temptation. You have to stand up to your rights by putting a little starch in your backbone!!

Firstly, you have to be correct in your conduct of operations. Do everything correctly, as far as possible. There is enough profit even after all compliances. And believe me you, once you look after all your workers the word spreads and your business will grow.

Don't be offensive to the inspector but politely refuse to submit to his illegal demands. Tell him to endorse his remarks for further compliance, if necessary. Correct your procedures and have them recorded. Have the documents inspected by your principal employer as proof. When the inspector visits again, show him the proof of compliance. Arrange to have his visit recorded, either in camera (many devices are now available) or in the presence of a senior representative of the principal employer and a trusted member of your staff. Ask questions and generate discussion. Of course you have to know the minimum standards you are required to maintain. Apprise the inspector of the remarks made by him on his previous visit and the action taken by you on them. If he brings up more points note the same for compliance - AND ensure compliance, by a given date. Invite the inspector again.

Be ready to explain again!! Repeat the entire procedure.

Also be prepared to expect a delayed or 'NO SHOW' by the inspector. If not this time, the next time certainly. Why? Because he realises that you are a fighter and will not give up. That he probably has easier pickings elsewhere! See, a predator only goes to places where prey is available - EASILY!

By succumbing to the bribe syndrome you are not only harming your own business by accepting perpetuation, you are encouraging the concept of bribery. You are becoming a part of the overall problem. You are contributing to getting the country a bad name. Can you, after this, ever complain about the system??


Set your house in order. Do the right thing. Accept no nonsense - you don't need to! Your profits will be small initially but they will grow, surely. It takes time, patience and moral courage. If you are actually right you should have no problem standing up for your rights! So, do so. You'll sleep easy and ultimately find success.

I am doing it. And doing it successfully. I'm not Tata or Birla but I'm comfortable and happy!!

Here's wishing you luck and the entire country a better future.

Warm regards and a Happy New Year.

Colonel Jagdeep Gahlot
9th January 2011 From India, Delhi
I am agree with Mr.Kannan. It is not only particular prson system itself is corrupt. So if you will try to complaint it may boomrang on you, that you have failed to make compliance. Especially when we talked about labour laws which are more rigid compare to other laws like Income / Sales Tax etc. Our labour laws are having such & so many provisions that if you will tried to make a compliance it will be difficult to run the business.
So its wise to manage these peoples max. possibles as well try our best to make compliance within the boundry limit of organisation.
10th January 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Mr.Bhaskar & Kannan,
I do agree with what you have suggested. But what about that children who is serving people at the rly station, bus stand.. with tea, bread, etc..
What about that children whose parents are compile to send them on work bcose of poverty due to less wages rate under so many govmnt. scheme like NAREGA, PERDHAN MANTRY GRAM SADAK YOJANA...etc..
We know 80% of india survives in villages/rural areas where you can not imagine the bad condition of labours...they are even not paid mini..wages, late payment, have to work 10-12 hours.
Why no body/official/labour inspector think about them.....???????
If any way i have hurted you then i apologise.
Thanx.& Regards
10th January 2011 From India, New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Well said. comparison with animals, but dog is very faithful compare to Human being...
K Mallikarjuna Raju
General Secretary
Karnataka Karmika Kalyana Prathishtana

10th January 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear All
Even though we the company paying the labour wages through contractors and subcontractors with their 15% profit, do you think the contractors and s/c are paying the wages fully. If the raise such issue do you think the workers can continue with the s/c or do you think that the workmen can be accepted by other subcontractors.
Please consider restraining of such posting, which may create contraversy between us. We all are here to have healthy discussion and not arguements. Discussion help us to improve our knowledge and the arguement will keep our friends away from us.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar
10th January 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Being educated don't afraid of any official who ask bribe.......... if your management is cooperate with quite enough.......please fix him in a proper manner with the cooperation of ACB.........all the best........
10th January 2011 From India, Hyderabad

Its depends upon the ethics and culture you/your companys' believes.

As all suggested, bribe him and get rid of it, I tell you that it would be very simple and temporary way of getting rid of problem.

As you said, you are perfectly maintaining the records/registers/all compliances and also having the fair policies w.r.t. health, safety, welfare, etc., I think you have no need to afraid. Explain/show him every records wtever he asks, try to convince him about the culture/ethics your companies believe and show yourself/anyone in the company helpless regarding that.

If he gets convince, thats good or in case, if he sends any notice/observation memo to you, try to reply within time frame untill and unless he does not get satisfied with the documents/convince about you. I assure you that it will definately help you out and will also make a permanent fair image. (before initiating all this make sure, u r maintaining your records perfectly and your management is also in the same sought of mind).


mukesh mehta
10th January 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear all,
I have doubts if bribe system has peace and happiness of mind. If it has no peace and happiness of mind , then what is the use of crores earned through this system.
This bribe system has widened the pits between rich and poor , has created tension,
hatred, fights , crimes and most of ills in our society are due to this bribe system. Remember , we can not live in isolation , nor our progeny can . All will have to live in this society.
My life experience show , we can happily and contentedly live without bribe.
With warm regards.
10th January 2011 From India, Delhi
Dear all,
Thanks for your valuable opinions.
I want to tell you more clear more clear about my company.
Basically, we are one of the top consulting company in india and i am associate with the project of sub-contracting.The problem in gurgaon is inspections are happened in daily week because our resources are deputed at so many client sites.
I have an personal opinion, labour laws are big hurdles to india growth. Take example of IDA mid 1980 Amendment If any organisation employ more than 100 workmen so, it can not layoff any employee situation like recession and some other reason. That"s the reason more than 80% manufacturing organistion employ labours between 90 to 100. IDA Act is one of stringent law which declining the india manufacturing capabilities.
But it does'nt mean we don't make any law but it should be balanced law.
Well i will consider your views also while presenting my stand before the company whether bribe give him or not.
26th January 2011 From India, Delhi
Yes. Do that and you shall remain where you are. They will know you are easy prey. They will come back for more, More and MORE!!!
Stand upto them and they will contrive your fall. Okay, so stand up again. You will feel better for it. And you would have done yourself and the country a great service. The starch in your backbone will be so evident.
Whatever your decision, let me wish you the very best of luck.
Colonel Gahlot
5th March 2011 From India, Delhi
Solution1 Simple one throw dog to the bone i mean throw bone to the dog
solution2 if all your documenation is perfect contact the CVC central vigilance commission branch, or anti corruption bureau, and if that labour inspector is caught then disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against him.
But then that will mean taking a enemity with labour inspector and in case if he has influence and power he will come out unharmed we dont know how much person has power, so then he will try to make your life hell. Unnecessary your company will be suffering. Even though anti corruption officials want you to approach them, still the legal system in india has to improve a lot ;( only because of this we fear, a lot,
not advised unless you really want to eliminate corruption and have power
teach the labour inspector a lesson the hard way, hard way includes many physical and mental torture techniques so that the labour inspector ultimately becomes mad,
5th March 2011 From India, Madras
I fully agree with Mr Bhaskar’s solution. It is the most practical way & Ultimate.That is how a business is run. We want friends and not foes.
5th March 2011 From India, Nagpur
Dear Friends

I am constrained to close this thread herewith; while thanking the members for participation and contributing their valuable suggestions.

The original query posted; viz. "I want your opinion regarding when labour inspector demand for bribe so, How should we resolve that issue when our compliance document is perfet?" has received sufficient inputs to enable the 'poster' to make an informed decision.

This is an 'ethical' issue and there can be several suggestion depending on the personal or organizational ethical values of the members.

Ultimately, the questions that we need to ask ourselves is, 'What kind of world do we intend to give to our children and theirs.'

'Can we do something OURSELVES to make this world a better place to live (or are we truly helpless)?'

Any civilized society is capable of rooting out its social evils; even in India we have had several such examples. There is no reason to believe that corruption can not be eliminated; all it requires is individual and collective will; and all of us can contribute our own bit.

Warm regards.
6th March 2011 From India, Delhi
Dear Nadal,

I faced the same situation in my organization few weeks back. We have pakka documents but he asked me silly question like need written statment of all my documents and post in notice board all employees details and bla bla...

When that time i'm only person handling the department and my Senior manger is out of station. then finially he planed to put case against our company. but i try to convensed him and asked him for a day time. but he directly asked 5k for not take any futher action. but told to them will be give you on next due to manager is not available. so they agreed and return back.

then i discussed with my manager and he is not okay to give bribe and all. because we have the documents and told never give even a single paise for them. if they file any case will meet in court...

Next day...

Labour Inspector called up and asked me about the amount of bribe or they file the case ... then again i said the same thing .... manager is out of station once he will come we will meet in your office... he really got tensed and keep the phone...

It was continued more then 4 days... then he really fedup and till now i did't get any call from him....

Still i thinking whether did they file any complients or not....

So i realize that we mostly try to avoide more conversation... we better avoide Labour inspector coming inside to our premissies... this is only way we can escape from them.
7th February 2013 From India, Chennai
> hello SIR
> MY pf no (MR/MRT/1064008/000/03 ( CHANDAN NEGI)
My bank account no 499102010085236
14th January 2017 From India, Delhi
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