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Thread Started by #hrmworkshop

Dear Members

A job is supposed to be given on the basis on Skills, Knowledge and Attitude of the applicant not on the basis on gender. Women are always given priorities over men while applying for a Job. I have not been working from past 6 months and have been a victim of gender bias. We search for hours on the leading Job Websites and when find a good Job , we get demoralized after a few mins . I will tell you why? A good Job Opening would bring smile on your face and you would feel, okay this is the job I was looking for . If you would read the same Job Advertisement one more time then would get to see a line in small fonts that would read “Only females candidates should apply”. This would certainly crush your Spirit, wouldn’t it ?

Shouldn’t a job be given to the applicant on the basis of Skills, Knowledge and Attitude and not on the basis on gender. I don’t know when this gender bias shall be stopped. Why not males ?

Think ??????

This is something which is bothering me from quite a some time. Hope you guys would agree with me ?

PS :- I don’t wanna hurt feelings of anyone.

Thanks for your valuable time.


24th December 2010 From India, Delhi
only 1 reply till now
I expected
I knew this will happen coz this is so true . Women always get jobs even though they dont posses the required Knowledge,skills or attitude for a particular JOB.
Why should men suffer because of this? when will this gender bias come to an end???
Does anyone have an answer to this ??
Accept this-><-
nobody has guts to come forward and accept this.
@Yo man
Thanks mate! thanks for agreeing with me
25th December 2010 From India, Delhi
i don’t agree........ coz sometimes there’s is written "Only Males" as well........... What i believe is it is according to the job requirements......
25th December 2010 From India, Gurgaon
Dear y.h.ahuja
in rare cases but not always
This is true whether you accept it or not
Those who have been a victim of gender bias will tell you.
Go to or any other job website.. 99% they require females .. Why not males??
Are males not capable enough of doing things ?
25th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear moderators I request the moderators to please go ahead and shed some light on this I hope moderators will definitely have something to share
25th December 2010 From India, Delhi
HI, You are wrong on your part right now. U see in many openings Only Males are required for jobs. This all depends on requirements. Regards
25th December 2010 From India, Ghaziabad
Dear pooja_1september
Thanks for your comment
I am 100 % right. Females are always given preference over males. 99% of the companies prefer females and not males..aren't men capable of performing their duties?
Let moderators share their views.....
25th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Employer choose female for any position where they see the benefit is. If I am employing females in my organization I'll see on type of Job where I can save my money in terms of salary. For sales I will never hire any female as I know I wont be getting any productivity form a female.

For HR, Telecaller , front office etc, I'll choose a female again as if any internal conflict arise among the employees male employees will never be in physical fight with female HR .

Where only male candidates are written on the JD its coz of safety and unwanted situation the employer want to avoid. Female employee will always have some problems either related to personal life or some thing else( just check ur next female colleague you'll get the example). These personal Problem in turn cause business problem.

Mechanical and electrical job employers never choose female as risk is attached danger of accident. If any accident happen who will take the responsibility. No employer want unnecessary problem.

So we must agree employers are gender bias.
25th December 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hello Rahul,

I don't blame you for getting the impression that you currently have about the issue you mentioned.

Before we go into the issue of preference for females for HR jobs [though frankly I wouldn't generalize the way you did, I do agree with you that the preference--NOT 'bias' mind you--does exist], let's summarize the aspects/characteristics--if not 'demands', that gives one, be it male or female, a big advantage over others?

I am focusing on the recruitment role since a majority of HR professionals are into recruitment. But this could apply, in a larger sense to any field--not just recruitment or core HR.

1] I would say the technical skills--to the extent necessary.

2] The thoroughness of his/her knowledge of the Selection process--more thorough a person is, the better the end-results.

3] Evaluation of the skills [as relevant to the job] which the candidate(s) HAVE vis-a-vis to the needs of the job.

4] Evaluation of the skills which the candidate(s) DON'T HAVE vis-a-vis to the needs of the job & judging if they are critical or just can be ignored.

5] Evaluation of the psychological & mental profile of the candidate(s).

6] Making a comparative/relative picture of a candidate's past exp vis-a-vis how he/she would perform in the future, if selected, during the interviews.

There could be more, but, by & large, I think these are the salient points.

If you see each of them closely, except for the last 2--points (5) & (6)-- all the others invariably can be "developed/learnt" fast--by education, environment, upbringing, etc. The last 2 usually are inherent in a person's psyche--the ability to see thru lines & judging the traits of a person based on what's "UNSAID" rather than what's "SAID". If you recollect the basics of psychology that you must have studied, a female [of any species] usually has such built-in traits/characteristics much more ENHANCED than the male.

At the end-of-the-day, the critical factors that segregate the Selected & Rejected candidates are the 2 intangible traits of the Interviewer--not the first 4, though they too definitely form a part of the overall decision.

If you now apply these aspects to your query/conclusion about 'bias', I hope you would understand why the 'preferences' for females exist. Having said that, I can also say with confidence that I have seen many males with these traits. Though it takes time to develop the 2 intangible traits[more than the first 4], it can be developed for sure.

So, in a nutshell, without mixing-up issues, the 'bias' or 'preference'--whichever way you want to put it--is NOT FOR THE FEMALES BUT THE SPECIFIC/SPECIAL TRAITS--it's just that the females have them more than the males to begin with--the keywords being 'to begin with'.

I hope I have answered you concern/query.


25th December 2010 From India, Hyderabad
hi all,
i am a m.b.a pass 2010 student and i want to start my career in h.r, i am presently working as i h.r in eternal consultancy. i want ot know about growth levels and different filed in h.r plz help me
25th December 2010 From India, Hyderabad
This post is purely based on selective perception. The situation and experience shared are unidirectional. This is 'the grass is greener on the other side' view!
I would n't need to collect data from any job site, as there were many national and international assignments for which I did not qualify as those assignments required men to deliver in those roles. The job description never mentioned anything as such, hence I have no legal way to prove it. This was not one but repeated incidents.
My learning , even if a standard is set , it fundamentally depends on the nature of the job.I agree few jobs such as receptionist, front desk or counsellor may primarily hire ladies. But in the bigger arena, merit and excellence holds the key.
Here's a post which stands in contrast to your view.
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25th December 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Professional,
You are wrong and doesn't seem to be HR person. Just look into yourselves. What you are lacking and to what extent. Sharpen your skills to that extent, that even the most glamorous female may be judged on lower scale as that of yours. We have never came across such cases in our last 30 years career. Jobs meant for male are secured by males and those for females by female.regards
25th December 2010 From India, Nagpur
Hi ,Dear friends giving importance to women is quite common in the world. Few jobs totally depend upon women only without them the company is unable to run. Not only India it happens across the World.Please do not take it personally or gender bias.You people are educated and you would not say like this.
16th June 2015 From India, Vijayawada
i agree, but not able to trace the mentality of employers (if think us from unemployment side), as a HR it is suggested to recruit female candidates as subordinates.
16th June 2015 From India, Pondicherry
Sir there might be some misconception sir. I never felt like that. Rather i felt married women are given less priority because of the stereotyping fact that women cannot concentrate after marriage/child birth and hampers the productivity. So they are less preffered in many jobs.
Hope you understand.
Trust God, you will definitely get what you deserve.
All the best !!
24th May 2016 From India, Guwahati
Employers hire males and females according to the situation and the dept in which they are going to work.
1. For front office, receptionist, customer support positions, females are appointed to attract and grab the attention of the customers.
2. For HR, females are preferred because no employee would go for physical fight with females (stated earlier) and problem solving becomes more easy for the management.
3. For production and other dept's where hard work and efforts are involved, males are given priority.
4. For marketing the products men are preferred as it involves traveling and during the promotional activities females are given priority.
When it comes to software, equal priority is given as it involves brain work.
However, in my perspective, most of the higher management are men and they have female subordinates (in my experience).
I am sorry, if I hurt any one. This is purely based on my experience, thoughts and ideas.
24th May 2016 From India, Vijayawada
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