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Thread Started by #pooja_1september

Hello All,
I am working in export company which is one of the unorganized sector in INDIA. There is no scope for training and Development activities in company. Even the management is not also having any plan or policy regarding that. We have many workers who are not very much literate. PLease let me know what kind of training and development activities can be started for workman as well as staff people also.
Waiting for your valuable inputs.
Thanks and Regards
13th December 2010 From India, Ghaziabad
Hi see the following may help you...
First of all you have to analyze the training need which is required for them,
and observe them with what type of method can they receive which means by giving lecture or mentoring or coaching and all
then provide ....
this is from my experience
With regards:
Master of MHRM student,
GVP college for PG cources,
Visakhapatnam,Andhra pradesh,India.
13th December 2010 From India, Visakhapatnam
Hi Pooja I work for FranklinCovey Southasia, which is a leader in providing training and development. You can reach me on 9833785604. Regards, Dakshini
13th December 2010 From India, Mumbai
You're looking for White collar staff trainings or blue collar staff trainings.
In any case, modules can be designed and set as per requirement.
Kindly get in touch to take this further.
Jasneet Singh
New Wave Trainings
98110 29849
13th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi there,
You need to do training needs analysis to find out what are the individual training requirement of your staff, you will find a lot of TNA forms in this cite.
Make sure that you include the following questions in your TNA
Technical Training requirement
Professional training requirement
Educational training requirement
Soft skills
Once you have that done segment your employees as per the above groups try to find the training required along with their manager, divide these training between in house, local, and overseas training
14th December 2010 From Oman, Muscat
Dear Pooja,
No need to worry, here is what u can do!!
1. Develop competency based training for them, i mean something that enhances their skills in terms of their work!!
2. If they cant devote time for training; creates small training for 10-15 minutes each so that they can afford to attend the training.
3. If HR is with you, then u can club "Trainings" with their Appraisals; for example: An employee needs to attend a minimum of 10 hours of training for qualify for Appraisal.
P.S. - While creating content for the employees, please make apt and relevant to them.
Rahul Chhabra
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear All,
Thanks For you all suggestions. But for your kind information, let me tell you that mostly workers are not literate. and i want all the materials or PPT or training forms in Hindi so that they can learn easily . PLease help me out. And tell me what kind of basic training i can provide to them?
14th December 2010 From India, Ghaziabad
Dear Madam,

Greetings from Atyaasaa !!

We at Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited specialize in implementing large projects at a National & International level. Our work and clients can be visited at ATYAASAA :: Awakening Human Excellence. We are strategic partners to best brands in India and overseas. We contribute to top corporate brands globally in various areas of growth like Business Excellence, Transformational Organization Development Processes, Niche Business Skills & Organization Research & Diagnostic Surveys.

We work for all the major companies in India and in South Asia. We look forward to be associated with you.

Our services:

 Business Excellence Processes

 Organizational Development

 Soft Skills Processes

 Niche Trainings

 Executive Coaching

 Business Consulting (Outsourced HR)

Our processes are structured through:

 Lectures for conceptual inputs

 Exercises / cases for experiencing / applying concepts

 Group work

 Simulations

 Games

 Models

 Assessment Tools

 Media Tools

We customize designs in line with clients needs and expectations. We look forward to be associated with you.


Madhav Lahane

(91-20) 2589 6445
14th December 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Pooja,
We are imparting training to small and medium organisations and also corporate clients. We tailor make programs to suit the target audience.
We also have export background and can highlight the importance and the need for discipline and other qualities.
Do call for details
Anbu VR
Ace Training Academy
91 94440 50828
14th December 2010 From India, Madras
Greetings Pooja,
I am a free lance trainer working from the last 7 years in this training and development sector. Training helps in developing the organisational growth and after all Man power always matter and if they are well skilled then they can even bring the moon for the organisation.
We conduct trainings on different modules and we customize the modules as per the client's need. Presently I have completed two projects for Hero Mind mine Institute limited.
For any further clarification please feel free to call me.
G K Prashant
Training Associate
+91 9571229571
Keeping you a step ahead
.: Hero MindMine :.
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear Pooja,
Its unfortunate that management is not interested in training and development! This is the case I have seen with many organizations where little attention is paid to training and development. Would suggest you following steps:
1. Assess the actual area of concern i.e. low productivity, efffective communication etc.
2. Find out the skill set required for a particular problem and compare with the existing skills in the workers.
3. Evolve and implement a very simple training session may be on the shop floor it self. Short ppts would be good alongwith one page fliers.
4. Talk with the management about the benefit of continual training and development programs for enhacing skill resulting in more profitability.
Hope these guideline would help.
Dr.Ramesh Shah,
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
to all, please give some ideas for the corrective and preventive action regarding if any employee commit any mistake which is harmful for the working having alcohol, smoking, tabbaco n etc and used any abusive language or any other like sexual harassment. It is very difficult for me to keep this in record. If any of you have any format in word or xls. please give a link so that i could custmize that according to my need. I will be very thankful with you...
Member HR
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
this is really a big problem if it is the matter of trainning and deveolopment specially in such orginisation which are unorganized. I am also associated with the same profession in Packaging Industry. Here I have the same problem and unable to maintain any record whether it is about training and development, or even it is about preventive and corrective actions, on. If you reach to any idea which is helpful to us..please share it with me also.
thnking you
jeewan chandra
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi Vidhita,
this is jeewan here. I have the same problem as Pooja is facing. Can I get a touch with you. I will be happy if you contribute anything for me in this field.
Jeewan chandra
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear pooja,
The first step of training is Need Identification so ideally you should follow that but you have illetrate workforce then why can't you have some fun learning activities. That is let them play some game and you share the learning with them so that they can easily understand the concepts and utilize them.....
14th December 2010 From India, Ghaziabad
There is on training programme the trainer is Mr. Subrahmanyam IST contact no 9885055542, he is the famous trainer and programme director for International School of Thinking , Hyderabad, you can refer my name Y.V.Ramana Manager- HR
14th December 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Pooja,
1. Nobody here can provide u with the literature u need!!
2. Each set of empoyees is different and have different training requirements!!
3. You wud need to create ur own training content or if ur organization is willing to shell out money; u can hire consultants!!
4. My suggestion to u wud be to create a Training Plan for the employees and create the content as per the same!! u can refer to citehr for the guidelines on how to create a plan and the Training Content!!
Rahul Chhabra
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Ms. Pooja,

Can you tell me the following please! It will make me understand your expectation:

1. What do want do with those who are less educated! Talking to everyone in English or doing their job the way they are doing! - that is related to soft skill.

2. Are they rude, and you want to improve their courtesy quotient! Then it should be etiquette building.

3. Are they job shy, don't apply brain! Then its Performance management.

4. Do they stay away from white collared people. Then team bonding. (By the way what is the mix ratio to blue vs. white collared ones).

Areas in export & logistics regarding this are the same. I have personal experience when delivering training to them. study material, ppt presentation et al will not enchant them - I apprehend, as because most of them are away from books since pretty long period of time.

You let me know, what you want to do, secondly - what your management expects and wishes. Things definitely can be sorted out.

If this note inspires you - mail me at .
14th December 2010 From India, Gurgaon
Hi POOja,
If your company does not have any plan to train the workers,you may give individual training on spot when you see any mistake or disorder for a perticular thing and you can advice to modify or rectify the same to you worker and if there is any language problem it will not put any hindrance where it is on spot
14th December 2010 From India, Cuttack
Hai pooja
you can impress all the level of people in your organisation by conducting behavioural training like self development and motivation and their happy personal & family life through activity based learning
If your interested reach me
Corporate trainer
94441 44510
14th December 2010 From India, Madras
Common yaar Aap Sr. HR ho n you dont knwo that how to make the things done. Training and development are two different things. Training is for the employees (new joinee/Existing) and Development is for the organisation.
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Common yaar Aap Sr. HR ho n you dont knwo that how to make the things done. Training and development are two different things. Training is for the employees (new joinee/Existing) and Development is for the organisation.
For more detail you can call me to: +91-053-335-4166.
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
To clarify,
1. Training and development is both for the employees and the employer.
2. Training will help an employee do his current job proficiently and development will prepare him for the future roles; which in turn will contribute towards improving the turnover and the Image (Psychological Capital) of the employer.
Rahul Chhabra
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
I understand your problem. First of all you have to identify training need in consultation with your departmental heads. Thereafter you make out a training calender for a year. You may organize in house training for workmen as well as employees who are illiterate.You may think of arranging training programs on Communication Skill, Team Building, Best work Practices, TQM, Safety- Fire fighting, Home safety, Awareness on Occupational Health & Safety etc. Apart from above, observe safety day, environment day,women's day etc involve family members and arrange various events. To organize these, you need not require to hire any factuality. You can chalk out programs in accordance with your plan / calender and start taking it forward for the benefit of your employees. I am sure after some time you will feel lot of changes among workmen.
Sibabrata majumdar
14th December 2010 From India, Calcutta

If you are not a trainer, then you need to employ or contract someone who is.

As others have stated, you need to do a training needs analysis in your company for every staff member, executive and workers.

You then need to develop a training plan from that and present to senior management with a request to implement.

The training needs to be developed specifically for YOUR company based on YOUR needs.

Asking people to send ppt's is useless. How are you going to train? Stand in a room and just read off someone else's ppt's? That's not training. In any case, you said that some workers are semi literate. They won't be able to read the ppt's much less understand them.

In a factory situation, training needs to be hands on, not reading ppt's.

I find it very disconcerting that so many Cite members think that training is just asking someone for a ppt and then standing in a room and reading it to a group of people with no other input. That is NOT training.

There is a ton of stuff on Training Needs Analysis and Training Plans here on CiteHR already posted by other members.

Use the Download Search Box at the top of the page.
15th December 2010 From Australia, Melbourne
Daer Pooja
You have rightly understood the need for training. Everywhere there is a problem of Performance to the level of our satisfaction. There are only three reasons why a person does not perform to our level of satisfaction. These r knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA).
As Annayat has rightly suggested for getting the TNA for your workers and the organisation as well, so you must undertake.
What have you expressed about the requirement of some PPT or some formats they are always tailor made to suit the individual requirement and are prepared suiting to your organisation as well.
I am a trained trainer having undergone many trainer courses and workshops sponsored by the MIN of DOPT to make the person to do the desired things.
If your employer is serious about the training needs you may contact me thro my
SK Bhargava Sr Advisor Human Resources Institute of development & Analysis International (HRIDAI)
15th December 2010 From India, Jaipur
Please chalk out a plan for training programme in consultation with your HR Head. Since your company doesn't have any plan or policy for staff straining and development, you have talk to the Management whether it is in a position extend any financial support to implement it. Further, schedules for imparting training should also suit to the plans of Management. If you could plan meticulously, I am sure you will succeed.
Narayana Rao A.V.
15th December 2010 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Hi Pooja,
I am Stephen, a Trainer & Consultant from Malaysia.
You should develop the job decsriptions and job specifications of all the job positions in your company first.
Then, you determine the competency needs of each job specification.
Follow by setting up the training needs based on the job competency requirements
I hope this is helpful
15th December 2010 From Malaysia, Penang
Dear Pooja

Your question is very important for related your job.

Which type training you want?

1) HRD training

2)Safety training

3) QA training

Dear Pooja in HRD trining you can give training to employees for TEAM Work, Pissitive Attitude, Good Communication, Personality Development. What is importance of team work? In this training you can improve behaviour your emplyees and u will reach till your goal.

In safety Trainign - You can give training to employees about how can handle safety personal protective equipment on the job. so your employees will be safe from accident. Accident happened suddenly. So which cylinders & what is use of safety cylinder, when use which cylinder all informaton u can give to your employees.

Not only in factory but alos when we work in home, walk on road, play on ground, meand anywhere when accident occur that time what will be do ? What is fist Aid? How u can face to accident? How u can help to others? this type of training will give to your employees.

Prsonality Development : In this training u can give training to employees about manners, communication.

QA training - Means when u work that time what will be procedure of your work means SOP (standard operating procedure).

Dearest pooja I have so many training so if you want more help then tuch with me continuesly on 09420649119, 9273814690 after 6.30 pm because mobile is not allowed in my factory. Or ,
15th December 2010 From India, Pune
Your question is very important for related your job.
Which type training you want?
1) HRD training
2)Safety training
3) QA training
Touch with me.
Anil 9420649116, 9273814690 ,
15th December 2010 From India, Pune
check the training requirement.
two types of training you can arrange.
1. for staff - export formalities and documentation.
2. for supervisor and workers - packaging and documentation.
Home Page for Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
check with this institute of government as they conduct few short term courses and also training courses for companies.
15th December 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Pooja,
It seems your company doesnt want to spend a penny on the development of the employees and its trying to get the stuff for free via net.
If any body is not serious for the employee development in your company's management then there is no need for you to keep asking for help. All your efforts would go in vain.
There are lot of experts in training domain who can help you devising an apt module as per the requirement of your company. You need to hire an expert or a team for short term duration who will definitely address your company's need.
15th December 2010 From India, Kanpur
Hi pooja,
My name is Ramnath, based on the understanding we customize and provide training as we are a large scale soft skill and training development organization
I can be reached at +919840724202
15th December 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Pooja,
I suppose you will have to interact with the floor managers to do some TNA.
I have no idea what industry you are in but to begin with you will have to do some basic skills training on a weekly one to two hours session. Once the management and the workers start evincing keen interest then the training duration can be increased and a formal training policy promulgated.
Col IP Singh
Midas Trainers & Consultants
15th December 2010
Hi Pooja,
First please go through the JD's if available. Focus on job specification, they will help you in identifying the soft skill after that focus on the job requirements and then find out the technical trainings. Also discuss the basic nature of your business with seniors that will give you good guidelines. next try to find out what are your budgetary limits? Then prepare a format and distribute it to the employees and ask them trainings generally suitable for their department, cross verify it with the HOD's and you will have the plate form to decide whether to go for external or internal trainings. Also try and find out seniors who are willing to give trainings in the organization.
15th December 2010 From Pakistan
You have not explained the nature of their job/responsibilities; are they technical people? if no then how the illetrate people have been assigned there. please let us know their nature of work so we could think of corrective strategy.
Faisal Zahir
15th December 2010 From Pakistan, Islamabad
Dear Pooja,
First of all you will have to make a "Training Need Assessment Format" in hindi according to existing criteria of your company. Then do "self assessment" through asking some questions from them individual wise and then do assessment from him/her HODs and last through HOD-HR.
after assessment analyze all the forms and make a report on which field training is required.take help from attachments "Training need List for employee".make a schedule for training arrange the training internally and make a "Activity Report".
basically illiterate person required training in these field:
Team Building
Brain Storming
pick up any topic according to assessment then prepare the program.
Anoop Kumar
HR - T&D

15th December 2010 From India, Delhi

Attached Files
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File Type: xls ACTIVITY REPORT.xls (16.5 KB, 912 views)
File Type: xls Training Need List for employee(s).xls (60.5 KB, 810 views)

Dear Pooja,
We are having all the Hindi Training Material for Workers. We can train the workers in Hindi medium, using ppt slides in Hindi and above all, we can give them Hindi course material for further reference.
We can provide our Consultancy regarding assessment of basic training requirement and we can also make your hands strong by Training them in Hindi medium.
We are based at Sector 44, Noida.
Kindly mail us for more information. ID:
Sunil Chandra
V.V. Harish
more at

15th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear Pooja,
Its interesting to know that you have understood the basic requirment and have a crystal clear idea about the same.
We have conducted corporate training programmes for Class III and Class IV employees for Documenting , Communication, attitudinal changes etc.
In case you are interested , we shall be more than happy to be associated in the designing as well as delivery stage of the training programme.
we are based in Pune with a leading B-School , so please feel free to contact me at
Capt. Satish Pande(Retd)
Dy.Director Admin
MITCON Institute of Management
Balewadi, Pune 411045

15th December 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Pooja,
You must have heard about the best selling book by Dr. Stephen R Covey '7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
We have this workshop in Hindi. You can check the link below:
FranklinCovey India & SouthAsia
15th December 2010 From India, Mumbai

The best training for workmen is in regional language. You may develop the content in english and get someone to translate it into hindi and do check the content.

Two ways of putting up a training plan - thru training needs and competency mapping. Training needs is more strategic and needs lot of input and involvement from senior management. Competency mapping is much more simpler and easier to work with.

Each role will have two competencies - technical competency and behavioral competency. For eg a Cell Leader in a manufacturing set up should have 3-4 technical competencies according to his position and similarly 3-4 behavioral competencies ( leadership, coaching, sense of urgency etc). First identify the competencies for each role in discussion with the department head. Then start training the target group based on the competencies.

The next evolution stage will be in terms of introducing competency measurement which should be a part of the annual appraisal.

Hope I have been able to throw some light .....

Warm Regards,

Bijoy Francis
15th December 2010 From India
Hiii Pooja,
I am also facing the same problem in my organisation which is been newly based in my place and i have to provide training to all my staff members from top to bottom and that too on soft skills even i dont have any idea from where to start.
Please let me know if u are aware of something.
N Juneja
16th December 2010 From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi Pooja,
I am just sharing my thoughts and my view, please don't take any offense nor am I discouraging you.
First of all there has to be a drastic shift of the mindset of the people.The management (company) has to think towards training & development as an important part the company policy. THERE IS A NEED FOR CHANGE. Failing which all the efforts will go down the drain.
16th December 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hi Pooja,
In your case, as mentioned by you that in firm your most of them are workers and that too they are illiterates, you can skill enhancement training for eg. How a person can perform his job with increased productivity? for this you can use an outsider with extensive knowledge on the job or can utilise your own resources like Production Manager, Quality department, Supersiors or Highly skilled worker.
You can give awareness about the quality production, efficient use of raw materials, Time management, fire fighting skills, etc.,. For this you can act as a co-ordinator.
16th December 2010 From India, Bangalore
Now i have decided to go step by step. First i would go for survey o identify the need for training and development. for that i would prepare the forms in Hindi. Afte that i would Analise what type of training they need actually with the consultation of HODs. After that i would prepare Training Calender. Then i would implement that. I hope i would be succeed in that . Please suggest if you find any new way? I am expecting comments on that form the seniors.
17th December 2010 From India, Ghaziabad
For workers in production area The training program on " Productivity and work culture " will help them in grooming the workers. And you also advice the management for 5s training program for them.
Best Regards

18th December 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Pooja
You can basically start wid induction training which will include the policies,procedures,Work instructions and pictorial graph of mgmt.You have to make everything in hindi language,moreover it is possible that % is more of illiterate so you can start with Hindi Learning course.,try roleplays .,use flash cards etc.
hope u will succeed.
18th December 2010 From India, New Delhi
अधनंगेपन की बेशर्मी पर नाज कैसे?

17 Dec 2010, 1518 hrs IST,नवभारत टाइम्स

भारत कुमार

औरों की आंखें शर्म से झुक जाएं पर उनके मन में लाज का ख्याल भी न आए। मर्यादा की वे

सारी सीमाएं तोड़ दें और तुर्रा ये कि उसे सही भी ठहराएं। घर में मां-बाप और बाहर बड़ों का लिहाज खत्म हो रहा है और बेशर्मी देखिए कि उसे महिलाओं की बराबरी का नारा दिया जा रहा है। जिस चीज को औरत का गहना माना जाता है अब उसे ही उतार फेंकने को फैशन कहा जा रहा है।

कॉलेज हो या बस, सड़क हो या मेट्रो, गर्मी हो या सर्दी, अधनंगी सी घूमती औरतों को देखकर आप कैसे कह सकते हैं कि वे हमारे समाज की तरक्की का आइना हैं। क्या कम कपड़े पहनने की पश्चिमी नकल ही सभ्यता का पैमाना है, या फिर हमें अपने समाज, संस्कृति और सभ्यता को भी एक बार देखना चाहिए।

प्लीज, अब ये तर्क न दीजिएगा कि खजुराहो की मूतिर्यां नंगी हैं तो हम क्यों न हो जाएं। इतिहास का समाज पर असर पड़ता है और ऐसा हमारे यहां भी हुआ। हमारे मौजूदा समाज की जो मौजूदा मान्यताएं हैं उनकी तुलना हम सैंकड़ों हजारों साल पहले के हाल से कैसे कर सकते हैं। जांघों से ऊपर की निकर पहनकर अगर लड़के भी सड़क पर घूमते हैं तो भद्दे और अश्लील लगते हैं, बिना बाजू या कमर ढकने वाली ड्रेस कोई मर्द भी पहनेगा तो वह भी बेशर्म लगेगा। फिर हमारे यहां तो महिलाओं को ज्यादा मान से देखने की परंपरा है। आप क्यों रिवीलिंग यानी उन अंगों को दिखाने वाली ड्रेस पहनने के लिए बेताब हैं जिन्हें ढकना ही सभ्य माना जाता है। अब तो हालत यह है कि स्विट्जरलैंड तक में महिलाओं से कहा जा रहा है कि दफ्तर में कम से कम टाइट या अंग दिखाने वाली ड्रेस पहनकर मत आइये।

बेस्ट हाफ के संदर्भ में तो इस बात की अहमियत और भी बढ़ जाती है। पति और पत्नी के रिश्ते में अगर कोई महिला इस बात को लेकर अड़ जाए कि वह मलाइका अरोड़ा खान की तरह अधनंगी होकर घूमना चाहती है और पति को ऐतराज हो तो आप क्या कहेंगे। अगर महिला की समझ में यह बात भी न आए कि कैमरे के आगे डांस करना अलग बात है और छोटी गली नुक्कड़ वाले शहर में बड़े बुजुर्गों के सामने अधनंगा होकर घूमना अलग बात है, तो आप क्या कहेंगे। साड़ी और सलवार सूट जैसे परिधानों में आपको सौंदर्य और शालीनता का अनूठा समावेश मिलता है। पत्नी की इच्छा के उलट अगर कोई पति शर्ट के साथ निक्कर पहनकर घूमने लगे और पत्नी को ऐतराज हो तो यह विरोध भी तो उतना ही जायज है। गृहस्थी की जो गाड़ी दो लोगों के परस्पर सम्मान से चलती है, उसमें क्या अधनंगा होकर चलने की शर्त बेहद घटियापन को उजागर नहीं करती।

कपड़े और तमीज देशकाल के हिसाब से हों तो बेहतर है। कम कपड़े पहनना तो महिलाओं की तरक्की का कतई पैमाना या परिचायक नहीं हो सकता है। आपके सामने एक शालीन कपड़े पहने महिला हो और एक अधनंगी, तो आप खुद ही सोच सकते हैं कि आम लोगों को दोनों के प्रति किस तरह का भाव होगा।

माना कि गुंडे मवाली बुर्के या पर्दे में ढकी महिला तक को नहीं छोड़ते, लेकिन हम यहां गुंडे मवालियों नहीं बल्कि आम लोगों की प्रतिक्रिया की बात कर रहे हैं। कम से कम पहली नजर में जिस तरह की प्रतिक्रिया आएगी, वह किसी पति को शर्मसार करेगी या गौरवान्वित, यह भी आप सोच सकते हैं।
18th December 2010 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
All the best pooja, i am sure with your persistence and tenacity you will surely succeed.

you can make a sheet for each of them. note down, ususal details such as name co.number age, education, expertise -ie.e operating a perticular machine, experience, then interview them , find out about family background, their status in their family, you will be surprised they are all well respected in their own circles. don't make the mistake to relate education with wisdom.Not all our saints, philosophers and wise men had management degrees.

When you interview them you will understand their aspiration, someone may want to learn something. You will learn about their attitude, approach to work, shortcomings. 5s is a good start point, do not go in for flash cards or role plays in the begining, they may scoff at such ideas as childish, later on may be. you can try indirect methods, some one - may one of them, who can read can read them short stories ( premchand is recommended)you may find many suitable stories, ask them to summarise and tell the essence of the story. This has worked. Go ahead and laage raho.All the best once again.

18th December 2010 From India, Pune
I personally feel the way you have proposed will result in simple waste of time, energy , efforts and your zeal & motivation.
Please observe and record silently while interacting with the Supervisors and departmental heads about their perception and expression of problems and limitations.
These problems are to be analysed by you and categories them whether these are related to; Knowledge, Skill or Attitude. Each of these has to be tackled separately. On the basis of these categories you have to prepare the training requirement and decide the course, faculty. training aids and time schedule.
Please note that the production department would not like to spare any one for this. However they have to be told in clear terms that the training to the staff and workers will perform more efficiently reduce losses and produce more with quality. This increment will compensate the loss arising out of time spent on training.
It is like that one wood cutter with limited time had a task of wood cutting with his cutter. After some time the cutter went little blunt as lost its sharpness due to excessive and continuous use. Some body asked him to sharpen the cutter he argued (as generally all supervisor criticize the training as wastage of time and energy) that it will take time and his output shall decline. He would not have known that sharp cutter will give better output as it will work more faster.
Therefore U will have to keep this psychic also in mind and convince about the benefits of the good training.
Training should not be merely a training for training sake it must be aimed to make the people to work as per the required standard of efficiency. Else we wil be lost in details with no direction.
Satish Kumar Bhargava Former Dy Director with National Academy for training ans research in Social Security New Delhi.
19th December 2010 From India, Jaipur

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