Hello All,
I have joined a new company today as an HR executive. I don't have prior work experience so I need your help.
I want to send a mail to all the employees to convey the message regarding few topics like
1. Employees don't punch in or punch out time regularly. Some times they do and sometimes don't.
2. Bit of flexitimings are there (1-2 hrs here and there). But the employees come to the office whenever they want.
3. They need to complete 9 hrs a day or weekly avg of 45 hrs. But hardly few of them follow this.
4. Weekly time sheets also have to be prepared by them mentioning their project details etc. No body makes it.
Kindly suggest me some polite way of communicating these msgs to them.

From India, Pune
If you have any policy in this regard you may refer it or you may write as follows

Kind Attn All Employees

This has often been observed that some of employees

1-Don't punch in or punch out time regularly. Some times they do and sometimes don't.

2-Bit of flexitimings are (1-2 hrs). But they are coming to the office whenever they want.

3. They need to complete 9 hrs a day or weekly avg of 45 hrs. But hardly few of them follow this.

4. Weekly time sheets are also not being prepared by them mentioning their project details etc.

In view of all above all are requested to follow company rules and regulations with their due prudence that is :

1-Regular punching of cards to mark their attendance at the time of in and out in order avoid loss of pay in absence of correct data

2-All should respect rules made flexible to faciliate an urgency please dont make it routine all should come in time without any delay, good routine/practice makes perosn prompt and smart in their perosnal life also.

3-All should comply minimum hours norms to do justice with their work in order to provide any chance to draw any negative inferences

4-Documentation of work is essential to keep track of performance and fulfillment of duties , it isin emeployees own benefit also

Hope all should respect all above in order to create and promote a good ,disciplined culture and environment in the company

I think this is enough


P K Mishra

From India
Dear anushikha2000

Welcome to CiteHR.com !!

You have stated that, "I have joined a new company today as an HR executive. I don't have prior work experience... "

It is a good thing that you have noticed certain things about the behaviour of the employees.

However, apart from these, what OTHER THINGS have you noticed ??

What OTHER THINGS have you learnt ??

Why have NOT YOU LEARNT HOW TO SEND A MAIL, under such situation ??

Are you able to notice, what I am pointing at ??


What is the hurry in sending such a mail to employees when you do not even know how to write a suitable mail ??

Is it not preferable that instead of TRYING TO DISPLAY YOUR NEW-FOUND FEELING OF POWER, you spend some time in Observing and LEARNING the system, procedures, rules & policies, the company culture etc etc.

Under the circumstances, I would suggest that you do not take things in your own hands. If you are concerned, REPORT your observation to your REPORTING OFFICER/BOSS and act as per his advice.

Sending such a mail, the VERY NEXT DAY OF YOUR JOINING, may not only be arbitrary (as your observation is of ONLY ONE DAY), but also CREATE AN IR PROBLEM that may be very embarassing for the management.

It is always advisable to learn to WALK, before attempting running.

I hope you"ll take my advice in the right spirit and as a 'food for thought' rather than as an offensive feedback.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Hello Anushikha,

I agree with Raj Kumar--in parts at least.

By sending any such communication at this stage of your career--right on the II/III day of joining--you are inadvertently creating an under-current of anxiety/insecurity among the employees. Depending on how things go from then on--remember you don't have any control on what others think or do--it could gradually decay into a sort of antipathy towards you. Being a HR person, I think you don't need to be told that this isn't what a HR person should be working towards in career.

Like Raj Kumar suggested, first discuss the issue with your boss--maybe this point was discussed earlier & the mail which you want to send has already been tried-out? Before acting to correct any situation, FIRST get to know the FULL info about the reasons why this situation came about and what was done in the past or your absence to correct the situation. It's only then that you can surmise what CAN be done next. In a nutshell, take a well-informed decision--the focus being on 'well-informed'.

Also, even if sending the mail you mentioned is necessary AND you think it will be effective, it's better that such a mail is snet by your boss--until you establish yourself within the organisation. Else there is every chance you creating the responses I mentioned above--which doesn't auger well for any HR person career-wise.

In human relations--be it in an organisation or personal--the focus & effect of any communication is invariably enhanced [or depressed] by the stature/status of the person who communicates. An example: you wouldn't give the same weightage to what I say compared to what your, let's say, father says--even if what I say is correct & what your father says may be wrong.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
What you said was 100% percent true. I am the belong’s to that category, when i did a mail draft like that creates an issue and bad impression upon others.
From India, Madras
Dear Anishikha,
Our HR work always will be is a very responsible work. All the problems which are mentioned by you is a very simple problems which we are facing in a loosen concern. May be all the problems are not noticed by the Top Executives. If your man hours lost at the week end who is responsible person for the results? After one week he looked out the problem what is his planning for the next week, have he found what is the problem for this week. I feel on your part you have to give proper reports to your superiors and your HRM and other senior officials should sit and to take actions to remove all these problems. If you tell about your nature of concern we can discuss more about it. I am in apparels field, I never allowed to loose the working man Hours. Only by this we can make a lesser ABC costing to EPC costing. Please think freely and do actually what your concern needs, and discuss with your Boss about these. You can contact me at

with regds,

From India, Madras
Dear Anushkha

Please take your time to settle down a bit first and discuss your anxieties with your boss and try to know the reasons as to why these policies are not being adhered to. Mr. Raj kumar has very appropriately advised to go with the flow till you settled down comfortably with your position, try to study the present scenario and keep making notes. Do not take on all the issues raised by you all at once. Take the one that involve the least number of personnel (like the weekly reports) to start with. After the same has been put in order, take on the next one … and so on. Ti\his way you will gain time and get to reach at the bottom of the problem. Always keep in mind the humanitarian aspect. You are not doing (setting) the things in right perspective to punish the employees, but to set the things in the right corporate order. The habits of the employee are hard to mend in a single stroke. It will take a while to set the things as they should be. Give them time too to come to the new terms.

From India, Chandigarh
HI All, Kindly send circular draft format for email etiquette like Executive to ASM to SRSM to GMlike addressing from immediate superior to Gm. Regards, Gul
From India, Madras

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