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Do we have to give the salary structure with the job offer letter???
From India, Jaipur

Dear Neha, Generally Salary structure is given with Appointment letter, same is followed in our organization also. Regards Hemant Agarwal
From India, Faridabad

Hi Neha,

Not necessary, In my company we don't mention the salary details in the offer letter and intimate the same to the candidate while sending the offer letter. The Salary (CTC) is mentioned in the appointment letter and the break-ups (salary structure) is mentioned in the annex.

From India, Madras
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Dear Neha,

Companies often give a one page offer letter . This makes it easy for them to keep the option of resourcing the candidate for a different role. But that can be disputed. Please do not do that.

Offer letter or the Letter of intent should include the following:
  1. Designation,
  2. Salary structure
  3. Date and place of joining
  4. Duration within which the candidate can revert, if it is not responded. The offer will stand invalid
  5. Documents submission
  6. Conditions applicable as per the legal guidance , including the offer is subjective to the verification of the background information and the documents.

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From India, Mumbai
Hi every one , This is vasanth from chennai, I need helpto creat experiance letter for one of our employee , she has joined 2008 after she took 7 months gap for her maternity, but we dont have any maternity benefits to their, after she joined again here to continue to her jobs in before somemonths she totaly left our company, the thing is how i should write experianc efor her please can anyone suggest me a model.

From India, Madras

Dear Neha,
A one page offer letter indicating the designation and probable date of joining will be sufficient in the offer letter. No salary particulars needs to be mentioned it. This offer letter is handed over to facilitate the prospective candidate to put up his resignation with his current employer.
However, it will be advisable to prepare the offer of appointment also alongwith the offer letter indicating all the salary details and shown to the candidate upon his shortlisting. The candidate can affix his signature in all the pages of the original letter and photocopy. Both copies are retained by the employer with a promise to the employee that the offer of appointment will be handed over to him on the date of his joining.
This suggestion is given, to prevent prospective candidates from flashing your offer of appointment containing salary particulars with the current employer or other potential employers of the prospective candidate.

From India, Madras
Vasant Nair

Dear Neha,
You need not mention the break up of the CTC in the Offer Letter. But is is always best to share with the new recruit the break up of the CTC and explain to him/her how the Salary Structure will look like. This will help in avoiding any resulting confusion at a later stage when the detailed Appointment Letter is issued.
Should you want a draft of an Offer Letter, please contact me on my email : I will send you the same for your use.
Vasant Nair

From India, Mumbai

It is always better to give Salary Structure along with Offer Letter. Justification for the same is:
  • I do not think, anybody can decide about job change or about taking up new employment without knowing the exact details of the salary being offered.
  • It is always better to be transparent, open and ethical while dealing with prospective employees. It will create positive impression about your company and will increase the chances of candidate joining your company. It can also avoid confusions, misunderstandings, disputes and acrimonies arising after joining or after issuance of Appointment Letter.
  • When you decide CTC obviously you know the breakup of the same, so why hide it and invite problems ?

From India, Pune
Dear Neha, In an Offer letter you should not mention about salary. It should mention Designation, Date and place of joining. Be specific. Regards, Gajendra
From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

These days many companies has stopped attaching the same with the Offer letter, coz at time some candidates use this information to negotiaite designation and CTC with their current company,.. same the case with my company, we dont mention designation or salary on offer letter..we mention( your designation and CTC will be same as iscussed during the interview)

From India, Chandigarh
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