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Thread Started by #scorpio130

Hi All, I am Priyanka. I am going to join a new company as an HR. I need some useful tips from all of you so that I get success in my new organisation. Thanks & Regards, Priyanka
3rd June 2007 From India, Delhi
Friends, Please help me as it is very important for me. I am new to this site and community.
3rd June 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Priyanka,

First of all Welcome to citehr..

Congratulations for your new assignment..

Before implementing anything first go through all the things and be familiar with those, that will help you a lot to communicate with others, these are-

1. Shift Management of employees

2. Checking and updation of personal files of each & every employee

3. ESI status

4. PF status

5. Attendance details

6. Leave status

7. Mode of salary payment

8. working culture etc.

Then you can start implementation with-

1. Prepare an MIS in an excel sheet

a. There prepare basedata of each & every employee with all the details

b. Prepare the attrition rate over there

c. List out New Joinee

d. Resignation of the month

2. From that MIS you can see the DOB of employee coming in that month then you arrange a small meeting at weekend with a huge cake and celebrate the same

3. You can implement the Employee of the MOnth award over there, with help of seniors. And give a certificate and if possible a Momento to that employee

4. You can prepare a weekly attence report of employees and check out who is coming late and all and can show it to your senior.

5. First complete all pending works related with ESI, PF and all if it comes under ur profile.

Likewise you can do a lot of thing from the very first month itself, and last but not least try to interact with each & every employee. And let them feel your importance, that you are working all the things for their welfare only.

Seems its going too long..

Okkk Keep in touch n do reply.


Amit Seth.
3rd June 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Amit, Thanks a lott for all these suggestions. I will implement all these things in my new company. I am really looking forward for your co-operation in future as well. Regards, Priyanka
3rd June 2007 From India, Delhi
4th June 2007 From United Kingdom
This is trupti,i would like to know how a MIS is prepare in a excel sheet.
Also thanks for explaining a new joinee the steps.
please can you mail the MIS excel sheet at my email id,i will be obliged.

Trupti KHare :P
4th June 2007 From India, Pune
hi amit,
your comments r really useful, i m a management trainee and currently doin my summers in a hr firm. My project is to make HR process for them and it is very big and i m too new to it so i m very confused. can u plz help me with it.
4th June 2007 From India, Thana
Hi Priyanka,
Welcome in the world of HR professionals & wish you a very bright career ahead.
Please let forum know specifically, what assistance you need. We all will be happy to share our knowlege & experience.
Warm Regards,
Sanjay Shende

4th June 2007 From India, Mumbai
hi amit,
A very useful suggestion. It will help all the new joinees. In your suggestions you have specifically stresses on the status of PF and ESI. I know it is important. But in my company my HR head is ignoring that part. Even there is large pending issues Of ESI & PF. May be she does not have knowledge about that. So what should I do?
With best wishes & regards
Sumit Kapoor
4th June 2007 From India
Hi Priyanka,
Apart from the points suggest by Amit, it is very essential that you creat a good image in the eye of your senior. It is very important to do so. Because I have experienced in short career that it is very difficult to change the image in the eye of other once it is create a bad. So try to win the trust of your senior.
with Best wishes & regards
Sumit Kapoor
4th June 2007 From India
Hi Friends,
I thank you all for your response.
Amit and Sharad have given really good suggestions to me. I will try to implement them.
I am going to join as an HR generalist profile. At present, it is a small company, but they are looking forward to expand the company in near future. So, I want to contribute to company's growth in the best possble manner as well as to gain knowledge and expertise.
With your wishes and god's grace, I am hoping to see myself grow in the future.
5th June 2007 From India, Delhi
Your question is not clear hope the following suggestion helps you
Be positive,confident,assertive
Be polite & share a good rapport with everyone as it will help you in the long run to implement new process.
HR sets the rule so see to it that you are the first one to follow them.
Always remember that every problem has a solution.
It helps to be apt in follow ups.
Try & understand the culture of the organisation.
Internet is the best tool,make complete use of it.
Every aspect of your job however miniscule is at the end a value addition.
Do not let other people mindset influence your line of thinking.
Be creative as this will make you & your work unique
Have a great day!!!
5th June 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Priyanka,
The most important thing when you join any organisation as HR is how you communicate what you want to. Modulate your speech according to the situation.
There are many tips to work effectively as HR, do let me know what is your job profile.
Kedar Mistry
6th June 2007 From India, Mumbai
Good to see so many new people coming to the site.Hey Priyanka Welcome to the community of HR. so which company are you joining and what function would you be handling. HR is a vast feild in itself. Do keep in touch if you are handling recruitments. We could help each other.
Abhijeet Pai
Sr. Executive - Recruitments.
7th June 2007 From India, Mumbai
hi priya,
welcome to citehr and congrats,
upto to me the quotes for been a HR professional " talk less observe more" and understand the human behaviour, perceptions, and so on ..... finally maintain that in a good hr relations..
with regards
vino :D
7th June 2007 From India, Madras
Hai Mr. Amit,
I have seen your suggestions regarding HR tasks and i am very much thankful if you forward how to prepare MIS (excel) to my email
Executive - HR
GKAR Group of Companies
7th June 2007 From India, Madras
hi friends i am a student and hi priyanka i read your question and may b i m your junior but i want to contribute against your question

1 you did not tell uss that for which designation are you going to perform your job (hr manager, assistant) because the designation is more important because it describes you JD(job description and job specification)

dont worry n be realistic hr is the fundamental of any co n the co u r going 2 joint will not tell you there all confidential documents they will check you it takes a time friend but

1 u have 2 build trust

2 complete task effently and effectively

3 be a creative

4 always do participative decision making

5 become a role modle

6 most important always scan the organization enviornoment

7 use close commmunication so u can get the problems and feedback

8 note hr function is to faciliate all departments of co in the right time, rightplace with right people

want to say lots oof more

i am a student of bba and i am doing work as a assistan hr manager in the university from last 1 year so that was some of my sharing pls give mee the feed back of my contribution
7th June 2007
Dear Mr.Amit, You can give a sample sheet of MIS report so that this will be useful to many like me and Priyanka to start with in a better way. Thanks in Advance Regards P.T.RAMESHAN
7th June 2007 From India, Tiruppur
Hi Priyanka,
Congrats for your new assignment.
Amit has given good suggestions to you. Please go through the same. But HR role is unlimited. I don't know what exactly your job role. Any how, Incase of any help, we are here to support you.
I wish you all the best.
U.Anjan Kumar
8th June 2007
:) HI Every body

Amit and Priyanka , can u guys help me providing what exactly is mis excel sheet or report,plz do provide at my email address and can anybody help me in the procedure of recruitment in it and bpo's and their induction proghram,manpower planning and etc.

8th June 2007
Hi Anjan,
You are absolutely right. I have got some valuable suggestions from all of you. I will definitely try to implement all.
Now, there is one more confusion, friends.
I have got selected in two companies.
I am confused between both the companies. I am not able to decide which one should I join. One is a renowned company and they have 400 crores venture. Their business is spread all over india.
However, in this company, my role would be of an HR executive. But everything here will be systematic.
On the other hand, in the other company, I will be the only one handling all the HR issues. Since, it is a small company, I am the first and only person appointed for HR deptt at the moment. But they are planning for a big ramp up in the near future, may be next month or so.
I would appreciate, If you people can give me some advise. Which one should I join and why?
Salary will be more or less the same.
Thanks & Regards
9th June 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Priyanka,
My advise is to prefer the first one. As you mention, it is already a well established company and systematic, I hope in which you can learn more functions of HR.
The established company will give you more knowledge on the HR operations and as well as statutory requirements, which are very important for the HR person.
Any how, think twice before taking a decission.
I wish you all the best.
U. Anjan Kumar
9th June 2007
HI Every body
Amit and Priyanka , am working as a recruiter in a small IT Recruitment consultancy in Chennai. Our strength is only 6. Can u guys help me in providing with the procedure of IT Recruitment in my consultancy, ours is just developing. We want to develop our concern. Can u guys please help me in elaborating the whole procedure of a IT Consultancy so that we run it properly. Do provide all the details at my email address
Thanks in Advance.
Hope u guys help me.
7th July 2007
Hi priyanka :lol:
I really appriciate u r sharing.
Also thanks to Mr.Amit for his wonderful guidlines..
I want to share some points with u
01.Maintain log book or diary
02.Make a calander for u r jobs and follow it every month.
03.Prepare checklist for all the jobs.
04.Study all the Act books
05.Up date statutory registers.
06.Prepare a checklist for all the licence and certificates

094426 37009
7th July 2007 From India, Madras
Hello Abhijeet,
I'm pursuing my MBA in HR, I want to build my carrier in recruitment section. I need the help & guideness from u currently i'm working in company as a HR Executive . I need ur email id .
My email id is
Plzzzzzzz help me .
Waiting 4 ur quick response.
Thanks in advance.
28th July 2007 From India, Indore
Hi Amit
Hw r u doing.Read your reply,really great,,well can u plz tell me hoe to prepare the Form for assessing the employee of the month.
Our parameter are:Quality of work,
Quantity of work
Discipline-Attendence b)Punctuality
These r few ,,,Can u plz suggest some more :roll: :roll:
28th July 2007 From India, Calcutta
Hi Vib..
Thanks a lot for your nice comments..
Regarding you concern over EOM, i think you have covered a very good parameters..
you may add some more like relation with Juniors & seniors, comments of his immediate superior...
Hope it might work with you.. and now i think these are the sufficient parameters to judge the same..
Amit Seth.
28th July 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
hello Amit, your suggestion is like HR guide, keeep it up. i am working as HR-Exe. i am also new in the field, would like to appreciate your suggestion. Regards, Deepa.
15th October 2007 From India, Pune
hi amit
saw your awsome tips.....i am new 2 this HR field and joined a BPO this is my first job(5 days)...i am able 2 catch up things easily but still want to get an idea about about the profile of an hr(fresher) at initial stages
26th October 2007
Hello Amit,
First of all let me thank you for your valuable suggestions for this topic as well as your regular contributions. The members here asked you to send HR MIS format. I just wanted to know whether you are sending it to their personal ids. If yes, kindly post it here only for everyone's benefit. I would really appreciate this effort.
Thanks & Regards
Smita Verma
26th October 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Amit,
This is nice to hear from u all about the things to be followed while we join in a company and myself also need a soft copy of MIS and i will be greatful to you if u send me a copy.
Thanking you,
27th October 2007
Dear All..

MIS report is known as Management Information System... regarding the Manpower status of a particular month, place and overall..

It helps the Management in decision making.. like what are the reasons of resignation.. in which area attrition is high.. and so many things to help in decision making.. with teh help of MIS you may prepare a lot of reports.. Like annual attrition.. regionwise attrition.. regionwise manpower.. graphical representation of regions manpower status.. and so on..

You may prepare the same at your end.As it will help you to prepare other such formats too.

I am describing you the contents with sheet wise..

First Sheet-

Details of employee

a. E.Code b. Name of employee

c. Date of birth d. Designation e. CTC

f. Address for communication

g.Permanent address h. Contact number

i. Blood group j. Maximum qualification

k. Extra qualification l.Total Experience

Second Sheet-

Salary structure

In this sheet write down the complete salary structure.. and make a column what is salary after any revision

Third Sheet -

New Joinees

In this sheet write down the name of New joinees of that month with detail




DOB n etc.

Forth Sheet -

Resigned employees

In this sheet write the name of employees who resigned during

that particular month with details like name, designation, date of joining,

Date of resignation, last working day.

Fifth sheet -

Attrition rate

Based on this MIS report, you may find out the attrition report, Qualification analysis reports, team management reports and so on can prepare a number of reports..


Amit Seth.
29th October 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Amit, Keep up the good work.! CiteHR must be proud to have you as a member for your efforts. Regards, Partha.
29th October 2007 From India, Calcutta
Thank You Partha.. :D Thanks a lot for such an appreciation.. But in actual i feel proud of myself to be a member of this citehr.. Anyways thanks again..
29th October 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
I have seen your suggestions regarding HR tasks Can you please show me how to prepare MIS sheet (excel)..Please forward it to my id, so that i can learn id is.
Thank u.. neha
13th November 2007 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Hey Priyanka,
The profiles seems intresting. Can give you a foray at a later stage to Employee Management skills.
But it basically depends what you want to take up & which sort of work would you enjoy the most.
If these details do interest you, then i suggest you should go for it. Alos it depends on which sort of company is offering this profile to you. If you feel its a growing company, chances for learning are more , than a well established one.
All the ebst to you then...
:D ..
Take Care.
Farha Taqvi
8th January 2008 From India, Pune
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