I’m working in the Leading human Resource software company, want to know entire detail about succession planning.Can anybody guide me with sample example.
From India, Pondicherry
Dear Deepika,

Succession planning is quite comprehensive. It lasts for couple of years. You need to groom employees so that they can execute the future jobs effectively. For this you need to identify their future competencies and start grooming them on those competencies. Succession planning reduces employee attrition to some extent.

However, this very employee attrition upsets the apple cart of succession planning. What is the use of succession plan if the employees do not stick to your company? Therefore, first take steps to control the attrition.

I am ready to provide training cum consulting services on succession planning. However, my services are paid one. Please talk to your management and confirm whether they are ready to avail of my paid services.

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Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Deepika,

1. Map the age profile of employees.

2. This will indicate the number of employees above 50 years of age.

3.The positions held by these people will require your immediate attention, because if the age of superannuation is 58 years then you have just 8 years to identify and train a person to perform his function/ role. However, it also depends on the job he is performing, whether it is a crucial role or not. For example if the employee holds senior positions in Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR etc.,

4. Identify potential employees within the organisation minimum 3 employees and inform them about your succession planning ideas for the position wherein the employee has crossed 50 years.

5.Groom them, inform the person for whom you are planning for succession that he needs to impart the knowledge in phased manner (Starting from routine jobs to the more complex ones handled by him including the critical aspects) acquired by him over the years to ensure smooth transition.

6. Assess the progress made on a quarterly basis. Obtain the feedback from the person for whom you are planning for succession. Over a period of 2 years you will have an idea as to who can be considered for the position amongst the three persons identified by you.

7. Impart more rigorous training (complex and confidential tasks).

8. Make him the deputy to the position you are planning for succession after 4 years.

9. By the time the employee departs at 58 years you will have a full fledged trained person.

10. In the event the person whom you have identified for succession leaves during the 8 year period you always have 2 back ups identified by you.

11. Sometimes you may not be able to identify people within the organisation for succession planning in sucha case you may have to hire one and train him, but retaining him will be very important.

12. You may come across instances wherein the employee for whom you are planning for succession will not share all the knowledge gained by him owing to fear of loosing power. You need to monitor such signs and take corrective actions.

13. Please also note when companies recruit employees from campus the age profile of candidates will be the same and touch wood if all these candidates stay on in the organisation, many vacancies will fall during a particular year. This phenomenon will be prone amongst employees in the workmen category. Critical skills gained by them during the long periods of service will be lost on the year they leave. So plan for multiskill training wherein the workmen acquire different skills and do not stick to one department or work centre.

14. To ensure all this you need to have a clear career plan made available to employees to know what are the requisites for each level and how they can progress and elevate themselves in the organisation.

I have shared some of my views as the subject for discussion is very elaborate.

Feel free to contact me on .


From India, Madras
ASTD (American standards for Training and development) has conducted survery and their research material is available on their website which talks about this succession planning on a very detailed note.
I would suggest you to read them as well.

From India

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