Dear Friends
I have a case study in my MBA please let me know your comments regarding this . your help will be much appreciated
case attached

Making reference to appropriate literature, critically evaluate the three questions applied to the case personality case study

The case on Personality has 3 areas under discussion but it is one case on personality.

1. Students are expected to read understand the case.
2. The case should be explained in one paragraph with reference to personality
3. You are also expected to analyse the case using one more paragraph

There are 3 questions; all questions are to be answered in the following manner.

The question should be answered clearly given reference to applicable theory, moreover you are required to identify a similar company in the local context, provide examples

From Sri Lanka, Wattala

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Come on tikka. You are reading for a MBA. You should be able to analyse the case on your own. If you you cant do such a simple case what is the worth of your MBA.
Come on lets give atry and piblish your analyse and answers. Then we will comment.
Good luck

From Sri Lanka
Dear Friends
Thanks and highly appreciated your advices. this is my frst case study the thing is theirs 3 cases in first case (apple computer workers work long hours) i cant find the relevant theory. please kindly help

From Sri Lanka, Wattala
dear tikka
i am doin my masters in psychology...and i feel tht it wld be a good idea to study huizenga's self concept in terms of his perception of himself with respect to his occupation, his skillls and attributes, ...these are some of the variables tht are a part of a person's self concept. also with respect to the third question, to me it seems tht wunn's employees r high on jod satisfaction and organizational commitment as they view their leader to be a transformational leader . a transformational ledaer is someone who is perceived as inspiring, intellectually stimulating and also showing individual consideration. i reccommend you read some work on transformational leadership theory by bass...also wynn's employees wld typically show high level of affective commitment which is one of the 3 components of organizational commitment(affective, normative and continuance commitment). affective commitment has been shown to be related to job satisfaction. you will find literature on tht too.


From India, Mumbai
with respect to the 1st question...again i wld say tht these employees may be high on affective(i want to work ) and continuance commitment(i have to work)........
From India, Mumbai
Dear tikka9,
i can understand your dilemna, sometimes i get myself in similar cases and in this site most of these senior members are rough sometimes but they mean good. Read the case again, and the answer will come to you. i read it briefly once and i got an idea of what the questions are refering to. My experience about case study is to read the case study with the question in mind then to try and attempt it.
question 3: why are the employees happy ? waht do you think it is a question of how they are being treated and the authority they have at work. you solve a problem on the spot wihout going through stupid channel
Question 2: look out at the definition of self esteem and link it with strategic implementation, show how it works.
Question 1: like it specifed some employees are happy to spend 90 hours at work - job satisfaction with satisfied benefits may be find out.
hope that this will help.

From Mauritius, Port Louis
Dear Tikka,
Realise one thing, in a case study there is neither right nor wrong as faar as you can explain it with clarity and are able to convince atleast 90%. Dont bother about the rest 10% because every body does not think alike. This is an interesting study about human nature and please apply your mind, even though it is your first time. Don't run away from problems. Also a recommendation , send in what you think may be we could all give our comments and you could improve up on the same.

From India, Mumbai
is this forum only for HR and OB? my subjects are Marketing / accounting for decision-makers and people and organizational behaviors is their any other forums to help in other subjects. please let me know
From Sri Lanka, Wattala
Dear Friend

due to your very best support i have complete my assignment for first case. herewith i attached it for your kind consideration. what do you think? please help me with your valuable comments


As a assignment. 01 on People & organizational behavior subject of MBA this report going to focus about individual differences of personality reference to the given case study. The particular case included three different situations. First case describes the employees with behavior of working hard & long hours in their organizations like apple computers. Second case describe the self-esteem personality of successful entrepreneur wayne huizenga. The final situation is about leadership and motivational style of Steve Wynn at Mirage Resorts for make their employees happy and tightens organizational commitment.

Case 01

Because of downsizing of apple computers survivors has no other option except working hard and long hours to protect their job. The management also has big role to change workers perception to work hard and long hours otherwise workers will stressed and withdrawal behavior may occur. As stated in the case, apple computer workers wearing the t-shirts that proclaim ď90 hours a week and loving it!Ē is a kind of management actions will help to change their workers personality, perception and make positive attitude on working hard and long hours Also they provide mobile phones, pagers and computers to their workers for telecommuting. This will helps to balance their work- life balance. The motivation factors of the organization will be most important for retain the workers and encourage them to work hard and long hours in a effective manner with positive attitudes. Job satisfaction of the employees will happily contribute to the organization positively and effectively also, organizational commitment of the employees will play major role. If employees are well committed in to the organization, they will do their best to the organization in a happily and positively. As stated in the case, managements try to select the employees with personality to work long hours when requiting the new employees so they donít need to do much to change employees attitudes to work around the clock since when they apply the job they are ready to work long hours.

Nations Trust Bank in sri lanka also practiced downsizing during the Global economic recession in year 2009. They have terminated their temporary staff at counters in all branches to reduce their administrative cost so survived staff has to work hard and long hours to complete the usual process. Nations Trust Bank is normally operating 8 hours per day and 365 days per year. due to this downsizing front level managers also has to fill the counter work and finally they are stressed but they donít have any other option since Nations Trust Bank having good image and value on banking sector in sri lanka and itís a subsidiary of popular john keels group employees hesitate to switch their job. By understanding this by the top management at nations trust bank change some structural, process and behavioral changing strategies to keep their workers more positively and effectively. They also staff to ware t-shirts on holiday work they allow their employees to work on shift basis & flexible work arrangements. Also they provide outbound training and many other personality development training programs and Extrinsic motivations like salary increments.

From Sri Lanka, Wattala
Dear tikka,

Since you have taken a genuine attempt, I would like to provide my opinion on the case.

It is not easy to motivate people to work 90hrs a week by asking them to wear Tshirts that is printed with "90hours a week and loving it ". It is not simple as that. If that is possible what is the use of having all these human behavioural theories. Generally human behaviours are the totla effect of culture, attitudes,values, ethics,persuation, genetics etc, etc.

In the case of apple computers I assume that employees are working happily even under most stressfull conditions.? The question is why ? Why employees are happy? The answer for that is high level of employees engagement .

According to Scarlett Surveys, "Employee Engagement is a measureable degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization which profoundly influences their willingness to learn & perform at work".

In case of Huizengia, he seems to be a extremely confident and have a load of self belief in what he is doing.He has teken right business decisions at right time. For a outsider it seems that luck has palyed major role in his progress. But to me he has taken calculated risks and all those decsions have been proved correct.

He is self driven, highly motivated person who has been very successful whatever he has done upto now. But that does not mean, that there is a guarantee, that he will not fail in his future business venture. If there happened to be a failure, his self confidence will start deteriorating and self doubts will start creeping.

In the third case, as rightly pointed out by someone, it is transformational leadership.

Wish you all the best

From Sri Lanka

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