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Thread Started by #Shazneen

Hi, What is the treatment for employees that go Absconding?
These days we all come accross so many such cases hence would like to know how they are treated and what are the legal implications.
Thanks & regards,
30th May 2007 From India, Thana
Hi Shazneen,
In this case what you can do is.... first send across a letter to him stating the fact (like…not reporting from so and so day reply immediately over the phone or letter). If you get no reply from his end… this time (after a week) send across a strong warning letter stating that.... legal action will be taken if he fail to respond in a week time. If no reply again.... consult you legal advisor and send across a legal notice to him.
Make sure all the letter should be communicated to his permanent address.
30th May 2007 From India, Madras
Hi Sanjay, Is it Necessary to send the letters to his/her permanent address only. If we dont have , then what we can do? Regards, Surya
30th May 2007 From India, Pune
Hi Surya,
Then is it the employer's (HR) fault if they don’t have the complete info of their employees. When the new hire completing his/her joining formalities it is the HR's responsible to get all the necessary info.
However worst case if the employer doesn’t have the permanent address, probably you can check with his colleagues or friends. Don't give them a feel that you are enquiring about his/her info.
30th May 2007 From India, Madras
In case you do not have Address you can still make the communication by putting up the Absconding notice on a Local & National newspaper. Keep the record with you for any future reference.
Normally for an Absentee, if he/she is absent for more than 10 days, absence notice is send seeking explanation for absence. Based on the explanation, enquiry is conducted. If he/she is found guilty an opportunity is given to his Union to represent his case and then punishment is awarded. In the initial stage suspension for few days should be enough. You need to build up the case like to this to proof that he is a habitual absentee before terminating his employment. You should always see that punishment is commensurate to the offence committed otherwise the cases goes against the Management in the Labour Courts.
30th May 2007
It is the responsibility of the HR department to get the detailed resumes and proof of address etc before the employment.

The concerned in the department need to verify the certificates etc, and also should have a reference cheque prior to the induction. If the person do not have any documentary evidence to expidite as proof of address , opt for minimum two reference persons who is having clear address and means of contacts.

For cases of absconding, the HR department must:

1. Send intimation to the immeidate superior of the person absconding, seeking his advice, if the person is conscutively absent for three days without any information to the HR/department

2. on getting the advice from the immeidate superior, need to send an intimation to his permanent address with copy to all known temporary addresses (7 days) giving further 7 days time for giving causes.

3. If no reply till 14 days, an intimation need be given to the local police who is having jurisdictional authority, even though there is no capital loss to the company, as we do not know what happened to the person.

4. Remove the person from the pay roll subsequently, and keep the settlement ready.

In the other side, if the person is deliberately not reporting for the duty and if not giving any reply to the letters, and if we have clear information that the person is pusposfully avoiding from attending the duties, the services need to be expelled with immediate effect, as per the terms of the employment ( notice period etc)

Sajeev Kumar
31st May 2007
Hi Shazeen,

I have been sucessful in putting hold on this and would like to share my experience with you

a) We make new joiners to the organization fill detailed personal record form were in apart from the general data we have a column called as "Emergency contact number", here the employee has to give two such numbers with contact person name .

The same is updated on quaterly basis incase of any changes.

advantage: Company has complete and updated info. on employee

b) Leave application format: This form makes the employee give information like "place of visit", address and contact details.

Now the benefit of this,

We had an employee who left the Organization after taking the salary for the month and never came back we followed all the norms mentioned below but couldn't gain sucess then the leave format had the number of his inlaws house, We contacted him there too but the family members inspite of co-operating started behaving wiered, Still keeping in good faith we spoke with them twice to thrice and then warned them that a police FIR will be filed as

- Being an empoyee of one Organization he cannot be working else where as he was not relieved.

- He had the Keys of the drawers.

- He had not completed the basic norms of relieving......

the result was the employee got in touch with us and paid us the notice period , returned all the documents he had of the Company.

The impact : Since we kept our PM involved in all the proceeding and we had there cooperation, the other employee took it as a postiive measure then getting into negative aftermaths.



31st May 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Al,
Definitely to a certain extent the absconding rate can be reduced..
A thought came to my mind... If we all start posting the list of such absconding employees on the site so that everyone could get a brief list of all such employees (with photograph as well)
Please let me know your views.
31st May 2007 From India, Pune
If the employee do not report or be absent for one week without informing anyone.,in this case the company can send a register letter to the employee and ask him to report immediately to company on so and so date.The company should send 3 letter after every seven days and even if the employee is not reporting then the company should terminate
the employee from the company by sending a letter of termination to hte employee.
Trupti :P
31st May 2007 From India, Pune
Hi Shazneen,
The problem can be dealt at two stages:
A) At the time of joining the organization all the relevant information such as temporary address, permanent address, residence phone, references, personal bond, Surety, etc. can be taken. If required background checks can also be resorted to.
B) With the above information on hand, the registered letters can be sent to his addresses as per company's records to report for work immediately. After sending a couple of letters, termination letter can be got pasted on his door with signatures of two witnesses. Alternately, his/her photo and termination notice can be published in two prominant local newspapers. If the employee has executed any personal bond and/or surety, company can proceed legally to recover the compensation/money.
V.Nanda Kumar
31st May 2007 From Taiwan, Keelung
Hi sachin, The above idea looks good only to the extend of keeping the name by keeping his photograph there might be some legal problems.
31st May 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Sachin,
That is a good idea.
But we should also remember that there are takers for such people and that is why they are encouraged to abscond from their current org.
There are many companies now who are taking them on board without proper relieving letters, or other documents.
Still it is always good to start such practise as this may help in the long run.
31st May 2007 From India, Pune
Absconded case is similarly to absenteeism. Just follow normal procedure as practise for absenteeism. For malaysia, If the employees did not turn up for over 48hours, company has right to terminate their employment
1st June 2007 From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Sachin,

I am game with your idea. But as said earlier we definitely need support. We can start a Forum to begin with maybe of around 15 - 20 people who are ready to support this idea. This message will spraed and hopefully others will join the gang. We can take a poll on how many people on an average go absconding from your respective organisations and am sure in bigger organisations the numbers will be even more and they will definitely want to share those names such that others dont recruit.

But again as pointed out these days the market is so strange that companies dont even ask for relieving and exp letters. Thats so sad!!

I think WE AS HR should definitely poise an objection to this even if the organisation encourages the same. The management should be made aware of the causes of encouranging this. There are so many fake Cv's circulating in the market these days atleast keeping that in mind we should make this compulsary.

What say respected HR Group?? Do you think we can stop this as a TEAM????


1st June 2007 From India, Thana
Hi All,
Definitely we can stop to a certain extent if we act as a team.
We should take some steps that at least absconding employees do not get jobs easily in the market. Also the employees should not be offered without a proper relieving letter and authenticated experience/degree certificates.
We had a similiar case last month where employee is absconding from our organisation... and joined IDEAS... we reported the same that he has not completed the formalities... The candidate (Rahul Saraf) managed fake experience / relieving certificates and got the job... However organization should not have not entertained the candidate...when reported...Can we take any further action on this against the candidate.
We should stop this...
2nd June 2007 From India, Pune
Hi, I work for a BPo in Mumbai and i always wanted to start a forum or a database of Absconding Employees.It would be a great thing if ppl can team up together.
16th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
I Gonna To Do Summer Project On Attrition Analysis In A Bpo...
Hr Manager Has Asked Me To Interview The Absconders & Resigned Employees.,,, Ur Suggestion Pls.........(i Hav Prepared Questionnaire Similar To Exit Interview Questionnaire)
16th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hi this robin...
My father was working in a government firm. he was absconding for the past 7 years. and the government firm was shut down since it was running under loss. so all the other employees got their final settelment. when we enquired about my father's final settlement the officers old that we need to wait for 7 years from the date of my father's absconding date. He go absconded in 2000, now it is 7 years completed. so where should I contact regarding his settlement and what are the procedures.
NOTE: the company he was working was Tamilnadu Agro Industries corporation Ltd, undertakn by Government of Tamilnadu, and now it is closed down.
19th June 2008 From India, Madras
Hi folks,

Couple of questions

1. What should be the contents of the 1st, 2nd and term letter?

2. What about their F & F, especially in case where most of the Co keep a clause of 1 month notice. In case of dues what's the procedure of recovery and notice thereof.

3. Especially in BPO industries such instances are frequent where majority of employee leave without notice and suddenly appeared after some time to resume back or demand undue settlements. what is the best way to save the Co interest?
19th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
hi ,
i have read all the comments regarding absconding employee . first i would like to say that the steps u all have taken is very harsh. sending legal notices i can understand but goin to their native place and confirming whether he stays der or not all why u all are wasting your time on such employee . some one has mentioned complaint to police station i cant stop laughing he was thief working in your organization or employee. no one can force any individual to work in their organization . if they are not interested working try to find out what was the reason why he is not intersted or why he/she left the org. ...
28th August 2014 From India, Mumbai
Hi Guys,
Please suggest me next action for below query......
I was working in one of the company in Banaglore during that time i am serving notice period of 2 months, after completing one month notice period i am unable to complete reaming one month notice period due to some critical family issue.
Also because of family issue i didn't went their for next 10 days, after that they call me and said that you need to complete your reaming notice period, i said its not possible me to rejoin and complete the reaming notice period, then HR says you will be absconded for the same.
After two months i called them for my Full and Final settlement letter and Reliving letter.They gave me full & final settlement letter but now they are not providing me my Reliving or Experience letter.
Guys please suggest me now how i can get my experience letter from my organization.
Appreciate you support on this matter.
Gajanan Pole,
30th August 2015 From India, Pune
Hi Guys,
I was working in one of the company in Banaglore,during that time i have under two months notice period. Unfortunatly i have completed only one month notice period but after that due to some critical family issue i was unable to complete the reaming one month notice period.
After 10 days HR called me and said that you need to rejoin and complete the reaming one month notice period, but that time also i am not in that situation to rejoin for completing the reaming notice period.Then HR said me your case will be consider as absconded.
After 2.5 month i called to HR for my F & F letter and Experience letter,they gave me only F & F letter.Now they saying you will not get experience letter beacuse your case is absconded.
So guys i request you to please suggest me way to get my Experience letter.
Much appreciated your support on above matter.
Gajanan Pole
30th August 2015 From India, Pune
If a employee who has signed a contract leaves and is absconding .. can we give a notice in a local paper that he is absconding and has nothing to do with us ..incase he tries to reach our clients.
Please guide and let me know what will be the content of this NOTICE in the paper.
12th November 2016 From India, Ambala
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