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What do we mean by politics? It's a subject by itself, the reality's surrounded everywhere and the whole world is ruled by it....we can't get away with it from the work place either! It's all about our individual personality and how well we manage it at the place we are in to make our work life comfortable. You will be part of it if you nod, and if you don't it will be assumed that you were part of the other gang, it will take a longer time for us to establish that we were neutral all along! Whatever be the work place scenario, being neutral and contributing consistently to the work place's objectives is what could make a difference for us at the same time not ignoring it completely, after all politics is everywhere! Equally beware of the fact that if we practice politics then there will be times wherein we will also be ruled by the opposition!
From India, Madras
Dear All,

In my opinion, generally politics is started by employees who do not have enough work. Politics germinates out of gossips and rumours.

Generally, politics is an unhealthy culture. But, sometimes for HR professionals it is a route to seed in, unpleasant informations through these channels. For example you have decided to prepare the union office bearers before a negotiation and you have information that the union office bearers are unlikely to heed to your strategy and you wish that it has to be known to fellow workmen then you need to seed it indirectly through these channels without revealing yourself.

But in general politics in organisations kill the morale of employees. Hence, you need to take it head on.

Whenever you observe unhealthy politics. For example you observe that an employee is passing comments on the relationship existing between two employees (male and female), then it would be wise on your part to curtail it immediately. As this will take a nasty turn some day.

As suggested by many of the colleagues, dealing with politics varies from situation to situation. But you should not be drowned in the process. Beware!!!


From India, Madras
hi all
dont involve in learning politics, politics can be created and it can also be destroyed.
if by giving bang bang to the person doing politics, it can be stopped, but you should have the guts to bang bang....

From India, Coimbatore
I agree with rohitmgulati!! Come wat may, professionals and politics can't be separated.
Assertive Communication, Win-Win Situation, Communication Models and all the similar jazz is bookish matter; the reality is harsh and clear that poltics is unavoidable!!
If my boss or any other HOD is playing politics against me, just because i dint favor him; how will win-win etc come in picture?? i can apply these models, however the other person has already decided to deal wid me in his own ways!!
These models can be more useful if one is in the management and want to change the culture of the organization, otherwise its just apt to be in a book!!
Rahul Chhabra

From India, Delhi
hii everybody....
firstly, thanks to all for sharing such valuable suggestions over d crucial topic.............
ya thatz true.......n remove d dirt, firstly u hv to get into it...........u hv to interact with co-workers oftenly, to avoid confusions at any later stage.......POSITIVE & CLEAR COMMUNICATION works best...

From India, Lucknow
ignore the rubbish adopt the good is the right way but it will be difficult to manage in practicle. sumit
From India, Ghaziabad
first we need to understing purpose of politics, so gether the information to do the best apply for controlling and punished them.
From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
Managing politics in work place is indeed very difficult.... Be on the side of truth and justice...And move striclty along the path of company rules and regulations. Be unique...and never show any sorts of partiality to anyone.....Keep in mind always...we are working for the company as one....Understand the management and also your collegues.........

From India, Rajamahendri
What is politics?
If it is influencing others and get things done in your way then it is very much desirable. Self praise, showing self imprortance / or self worth is also not that bad
If your means are wrong -like gossiping, self-boasting,implicating others without reason etc. then it is bad otherwise it is an art.
In any organisation one go he needs to understand the politics

From India, Gurgaon
Well I think that office politics can be pretty rotten at times. But the fact remains, where there are people there will be politics. Also one thing you can’t deny is that getting people influenced and getting things done are all part of business. So point is that it really depends for what and how it is being used. What I would say is that it is the behavior of the people that makes politics rotten or good. I will further illustrate my point with a simple example.
Let’s say part of what you need to do in your organization is to push new initiatives and get people to
Now you can do this in 2 ways

- By identifying influencers and people in your company and educating them on you initiatives regarding the benefits of the same
- Or by stealing credit for your team’s ideas and curtailing any opposing views to the initiatives proposed by you

I don’t know about others opinion, but the first way seems OK and the second way seems a wee bit sneaky.
So I stick to my point that politics is essential to get things done (like it or not ). It’s the intent of the person that makes it good or bad. Also it must be understood that politics arise out of a difference of opinion which may be legitimate or totally without rhyme or reason ( I know most of you see the second one ).
Also whenever such situations arise, it’s best to get these things solved through a neutral third party or someone outside the team.

So how to resolve politics?
There really is not simple answer to this unfortunately. No it’s not as easy ticking off a checklist. Every situation demands a different approach to conflict resolution. But the things to keep in mind is identification of the problem, and the stakeholders involved.

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From India, Delhi

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