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Hi All,
Can anyone sugges me some good ideas for diwali celebrations in office, something different..not rangoli or lantern making and all...we have already done dat earlier... somethin very creative and fun :) do post in ur comments & suggestions :)
arrange some games,
enjoy with firecrackers,
give them (employee) sweet boxes, chocolates, etc
make a trip,
arranges some fun topic presentation,
arrange some computation- game, songs, debates, etc.
or if you interested in social work and all those things, so arrange blood donation camp,
help to child relief community,
also, you can fund to any social community who can work for poor people, orphanages, animal orphanages, CRY, etc.
With Regards,
Ravikumar Kulkarni
Apsora India Pvt. Ltd Pune.
Hi, Priyanka,
this is suloke , i this diwali, Open a bank box FOR POOR CHILDREN, and your will see next year its create a big amount for help them ,
use your money for them they dont have support, enjoy your diwali for others not for you.thats the best way to clebration. becasue your are differnet from others.
what do you think? if i m wrong the sorry , and happy diwali

Thankyou Suloke... i very well agree with your point :) ofcourse we hv our own corporate social responsibility towards the society...and v do contribute :) bt as an organization and management , we are liable to answer our employees too. Its jus a lil fun we tryin to bring in from their day to day chores.... This will cheer dem up too ...
Y dont u arrange some quiz competitions, give them prizes for winnig & some fire crackers along. Regards Tabassum
you can have dress code like saree for girls and kurta pajama for boys..also you can keep chit system..
one who gets no.1 will get choclate box and who gets no.2 will get mithai will be fun..or you can ask everyone to bring gifts and blind fold employees and can exchange gifts..
Rashmi Malhotra
Hi Everyone,
I am really happy to see the replies of our friends.
Most of the replies are about helping the poorer..........
But my pinch of taught is different. As we all knew the world badly requires green revolution, we can keep the first step to save the nature in order to save our future generation.
Helping poor is good but more than that helping our self is essential.
Actually in my center we were planning for Tree Plantation!!!
A minimum of 100 forest plants near by mountains/hills.
Hope it will give funnest outdoor experience and they will have the satisfaction of planting at-least one in their lifetime. ( we can add up the outdoor games to make that day much more interesting).
hope u like it
Firstly wishing you a very Happy Diwali.
May be you could have some desk decoration and the best desk receives a prize.
Rangoli done in a different way, may be some cardboard rangoli, all females to be dressed in saree and all males in kurta/pyjama etc. The best dressed male and female could get a prize each.
Arrange for some games like antakshari, dumb shreyas, may be some employees kids doing a performance or a skit.
Have a great day.

Some things you can do are :
Buy wholesale crackers for the Associates and sell it to them at a lower price, organize some place where they can burst these crackers and have fun, u can add games and sweets to increase the excitement.
Hi Aswini,
You can ask your staff to come in traditional dress .
Decorate your office, take help of office boys, tell them to do it in night or early morning when staff is not there. It will be a surprise for them.
Organize a small party for staff and then u can have some games, if space allows go for drum shardes or Musical Chair.
If Space is less, you can ask employees to vote for the employee they appreciate the most. Give a gift to the most employee with maximum votes.
Or you can Organize a family party where in u can ask employees to bring in your families also to the party. You can organize this outside office, then u can have crackers too.
All the best.
Happy Diwali :)
Hi Give them a chance to celebrate Diwali with their family in their office environment-) Rgds M.Kumar HR
Project Diwali

1. A Competition to Decorate individuals Cubical/ Desk based on “Diwali Theme” (to prove individual creativity). Declare a Cash Award for this, may be money packed in a Pouch in golden colour cloth, placed in a noticeable place.

2. Every department to come-up with a New Concept to increase productivity within their department-A Light Concept( Team work). Declare a Group Gift or Cash award which will be equally shared by the department.

3. Declare diwali celebrations from 1st November onwards and give every day Gift to employees on different theme every day developed by them. Set Business based themes for each day, and everyone to come up with their own creative ideas and solutions. Some themes may be 'increase sale', 'cost cutting', 'communication'..... you may see plenty of ideas cropping up.

Believe me, your management will approve your Budget for this for sure as it will improve productivity directly. Along with this add a Provision for a Social Cause.

Let the Power of Light Enlighten all Around.

Vishwanathan Iyer

Dear Priyanka,
1. You can organise Diwali lunch along with traditional dress competition.
2. You and your colleagues can visit near by orphanage and offer sweets/books and cloths and have lunch with them
Hi Priyanka
Dis is Anu
I can suggest u a very funny idea bt its quite a risky one too
Put very minor crackers that flourishes flowers from it instead of fire in your Boss/Higher management cubical
Repeat the same thing at all the cubicals n arrange in a way that all the flower crackers florusih at the same time
we did dis at our offce last time
it was grt n got many compliments for that
Anupama Reddy
HR at VJIL,Hyd
Hi Priyanka
I hope you are working in an Industry. Call your Union and propose to skip one lunch (Preferably one or two days before Diwali) and the money saved for skipping that lunch may be handed over to Children Home/ Old age home/ Orphanage etc.,
You may handover the cash to the home or any kind. The day when you are conducting handing over cash/kind arrange some games involving Children/Old age people of the home.
I plan to keep a few games or a painting competition in the evening and winners will be awarded chocolate boxes/sweets. Have asked my employees to wear saree/ Kurta Pyjama. We have also kept a Puja.
Have attached an invitation which i plan to send to all.
Trust it might solve your problem to an extent.

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useful way to celebrate diwali by trees plantation.i really admire this idea D.BALAVINAYAGAM
Dear All,
Thankyou very much for all ur valuable comments :) I am sure this is of great help to me!!! truly wonderful ideas which are not too expensive and at the same time, will lead to lots of fun and enthusiasm :) Wish you all a very happy and prosperous diwali!!! tkcr...
I have come across one file called e-cracker may be is video file which shows cracker bursts, damaka spirit and wishes u Happy Diwali
I liked Aswini reply very much .
Atleat we could Educate people in our locality how the smoke from the crackers spoil the greenery and the trees and we could educate them how planting of small trees could be helpful to reduce the pollution.
Amazing Ideas...Keep it up!!

1. First, al the employees should have Pooja ceremany led by the mgmt, and pray for a prosperous career

2. You can organize a game of tambola (housie)

3. If u have enough space then organize small stalls selling various food items, soft toys, company t-shirts (Giving out merchandise with a company logo will help u brand ur organization)

4. You can set up a stage and reward the best performers, have some cultural programs/competetions for the employees

5. On behalf CSR, u can visit oldage homes/slums/orphanages etc.

6. I like the idea of planting trees

7. I would refrain from the idea of a cracker show as it increases pollution, rather all the employees and management should take an oath for working towards the mother nature and not using crackers

8. You can ask the employees to get dressed in traditional dresses and reward the best dressed personas

9. You can ask the teams to decorate their shop floor

Core Philosophy - "Ideas are never ending, so is the zeal and passion to work for the employees."


Rahul Chhabra
Hi Priyanka, I can help you with some creative Ideas for your event. Contact me on the below number. Regards, Darshan Purohit 9819329504
Hi Priyanka, I can help you with some creative ideas for your event. Contact me for the same on the below number. Regards, Darshan Purohit 9819329504
dewar priyanka
do something different. aprt from u and ur family celabrating the festival, i suggest some thing like this.
- visit orphanages, old age home and distribute sweets, cloths etc, spend some time with them
- take slum children out and give them a time to remember
i personally don't advice on fire crackers, becuase lot of child force is used apart from being pollution of sound and atmosphere
thanks and regards
Hie Priyanka,
For Diwali organise 1 theme where in all employees should enjoy the celebration, menwhile it will give some msg to employees about the socail awareness..
We have had such celebration in our organization and it worked..
dont forget the employees are asset of any organisation, try to make them happy as much as possibel.. afterall Diwali is festival of sharing Happyness.. :-)
Hey Priyanka,

You may try some 'clay activity' fun with clay and trust me people really enjoy doing such activity. They can make diya's and can paint it the way thy want it and then u ask the vendor to bake it.. or else you may ask vendor to get some unbaked stuff and emp will only have to paint it and then it can be baked (tht vendor will it) employees will also feel good that thy are making diya's of their choice. (u may keep this activity going on for 2 hrs in evening)
It is simple, less messy and cost effective.. and if you want to add something as an social responsibility. then u may invite some orphan kids! as lot of places in such institutions children make hand made candles, carrying bags, small pouches, some decorative stuff etc.. u may try to put up a stall with their hand made stuff (and thy will only stand on counter) and believe in me the kids feel so good and happy when u appreciate their work and buy from them.. and emp also like to buy with joy because it gives them pleasure/satisfaction feeling that in some way they are contributed little happiness in their life.

Enjoy doing emp engagement stuff and have a gr8 Diwali..

Dear Priyanka,

As so many people have already contributed to the same, so would just like to add on in the same points:-

1. You can ask employees to clean their desk before one day as they clean their homes and decorate them as per their prospective, also you can add on one prize for the winner in it.

2. You can play one beautiful relationship building game with the name of "Be my Angel" where in, you can ask every employee to bring one - one small gift or diwali based gift from their pocket. Further, at the time of gathering, prepare the name slip of every employee and put them in one bowl and ask them to choose one, so who so ever's name they will get on the slip, they will have to present their gift to that person. But, make sure every one should get gift.

Priyanka, we have played this game last year on Diwali and let me share, that got highly appreciated.

3. Diya Lightening Ceremony: You can ask every employee to bring one Diya or your company can provide one-one Diya to every one and ask them to place it at safe place and lighten it accordingly. Further, Diya should not be the oil one. and If you are giving wax Diya, then make sure it should have metal covering outside it.

Finally, Happy Diwali to all the members of Cite HR and we assure to make the event successful by wonderful ideas.

Dear Priyanka
Hi...Good Morning...
Arrange Diva decoration competetion for team members and then send those Divas to their residence address.
If you office is corporate office then announce department wise Diwali Decoration competetion.
With regards
Amit Acharya
Hi Priyanka,
My suggestion is that you can arrange a game show just like Kaun Banega Crorepati and create a question bank on Ramayana.
You can put a mail asking for nominations from each department.
I think this will be fun.
we can celebrate "SMS day". Each person has to give one lovely sms. The person who sends best SMS will get a gift. may be SMS related to some social awarness which we can place it on the display boards.
P K Prasad
Celebrate with a new expression
Our country is a blend of several religions and festivals too. Then why not celebrate this Festival of Lights with our Muslim, Christian and Sikh friends? Use this opportunity to introduce one culture to another. Such an act will encourage unity and teach new morals to your kids.
Source:Times of India
A nice idea I have seen in Times of India
Hi Priyanka,
Even after reading 30 replies on your post, nun of them sounds creative and interesting.
Call me on the below number and give me one chance to amuse you with what I can offer.
Darshan Purohit
Hi Priyanka
If i were you, i would definitely like to arrange some funny and good quizez related to the festival.
Then, rangoli stuff is always there.
Arrange a competition to decorate the office within time period. Like divide some groups, give them decorative items and area to the paticular group, and ofcourse winner group will be the host to arrange the party (like DJ, games, Snacks n all)..
There should be cash prizes to the winners.. or according to your company strategies and policies.
Rest, you can modify these accordingly.
Manya Gogia
Manager- HR
Multiverse Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Hi Darshan,
Thankyou for your reply, i would appreciate if you could share it across with everyone on this site since it could be of great piece of information to each one of us....!!!
You can conduct a Cookery contest for your Employees, exclusively for making sweets.
You can invite some Senior People who is good in NEw Recepies to be the Judge. For price Winners, you can gift them Cracker Packets.
As Vashii said you can give along with Diwali Sweet Packs, a pack of Seedling to be planted at thier house.
Announce a competition for the next occassion ( Say Pongal or New Year) asking them to take a Photograph of the same, to witness how much care they had taken to grow that at home.
Reward the Winners.
You can contact NGO's who are associated with child care or for any other social cause to hold mela /stalls in your company premises.
On such stalls company emplloyees can buy candles, bags etc which are made by poor people and such money will help them.
Hi Priyanka!!
Well the festive occasion is always one to be embraced with anything as the delight and pleasure employees drive from it is awesome.
Here is an idea.
Buy some diyas (clay) depending your employee size. Ask everyone to paint the diya whatever theme/color they wish to. Then put the diya's on sale internally. Let the price be anything from 2 rupees to 5 rupees. Collect the money and buy some sweets and crackers for some orphanages/old age homes. The Diwali will be a real illumination for all of you.
Anil Koul

Hi Priyanka,
Wishing u a very Happy Diwali in advance.
We did this last year in my office. We had arranged for musical chairs, competition of sticking maximum bindis on ur fac in 1 minute. Also, picking up straws with ur mouth in 1 minute. It was fun and even our bosses joined the celebrations.
hi priya,
great thing that your company celebrates diwali together good.
diwali is a symbolic gesture celebrating victory over ignorance.where tamas is removed and knowledge prevails.and light is knowledge. so celebrate this diwali
by having discourse on spirituality of diwali. this can be an en lighting session for the whole staff a yoga session followed by a discourse.
have a great diwali and may god bless you and your company.
write everybody's name on a seperate chit of paper. fold and place in a container.Ask everyone to pick one chit and keep it to themselves(without disclosing it). Do this a few days before the celebration. If someone recieves the chit with one's own name, ask the person to replace.Ask everyone to bring a small gift for their secret friend (name on the chit)(keep a nominal price, say 50- 100 Rs/ or arrange token gift on behalf of the company itself) .

Tell everyone, that on the day of celebration, they have to discribe all the good qualities of the secret friend (not telling the name or personal details as-designation, department....),and others have to identify , who he/she is talking about.Once everyone has identified and the person has been described, hand over the gift.

When somebody describes the good points, it gives a moral boost, as well as happiness to the person. Also when others put on their guesses based on the good qualities, everyone tries to find those qualities in themselves. also some qualities which are known to others and unknown to ourselves are revealed.

I think it will be a fun as well as team strengthening activity.

hope u like it.


Hi Priyanka,
You could organize a traditional fashion show.
ask contribution from collegues and donate dresses and sweets to the under privileged so that even they have Diwali in its true sense.
Share the Joys.
my best wishes to you and your endeavor.
Diwali is afestival of joy and fun. Suggest visit a senior citizen/oldage home entertain them with your songs quiz,antakshari and distribute sweets and make them to participate with you. Then enjoy the joy in their face.nishadht
Hi Priyanka,
Happy dipawali in advance....
Nextus solutions
Welcome to Nextus Solutions
Hi All,
Thank you very much for the appreciation and new suggestions....
I completed the activity of tree plantation with my volunteers (shadow Awareness Trust) of 40 on 24th around 150 plants in the hill named as Nattham, 13 Kms away from Vellore.
It was a great experience for all of us.
Wish you all a very happy diwali.
Aswini V
hi, I have this virtual diwali ppt... send it to ur employees let them enjoy... thanks for n number of ideas, they r good n interesting. Regards Neha

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I think your idea is very good. It spreads the message of positive thinking, getting rid of negative feelings about others and team building automatically.
This way all will go home happy.
Other ideas were also very good, but they were all the same.
No hard feelings to others just speaking my mind folks.
Aj Singh
Hello Team ,
This is to inform you that , i need to plan something in office for employee engagement on the occasion of Diwali to celebrate in a better way so that employees can have fun.
Anyone please suggest me some interesting ideas.
Thanks & Regards,
Shivani Aggarwal
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