Amazing Ideas...Keep it up!!

1. First, al the employees should have Pooja ceremany led by the mgmt, and pray for a prosperous career

2. You can organize a game of tambola (housie)

3. If u have enough space then organize small stalls selling various food items, soft toys, company t-shirts (Giving out merchandise with a company logo will help u brand ur organization)

4. You can set up a stage and reward the best performers, have some cultural programs/competetions for the employees

5. On behalf CSR, u can visit oldage homes/slums/orphanages etc.

6. I like the idea of planting trees

7. I would refrain from the idea of a cracker show as it increases pollution, rather all the employees and management should take an oath for working towards the mother nature and not using crackers

8. You can ask the employees to get dressed in traditional dresses and reward the best dressed personas

9. You can ask the teams to decorate their shop floor

Core Philosophy - "Ideas are never ending, so is the zeal and passion to work for the employees."


Rahul Chhabra

From India, Delhi
Hi Priyanka, I can help you with some creative Ideas for your event. Contact me on the below number. Regards, Darshan Purohit 9819329504
From India, Mumbai
Hi Priyanka, I can help you with some creative ideas for your event. Contact me for the same on the below number. Regards, Darshan Purohit 9819329504
From India, Mumbai
dewar priyanka
do something different. aprt from u and ur family celabrating the festival, i suggest some thing like this.
- visit orphanages, old age home and distribute sweets, cloths etc, spend some time with them
- take slum children out and give them a time to remember
i personally don't advice on fire crackers, becuase lot of child force is used apart from being pollution of sound and atmosphere
thanks and regards

From India, Bangalore
Hie Priyanka,
For Diwali organise 1 theme where in all employees should enjoy the celebration, menwhile it will give some msg to employees about the socail awareness..
We have had such celebration in our organization and it worked..
dont forget the employees are asset of any organisation, try to make them happy as much as possibel.. afterall Diwali is festival of sharing Happyness.. :-)

From India, Kalyan

From India, Madras
Hey Priyanka,

You may try some 'clay activity' fun with clay and trust me people really enjoy doing such activity. They can make diya's and can paint it the way thy want it and then u ask the vendor to bake it.. or else you may ask vendor to get some unbaked stuff and emp will only have to paint it and then it can be baked (tht vendor will it) employees will also feel good that thy are making diya's of their choice. (u may keep this activity going on for 2 hrs in evening)
It is simple, less messy and cost effective.. and if you want to add something as an social responsibility. then u may invite some orphan kids! as lot of places in such institutions children make hand made candles, carrying bags, small pouches, some decorative stuff etc.. u may try to put up a stall with their hand made stuff (and thy will only stand on counter) and believe in me the kids feel so good and happy when u appreciate their work and buy from them.. and emp also like to buy with joy because it gives them pleasure/satisfaction feeling that in some way they are contributed little happiness in their life.

Enjoy doing emp engagement stuff and have a gr8 Diwali..


From India, Hyderabad
Dear Priyanka,

As so many people have already contributed to the same, so would just like to add on in the same points:-

1. You can ask employees to clean their desk before one day as they clean their homes and decorate them as per their prospective, also you can add on one prize for the winner in it.

2. You can play one beautiful relationship building game with the name of "Be my Angel" where in, you can ask every employee to bring one - one small gift or diwali based gift from their pocket. Further, at the time of gathering, prepare the name slip of every employee and put them in one bowl and ask them to choose one, so who so ever's name they will get on the slip, they will have to present their gift to that person. But, make sure every one should get gift.

Priyanka, we have played this game last year on Diwali and let me share, that got highly appreciated.

3. Diya Lightening Ceremony: You can ask every employee to bring one Diya or your company can provide one-one Diya to every one and ask them to place it at safe place and lighten it accordingly. Further, Diya should not be the oil one. and If you are giving wax Diya, then make sure it should have metal covering outside it.

Finally, Happy Diwali to all the members of Cite HR and we assure to make the event successful by wonderful ideas.


From India, Delhi
Dear Priyanka
Hi...Good Morning...
Arrange Diva decoration competetion for team members and then send those Divas to their residence address.
If you office is corporate office then announce department wise Diwali Decoration competetion.
With regards
Amit Acharya

From India, Vadodara
Hi Priyanka,
My suggestion is that you can arrange a game show just like Kaun Banega Crorepati and create a question bank on Ramayana.
You can put a mail asking for nominations from each department.
I think this will be fun.

From India, Mumbai

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