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I may not accept HR Never fails. Because sometimes HR are failed by their respective seniors or properitors of the Business.

HR are the highly face valued people in any organization. Because they are the one who speaks first to any employee who are recruited inside the organization. So, Any employee works in an organization will have the respect for the particular HR, because whenever the employee see the HR, his mind says "HR is the one who believed in me and given me this opportunity when Iam looking for such one".

So, HR deserves more respect then any other employee in an organzation because of several reasons. So, the superiors or some of the childish bosses cannot tolerate the respect goes to the HR before his own eyes. So, they will intentionally fail the HR in management concepts. By engaging them in a project or assignments which is damn sure going to be 100% failure or assigning them in a task which is no where related to growth relevancy and drop their consistancy which make them loose their Image in their own organization.

This happens in many small and medium level organization. People who undergone such criteria please support me. So our other friends will know the truth.

From India, Madras
Now i am doing my mba with the elective paper of hr and marketing,i am interested in hr field, what are the skills i have to develop
From India, Coimbatore
HR, although a very intersting and accountable portfolio in any organization but fails majorly b'cas most people join this stream as they do not choose to other options. Thus thrust required to take interest in deliverables never develop from the very core of its inception.
HR needs to address important portfolios like recruitment and iteration which in turn contributes in growth of organization but the sanctity of its importance is seen less in most of the personnel handling such profiles. Organization having larger base of HR as department with Trainings as subset or parallel vertical in organization have proven handling more maturely than sole presence.
Simrandeep Singh
Chandigarh Placements

From India, Delhi
I think the importance of HR as function is undermined by the line managers & tasks that are mundane are relegated to HR consuming their time in redundant activities.
There is a lack of decision making authority & mechanisms for enforcement of HR initiatives.
There is role ambiguity & definiteness of scope of work due to which HR folks land up doing all sorts of task not being done by anyone else.
However, if measures are taken to correct the flaws in the system, HR can attain its potential as a backbone of a company. Clear communication of policies across organization & internal automation for effective data management are key to strenthen HR function in any organization.

HR fails in my respective organization in just one instance. They do not have adequate screening tests for our customer service representatives who are responsible for answering complicated insurance, claims-related inbound call inquiries from healthcare providers (hospital and physician billing staff). The pay for these positions is less than average and we have to hire a great number of people quickly for large contracts. The organization has to outsource to a temporary agency that has low standards for recruitment (prior experience, entry level test scores are modified, etc.)
From United States, Columbia
Hi Guys, I feel no profession can fail. It is the person who holds the profession fails. Education and Knowledge are like weapons in your hands. One must use them to best suitable to them. All the professional must hold good moral, eithics and understanding.
Hope you guys are with me.
CS Mukesh TANK

From India, Mumbai
A well oiled (lubricated) machine does not fail if all the parts are in sync with each other. If all the organs in complete harmony with other Organs, there is no reason why an organization fail. The HR is considered that most hostile department in an organization. The contemporary Hire and Fire Policy has made it dreaded. No arm of organization is willingly prepared to co-operate with HR. The ultimate failure of a plan/project is labeled as a bad HR policies. Hr are people are most vulnerable in the organization themselves. I have noticed that most HR Professionals are always on the lookout for a change. Most Statutory Compliance are to be met by the HR personnel. Yet they have no say in the business prepositions, and when one such preposition fails, HR Deptt. is blamed of poor talent selection. HR Deptt. is always poorly staffed and ovr-burdened. It is the one who is a milled between the Employees and management and has a tight rope to walk on. One wrong step, and you are doomed.

HR deptt. has to keep a very sensitive balance and has to take steps very carefully. A Good feed back mechanism is always handy. HR people has to develop a strong feedback strategy from the world go. HRs have to tread with utmost caution.

From India, Chandigarh
@PR Joshi, I have worked in Europe and yes, there is scarcity there. But HR is a support function that typically never works on day-to-day issues. In Germany, the HR 'assigns' you to your boss. So, if you have issues with your work profile, the HR steps in. And again, since the HR represents the company, your resignation is to HR, and not you the boss!!!

All said, I don't buy that this is a reason for HR not performing in India. The expectations of the interface are one thing (HR with Line Managers) and the communication and the execution (and the control) of the interface is another thing. Most times the HR pros do not understand this issue. If you want to understand this point, ask 20 HR pros in your company: What their role is? Write it down.... Ask another 20 people in your company (NON HR), what the HR role is? Write it down... The result is obvious!!!

@D4n4n9, there were good observations...

@MV Kannan, Your response is interesting. I am in the management consulting business and I own a company. If you see the factors of production, I am actually focusing on profitability and a rate of return... Many HR pros get the priorities mucked up... They don't know the balance between the business and the human elements. One can always look at a reactive stance, but can you identify the RoI for each of the activities you do?

@Sonia, thats a great point.

@Munmun, please skip the philosophy... We are talking about why the department/function fails...

@Ashokadas, your point is excellent. We only need to substantiate the cost-benefit of not recruiting 'anyone' as HR...

From United States, Daphne
@Surendra Bhanot, Your point is noted. However, it only means that technology and management systems are not leveraged properly... I have seen several cos where the appraisals come in late! This is a ridiculous management system. (To put it in your words, everyone is overloaded and understaffed!!!) Further, when the HR personnel get involved in nitty-gritty issues, he is not leveraging technology and is not reinforcing the management system. Naturally, every system will fail in such a situation.

Everyone knows that the HR is not deciding on the Hire and Fire, they merely monitor the process and act as agents to facilitate that... So, I don't buy that this is a reason why HR is failing!

@Shookit, good point... It is the reactive posture that is being forced here... has been mentioned earlier as well.

@Supriyab17, excellent points, but its again ending up in a blame-game...

@Simrandeep, naturally augmenting staff helps the scope, but it doesn't always mean an effective workforce :-)

@hrtechindia, don't u think this doesn't happen among other departments? Its called 'politics' in the common language...

@simmy2009, thats a great observation.

@ranga, it seems reactive, don't you think it lacks being pro-active?

From United States, Daphne
@Maan, Failure means that HR is not giving the 'real value' it is supposed to... :-)

@Anilhrm, good point... Its the interface, like any relationship... there are two parties involved...

@Pratibha Nimbalkar... A great observation... One of my earlier bosses said: Develop yourself, and the organization will naturally develop! Great suggestion... I really appreciate your perspective and objective assessment.

@Daisyathen, is this the blame game with the management? Someone who is paying you money and justifying your sustenance... is that person the one to be blamed for your failure as HR? Think about it... :-)

@mr.suaky... Don't you think you are trying to be a 'larger than life' projection... Well, an organization is fundamentally formed to leverage the 'division of labour' and 'synergizing specialities'... If you are trying to do the entire management yourself, naturally, the organization will fail... Its like having 100 kings ruling the same kingdom!!!

@Vina Golam... Nice point

@Drunkenmaster, I have worked abroad as well... It is a similar situation out there too... Especially, US is pretty bad when it comes to these kinds of issues

From United States, Daphne

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