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Dear Professionals,
I need your help by providing ideas and tips to increase the productivity of an existing recruitment company by increasing its clients database and getting new orders from new companies who all in need of manpower.
Please give ur advise at the earliest as this is my first assignment i need to submit to the management within two days(ie.17/10/2010 - deadline)presentation can either be in PPT or PDF.
I really would grateful and appreciate your valuable assistance in this regard.
Pls reply soon..
Thank you all.
From India, Madras
No PPT/PDF can help you dear. It just can be for the sake of satisfying the management or driving yourself for some more days.

Go all out with your positives for cold calls or through prevailing industry refrences, introductory & detailing sessions with a small and impressive presentation, improve you product and deliverables in terms of candidate fitment/TAT/trade knowledge/updated records/Integrity, above all try n make your client to feel you above business through your services means customer delight and some CRM program.

As you seems to be new to this business believe graduates from IIM's makes cold call apart extracting business through alumni and industry refrences for setting out same ventures. HR managers are not different everybody loves and give due weightage to sincere efforts what you need is to put in hard and being into service industry now try n apply the motto of customer delight.

Believe there are consultancies which runs on individual's goodwill and hardwork.
From India, Mumbai
Dear sir, I express my sincere gratitude for the valuable suggestions and advice up on how to take off practically in the current industrial trend.
I look forward your assistance and help in future also.
Thank you.
From India, Madras
How do you make an effective cold call?
4In: Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Sales and Customer Service, Marketing Advertising and Sales

Cold calling in a business to business sales (b2b) context is a highly useful skill for any sales or marketing person, or entrepreneur, to possess.

Most salespeople fail because they do not prepare for the call and don't research their prospective customer, they sound too "generic" and do little to immediately make clear why their call is worth taking over and above the other calls that person receives. Finally they fail to phrase their value statement using terms and statements that are immediately appealing to the person receiving the call. People receiving these calls will reject 95%+ of them because they know that if they engage at all a great deal of their time will be wasted with follow up calls and e-mails.

To be effective at cold calling therefore you need to

1. See things from the perspective of the potential customer you are calling and set out to explain how your product or service can immediately benefit them. Put yourself in their shoes.
2. Don't be too greedy on each call. It is very unlikely that a senior executive will agree to an appointment on the basis of one call, from a total stranger, so ask for a commitment to read a short e-mail and give you their thoughts (qualify their interest) and plan to build interest and commitment from them over 2 or 3 calls and as many weeks.
3. Persist. This is a skill where practice really makes you MUCH better.

There is a very good free podcast series available on the Internet which you can find by searching the obvious terms.

1. Don't start off with a sales pitch but rather build it up from introduction. Feel out the situation and keep up the conversation in a friendly manner.

2. Make sure you have your calls segmented into niche markets so that you know who you are talking to and what industry they are in.

3. Prepare what you are going to say before you say it. This means writing down ideas and wording them out before you start making calls.

4. Prepare benefits and value sheet to browse from so while in a sales conversation you do not forget key selling point of your product.

5. Try morning calls when the day is new and fresh for your prospect.
From India, Chandigarh
Hello Mr. Surendra,
I really liked the above statements that you have made and would like to implement the same. I have started a new recruitment firm and would like to have a few more tips from your end as to how to develop my business in terms of building new clients. A reply to this post would really be appreciated.
From India, Pune
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