dear sir / madam, kindly send me the format of the above subject and do the needful. reyas
17th May 2007 From India, Madras

Executive - Hr
Manager - Hr Excellence
Hr Practices
M. Ramzan Sheikh
Human Resource And Administration

Hello Reyas,
Find below the sample letter of the same-
Dear Team ,
I take this opportunity to join you all in extending a warm welcome to Mr. _________ , _______ has joined Company name , Location as Designation.
_________ holds an MBA Degree from University/Institute and has an experience of around 1 year with Previous employer.
We look forward to your support and cooperation to Mr. _________ in his current assignment and wish him a happy association with the Company name Family .
Kindly make the changes in underlined words.
Hope it will be fine with you.
Amit Seth.
17th May 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
Subject:- Introducint Mr. _____________
Dear All,
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. ___________ as <designation> in the <Department Name>. He brought with himself ___years of solid experience in <fild of experience>. He joined us from <name of previouse orgnaization>, where he served as <designation>.
<Name of employeee> responsibilities will include <details of responsibilites/assignment> to further enhance capabilities.
He will be working closely with all business units. I am sure you will all support him to succeed in his new job.
Please join me in welcoming <Name of employee> to <name of organization>
<Your name & Designation>

18th May 2007 From Pakistan, Karachi
Dear Reyas,

Below is one of the draft which we circulate when any new employee joins...it is called Welcome Circular....

Dear All,

Mr. [Name] has joined today as [Designation-Department] at our [Location]

[Name] has done [latest qualification] & he has nearly [no. of years of ework experience] years of experience in [Field].

He began his career with [First Company's Name], Mumbai, as [Designation-Department] .Subsequently, he joined [Last Company's Name] as "[Designation-Department]" before joining [your Company's name].

In [last company's name], he was responsible for [Job Responsibilities].

[Name] will report to Mr. [name of the reporting authority]

In [your organisation's name], he can be reached at [official e-mail id, if provided]

Please join me in welcoming [name] to the [your company's name] Family and wish him a long and successful career at [your company's name].
29th September 2008 From India, Mumbai
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