I worked in a private company for three months.
I am not able to get my PF forms from them. I need to withdraw the same. What is the form to be used, can that be downloaded from any site and and are the procedures.
7th September 2010 From India, Bangalore

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You can get PF forms from the PF website. There is a PF withdrawal form No. 19 (attached) that you need to fill in and submit. However, before you can submit this form, you must get your PF statement either from your previous company or from their PF consultant. You also need to attached your bank details and resignation and relieving letters with the form.
Thereafter you can get the same signed from the HR of your previous company or from an MP or MLA and submit same to PF office. The PF office will then clear your PF and deposit the same directly into your bank account.
7th September 2010 From India, Ahmadabad

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I have a situation, my employer is not providing me relieving letter, experience letter. He is not allowing me to meet him.
So how could i withdraw PF of mine. Because i have the PF statement slips provided by the company.
I have worked on that company nearly 3 and half years. But he is not ready to provide me relieving and experience. Since he is asking me to pay FULL SALARY(36k not the basic salary he is asking) for 3 months (even though my notice period is 30 days) , he forced me to stay and threaten me to make me stay within the company or will make criminal case against me and will spoil my life. So i had no ther option left to relieve voluntarily.
I am not sure my MD will be providing any document to PF withdrawal. How could i handle in this case.
I have around 60k in my pf account. How can i withdraw it with out the need to contact the employer.
7th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad

Hi Nitin,
There must be some reason why your employer is behaving in such a bizarre manner. If you have worked for three and half years, surely your relations must not be so bad as to cause your employer to react like this. The best option is always to go and have a straight talk with your employer.
No professional company can afford to behave in such a manner. If however, your employer does not cooperate, you can always file a complain with the labour court and also with the PF office. This of course requires that you have all necessary employment documents with you and also a copy of your resignation letter.
If you have all of these, then the labour court can order your previous employer to pay all dues. Also, you need not worry about the police complaint because that will automatically become of no importance if you file a labour case first.
8th September 2010 From India, Ahmadabad

I am working as an HR, and recently started taking care of PF Forms. I don’t know that what is procedure and the forms which an X-Employee have to submit, to get their PF amount cleared.
8th September 2010 From India, New Delhi

The ex-employee just needs to fill in form no. 19, which I have attached with my earlier post. He/she should attach his latest bank statement / pass book copy with the form and give the same to you. You are then required to fill in the employer's section of the form, attach his / her PF statement, sign and stamp the documents and forward the same to the PF office.
8th September 2010 From India, Ahmadabad

gurang has already enclosed the required form since you worked only 3 months you need to fill form 19 only rather form 10c because for withdrawl of pension fund the contribution period must be 180 days or 6 months less than that no refund can be claimed.
sumit kumar saxena,
+91-9899669071, 0120-4131277
8th September 2010 From India, Ghaziabad

I worked with the organization from 1st apr, 2010 to May, 2010.Now I would like to transfer my PF in my current organization.
As per current organization I have to fill form no.13 along with form 3A, Form5, Form 10.
I have discussed with my last organization but they are saying it is not require to fill above supporting forms.
Kindly help me out for above query.
9th September 2010 From India, Jaipur

I worked with mnc for almost 10yrs and courier my pf papers to pf delhi office ..but i didnot get any confirmation from pf office..how do i followup with pf office ,
pls help

9th September 2010 From India, Mumbai

Hi Jai,
Do you wish to check whether your PF has been transferred from one employer to another or to check whether your employer has been depositing your PF deduction with the PF office?
@ Rose,
Please visit EPF Grievance Management System and put up your grievance. They can check and confirm whether your documents have been received or not.
On a separate note, you should ideally send PF withdrawal documents by Registered AD post rather than courier. While post might take a few more days, you have a proper confirmation / receipt of delivery which the PF office can never deny.
9th September 2010 From India, Ahmadabad

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