Greetings from Avinash Naidu.

You arrange a training program for your team. After carefully analyzing and evaluating, you select a good trainer. The trainer is well qualified, he has roughly 120 years of experience in the training field, he does a wonderful program. At the end of it, the entire team is excited and they go back to work talking about everything without missing a single detail, the content, the delivery, the fun activities and oh the trainerís looks. After 1 week you check the effect of the training and to your amazement or to your satisfaction, the team remembers only about 5 percent of the training content, and after a month the only thing they remember about the training program is that they had one.

The reason for this, I strongly believe, is that most of us are communicating to the conscious part of the brain which accounts for only about 5 percent of the overall learning process. No wonder, we remember only about 5 to 10 percent of the training content at the end of it. Well if your intention is to teach people something new and expect them to change the way they do things, why not focus on that part of the brain that learns everything and never forgets.

Well, we all know what is good for us and what we are supposed to be doing, donít we? We know that it is important to keep the customers satisfied, we know the importance of prioritizing customer needs, we know that business success depends on the relationships we maintain; we know that giving 100 percent at job all the time leads to growth and success. The question is, why arenít we able to do this on a consistent basis even after some excellent training sessions. The reason, I believe, is that the training field has not kept in pace with some of the fields of psychology that has opened the doors for a completely new understanding of how people learn, behave and change. Now, we know beyond doubt that changes donít happen because of insight, what drives human behavior are patterns embedded in the subconscious mind. This is the reason why people at a conscious level are so excited at the end of the training session but after a few weeks they are back to their own self.

Here is a simple example of how this works. Even before the consciousness starts to reason things out, at about 5 years, we would have learnt almost 90% of everything that we use in our adult life. This is the reason why a 5 year old can learn and speak 3 different languages at the same time, without even making any grammatical mistakes. As we grow older we use our reasoning skills so much that it almost becomes impossible to learn something completely new. For example If I say to you ďeverything that you see, hear, feel, touch and smell around you does not even existĒ Ė Would you believe it? Of course not. You would just dismiss it as some nonsense just because it goes contrary to what you believe. But then, it is a fact isnít it. We perceive the world the way it is because our senses are designed to perceive it that way. Shut all your five senses and the world simply doesnít exist. This is the reason why it is absolutely imperative, as trainers who are looking to bring about a positive change, to bypass the conscious resistance of the listener, and create a platform where the information gets directly downloaded into the subconscious mind. One of the ways of doing this, I believe, is by humor. There is a magical state that is created just after laughter where people completely accept any suggestion you make.

So, training or coaching is really not about telling what has to be done, well, we all know what is it that we need to do, its all about setting new outcomes and conditioning people to achieve those unconsciously, surprisingly it can be done in just a few sessions. Well in fact all of us are doing this at some level, its just that the entire training focus has to shift in this direction and it has to be done at every level.

I have been doing individual coaching and therapy for a few months now and I myself am astounded by the results that can be achieved by this process, phobias solved in 20 minutes, learning problems solved in 15 minutes, Suicide issues solved in a matter of hours and problem employees turned into passionate employees in minutes. It all sounds like magic, but then, once you know the rules, itís just a matter of having the tenacity to learn and apply them, isnít it?

This is what my trainings are all about; I have been spending hundreds of hours, creating programs that by pass the conscious awareness of the listener and make learning a quick and permanent process.

It is a difficult and time consuming process. One of reasons I am able to do this is because my passion for coaching, mentoring and helping companies and individuals is very strong, In fact my ambition is no less than becoming the most trusted and admired performance coach in the country. I discovered this passion a few years ago and it was like waking up one day and suddenly realizing that I am born again. There have been numerous instances when this belief has been strengthened. I remember once, when I was conducting a program for the founders of a technology firm, I finished a two day program and in spite of a busy schedule, reached out to them on the third day to share some information just so that I could sleep peacefully. I know, itís not always possible to behave this way, but I never get tired of giving more than what is required.

This is one of the reasons for my success in such a short period of time. I tell my corporate friends jokingly, take advantage of my programs when you can afford it easily, for all you know later you might not be able to. Well some of them are still skeptical about all this new method of training Ė I wish I could bring them all together and show them how easy it is to accept something once you have experienced it. My entire effort over the next few years would be to do just this. To show companies that change can happen much more quickly. Growing, selling, communicating, motivating can all be done at an accelerated pace and it can all be great fun. All we have to do is be willing to accept a new perspective and change some of the practices that we have been following since ages, that donít work.

My training and coaching programs have the simplest of structures at the conscious level, full of exercises, entertainment and fun but at the unconscious level, they have some of the most complicated structures, that take a lot of time and effort to create. I first find out from companies what changes they are willing to make in their people or processes, what is it that they really want to get out of the training program. Once the outcome is set, I prepare programs that will deliver. Surprisingly I spend about 90 percent of the time working on things people wonít even notice consciously. But the effect can be seen where it matters the most; in the changed behavior of the people.

And as far as my commitment to companies goes, companies that I have worked with know that I donít just train people. I coach and mentor them and I strongly believe in maintaining long term relationships. I believe that there is something magical in good relationship that has the power to transform everything.

Reach out to me if you are really serious about giving a great training experience to your employees and more importantly to make some changes that can push your organization in a new direction.

Please find attached the Training Methodology Document.

All Smiles,

Avinash Naidu Ė Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

From India, Bangalore

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Hello sir,

I am Shreya Mishra, after going through your post i couldnt stop myself from submitting a post to you. i strongly agree to what you have mentioned here. training has always been a passion to me. its like a dream for me, which i see with my open eyes daily, i have just finished my Post Graduation last year. Since i always wanted to be a trainer i struggled a lot and finally entered into a Pvt. Co. in ahmedabad gujarat, which deals with IT training and has recently started Corporate training. i am working as a training coordinator here from last two months, also assisted senior trainers and develop courseware for training.

i too have observed that the training we impart doesnt have a long lasting effect. people come enjoy one day free from work and go back home with no change in them. and the worst part is we never follow back. dont try to find out whether we actually have made some difference or not.

most of the trainers i know are into this field because there is huge money here. but they done understand when they become a trainer they are taking responsibility of the people whom they will train. infact we teach them rather than train them. and adult cannot be taught because they already have a set of mind, which people refuse to change.

i totally believe that when you make someone laugh like mad he will never forget it. when ever they will face a similar situation at work they will automatically visualize the situation in which they burst out laughing. and its the best way to make them change.

i have been trying to explain almost the same thing that you have mentioned, but since i have no experience my words a mostly left unheard. but no regrets iv not lost hopes as i know that i will soon be an individual trainer myself and will have the opportunity to train the i want.

i would like a make a request to you, that is if you please be a mentor to me, as training is not just bread and butter for me but, its the source of happiness and satisfaction, my way of serving the society, i know i am just an infant in the world of training and have a long way to go have to learn a lot and learn forever, cuz a trainer is always a learner.

i may not be able to payoff for the knowledge that i can get from you, but all i would say is that unlike other trainers who are highly experienced and have everything that a trainers needs, i have learnt one thing that to bring change in others we need to change ourselves. and i am very sure most of the trainers don understand this fact.

i would be grateful and highly obliged if you accept my request
Eagerly waiting for you reply.

My email id is

Thanking You
Shreya Mishra

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Shreya,

I felt really good reading this. I appreciate your reply.

I believe that when we have a strong enough reason to do something, then we will do it, whether we want it or not. It’s just that we are emotional creatures moving in and out of logic and it becomes absolutely critical for us to identify why we want to do something. The moment the reason is strong enough, then off we go in that direction.

I can certainly see that intent from your message, it really doesn’t matter what words you are using, the emotion is pretty evident. If you can continuously strengthen your reasons, then you don’t have to worry about how you will get what you want. Spend a lot of time visualizing your dream, derive immense pleasure out of everything you do, and then, even without your conscious awareness you will be making the right decisions.

I don’t want to get all preachy here, I am sure you are aware of most of these. I usually ask people who come to me for personal coaching, “I can teach you all the life skills that you will ever need in 3 seconds or 3 days, which one would you prefer?” Most people choose the second option and I get paid for that!!

Here is my 3 seconds answer. “Find as many sources of happiness, you will find that many ways of succeeding. And remember, your happiness is the source of your success; it’s not the other way around.”

Reach out to me for any help; I will try my best to assist and apologies if I get too busy. I am double sure that you will be a great trainer. Conviction of two is better than one anyways!!

Take Care

From India, Bangalore
it's really gud to read such things called as
Mr. Avinash Tank you Boss....!!! Keep it up
& to you Miss Shreya.....
as u said u hv jst finished ur PG........
so please spend some period on learning the practical thing
learn traditional way of training because if u don't do this then how cum to wil know what is wrong in this way of training & then modify as per the need of ur audiences & set your own Rules or Training Module
All the Best...!!!
for any kind of training Material pls ask me i'll provide as best as i can
bye the way i m also a trainer (u can call me innovative also)
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough........!!!!!!!!

From India, Pune
hi all,
Thank you so much to all of you, i will surely do whatever i have to, infact more than required to be where i wana be.
thank you so much for motivating me.
And let me say sorry inadvance as i might keep bothering all of whenever i need your help.
I am already observing the traditional way of training while assisting the trainers here. infact i am happy that i have got the opportunity to observe and analyise what can be done better abd what i need to learn.
Thank You Mr. Avinash, Mr. Deepak and Mr. Sooraj.
Shreya Mishra

From India, Ahmadabad
Interesting Post Avinash.
An old thought revisited with a new method. Good to see the use of NLP in written communication in your above post. Also your brochure page 2 has the famous story (from Frogs into Princess - new edition I guess) was good reading it again.
So would you like to share some real case stories used in corporates that you have worked with using your methods of change. That will be nice to know and have from you in your future posts.
Best Wishes

From India, Aurangabad
Hi All, I really appreiate all for the insightness you have shown about the profession of training. Regards, Janardhan Eashwar Rao
From India, Bangalore

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