Hi All,
i would like to introduce my self,my basic qulification is graduate with firstclass now i'm doing HR Diploma in Welinkar Institute.i am working with Newage Industries as a Asst. HR & Admin but there is no Manager or other boss who can above me. i am the only person who can handle 185 employees it is very difficult for me to communnicate with them caused they are all oldies expet 10-15 emplyoees and there is no proper management, i have 4 bosses they have also diffrent mind set so again problem i have problem with employees as wel as boss. but i like to face the challenges. i just want to request you to (who can read this) pls. help me to handle the situation and new ideas. my contact detais as below
Ms. Shubhada

From India, Mumbai
Hi there,
I feel for you with all seniors and no manager to report to but I have a suggestions. Why don’t you conduct employees satisfaction survey, try to find what is going on in the organization,
what are their concerns,
what are their expectations,
what do they want to be introduced
what needs to be changed
look at their human resources manual
look at their salary structure
look at their performance appraisal system,
look at their training and development process
look at their compensation benefit
if you need further advice let me know,

From Oman, Muscat
Hi Shubhada,
HR is not a fancy title or fad of management....being HR person we all need to manage all kind of people, all kind of nature, and with all circumtances....consider yourself as a lucky person for geting a chance to handle such kinda situation. Managemnet has faith in you n thats why it selected u for the current position....so first develop confidence in yourself.....rest is cake walk...
All the best...

From India, Pune
Hi Shubadha,
What I suggest u have to sell urself to them make make them aware with existance of HR department. creat ur image as a good service deliver and a communication forum for employees to Management.give them a time to accept u dont be in hurry of implementing strict policies. be in good books of decision makers.

From India, Pune
Please list out, what type of problems you are facing in factory. Micro and Macro level.
In a Forum with Mangement team and HOD' meeting - please present your problems. During the meeting many HOD's may suggest some solutions - how to solve all the problems one by one. For some of the problems you may get immediate solution, for some - you may require budgetary approval, some of them may policy and salary related - such type of major problems will take time.
Based on minutes of meeting - please preapare a time line to solve the each problem on weekly basis or monthly basis and during monthly reviews you present your monthly report to management and mention what are all the open items still pending. This type of meeting with HOD's will help to solve your problems one by one. Hope, may be management will also help you difinetely in this regard.
S B Ramesh

From India, Madras
Dear All
Thank you for your reply & support, I don't have words for my happiness to express. One more request kindly keep touch with me through this site or thank you again,

From India, Mumbai
I Think you would be a perfect manager if you can overcome this situation with a good result. Be practical and communicate with all kind of people.
From India, Guwahati

according to me, dont go for changes immediately, take one of your boss into confidence who you feel listens to you more than others,

then observe the behavior of your employees, try catch hold of those employees who don talk much to others, you will be able to see the dissatisfaction in them you can also catch hold of people who are always keep complaining about the organization. start building rappo with them, talk to them in free time and find out what problems do they face.

secondly try to solve the queries of the employees as fast as possible. they might come to you with complains and be very rude to you at times, as they all are senior to you, they will have a feeling that you dono anything and that you will create more problems for them, by trying to bring change, as you know no one likes to change. but be extremely polite to them, if you cannot solve their problem, explain, dont directly say no. try to empathize with them, show them that you understand their problem and is trying your best to solve it.

make a target for example by the end of two months you have to be in the good books of everyone. this will help you find the loop holes in the entire organizational system.

at the same time try to build rappo with you seniors as well, try to find out what they want.

when all this is done conduct a satisfaction test among the organization, and this test should be for the junior,middle and senior managerial level.

at the end of the test attach a sheet in which they can write down their grievances, done make them right their names in any of it, because if you ask them to write their names they will not give true answers,

once you are done with that, analyze it very thoroughly find the common problems faced by all, and develop a plan of to change the scenario.

make a proposal, along with the budgeting part. and put it in front of the management. with a nice presentation.

when the management will see the kind of efforts you have put in to find out the problems they will support you.
talk to the management with full confidence. dont hesitate try to show that you are their to make a difference and the difference will help them.

this is an out line for the plan of action, hope it will help you, all the best.

Shreya Mishra

From India, Ahmadabad
Before you go to the employees discuss the general scenario in the work place with the bosses one-on-one individually. Learn their nerve. Take them into confidence individually. Ask them what S/he expect out of you, and also what sort of co-operation you can get from him/her. Be diplomat. Do not put any of your problem before him/her immediately. Be conciliatory with the employees, for the time being. Try to seize over the prevailing situation. Bring about the reforms, which can be implemented by sheer change of things here & there through your knowledge. Talk to the employee department head like foreman, storekeeper, Accountant and take suggestions. Jot down every thing on paper and work out commonality and then go to your bosses and discuss without naming the employees or your meeting with them. Just say it is the result of your study made in past few days. Take the bosses into confident and try to implement. Keep your cool all the time. Boss is always right. After all it is his business and his decision prevails. Keep the law by your side and quote from it frequently.
From India, Chandigarh
Hi friend,

Your problems is not uncommon to anybody... Every HR guy must have encountered with such problem and dealing with due deligence & strategic approach will get you the desired results.. Don't get panicky when turmoil erupts in the form of repeated recurrance of problems from all spheres of life around... Try taking the support of your bosses and discuss the problem with them and realise if you have any limitations for your own personality in dealing with people around including your bosses... when bosses can't be managed, it is too difficult for you to manage your own employees... the present society calls for an overall touch n feel approach which necessiates you to reach people irrespective of their levels and their psychologies... try evolving changed strategies in dealing with people and doing what they appreciate.. it is called for effective functioning as a true HRian.. to make people believe in your approach(though it is deceptive to some extent) is required to deal with the situation....

Finally, theories can be spelt in many ways than practically facing the challenges of life... accept all challenges as your learnings which gets stronger to the strongest as you go up the ladder.

Wish you goodluck.. should you be interested to share the type of industry you deal with and the profile of people around you, we can think of suggesting better solutions as you may appreciate that no single solution is the ultimate for the nature of the problem.....


From India, Hyderabad

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