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debate why or why not a safety officer is responsible for any accidents or other safety happenings and cite legal aspects
11th August 2010 From India, Visakhapatnam
Nice Question for Debate .
My Opinion :
Safety Officer is responsible for Accidents because :
His appointment itself for the purpose of effective implementation of
safety system having goal of zero accident.
11th August 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear abhay,
Safety is responsiblity of every one, so it will be wrong to say that for any accident safety officer is responsible.He cannot be present everywhere so it is equally responsiblity of job incharge also to ensure the job they are supervising is safe or not.
14th August 2010 From India, Udaipur
Dear All
As per my understanding safety pro can be an overall custodian of any activity related to safety in the plant. No doubt in that. But directly he is not at all responsible or accountable for any ms-happenings/incidents inside the plant.
Can you just point out any event/news in which a Safety person go beyond bars related to any industrial incidents.
Dipil Kumar V
14th August 2010 From India
Dipilji , Hansaji Thanx .
my views :
1. S.O. is ambassador of Organization for safety related matter
2. Root Cause of any accident is Poor Safety Mnagement System
3.Effective implementation of safety management system (SMS) is primary responsibility of SO (In case of any hurdle in effective implementation , as per law he can direct reports to top most authority for adequate action.)

4.If SO fails to observe his duties as per SMS then there are chances of accidents
14th August 2010 From India, Mumbai
As per my view, Safety officer gives direction to organization for effective implementation of safety system which ensures Zero accident... If this systems are not implemented because of N no of reasons which are beyond the control of Safety officer, then how one can make safety officer responsible for the accident...Yes definately he shall be accountable for any mishappening in organization..
22nd August 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
I do have another opinion.Safety Officer/Manager is only an advisory body.They can advise the labours,foreman,site engineer and Project Managers that if proper HSE measure are not taken accidents may happen.
Suresh M.G
22nd August 2010 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Friends,

I was watching all those postings “why or why not safety officer is responsible for any accidents”?

On a debate very many questions arise:

If the industry is safe only the safety officer can claim all the credit, or the entire employees from top to bottom.

Where there is no safety officer who is responsible for accidents ?

My doubt again - Safety officer is responsible for accident or accident prevention ?

Accidents are caused. By removing the causes accidents are prevented we learn.

Now, who is responsible for removing the causes ?

There is no accident having a single cause. Or for an accident there may be very many causes. Some are interrelated. For each cause there may be owners and in some cases joint owners. In that case responsibility is shared by every owner of those causes.

In accident prevention unless an accident investigation proves willful negligence on an individual no one can be branded responsible for that accident.

Like every other profession a safety officer is also responsible for satisfactorily discharging his assigned duties. If he failed to discharge his duties and that resulted in a particular accident; of course he only is responsible for that accident and otherwise his responsibility is equal to every one else in the organization.


Kesava Pillai
22nd August 2010 From India, Kollam
Dear Sir
Do you heard any case in which Safety Professionals get arrest against Accident. If so please share your experience with us.
As per factories Act all the reportable accidents to be reported to factory inspectorate by Factory Manager withing stipulated time. Suppose such an accident not reported and later came to know by factory inspector. In this situation a Safety Pro will be blamed? What all can went wrong in such a situation?
Dipil Kumar V
23rd August 2010 From India
It is the responsibility of safety officer to inform factory inspector. And if factory inspector comes to know laten on both factory manager as well as safety officer will be in deep problem.Safety office has to inform actory inspector with in 4 hrs of fatal incident along with Magistrate, Police, nereast relative of deceased & ESI commissioner(if applicable).
15th December 2012 From India, Ahmedabad
Dear All,
Thanks for the various views on the subject.
As I am from Maharashtra, i would like to bring it to the notice of all that as per Maharashtra Safety Officer's Rules 1982 rule number 6, the duties of Safety Officer is defined.
There are 8.1.(i) to to 8.1.(xiii) sub clauses.
and sub clause not 8.2
In most of the cases the SO is in advisory role.
His direct responsibilities are accident investigation, evaluate effectiveness of actions taken, safety inspections,, investigations of Dangerous occurances, and Training.
However the Factory Manager and the Occupier have the Direct responsibility.
I shall try to scan the two pages by tomorrow.
"However an intelligent SO can try to become Factory Manager with his knowledge of various aspects of safety and business of the organisation.
Thanks & Regards,
15th December 2012 From India, Nasik
Dear All,
Safety officer is responsible for implementing the safety system and culture at work. But he is not responsible for any accident. Employee is the primary responsible and the line manager is secondary one. Because, safety is every one responsible and particularly it is own responsible.
21st December 2012 From India, Chennai
Dear All

Its an open fact that safety officer is only an monitoring agent in the company and its the execution department the is to implement the suggestions of the safety officer. The execution department that is responsible for any incidents if the suggestions are not implemented. In a organization sometimes to complete the project the execution department over comes all the safety norms in such case how can the safety personal be responsible? More over in (except for few) organization do not have safety budgeting and funds allocated for safety (% of overall project cost). Some do not show much interest in procuring costly and standard safety equipments.In such case how can the safety personal be responsible? Even if the equipments are supplied what if the quality is of sub-standard. Here I would like to give a simple e.g. simple head gear - helmet for executives are of standard and costly but when it comes to construction workers the helmets are of substandard. In such situations will the safety personal be responsible for incidents? what if person does unsafe act inspite of tool box, training or supervisions? what if the designs and quality of construction or equipment of not good?
23rd December 2012 From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Friends,
Safety is everyone's responsibility. No one man be blamed for an accident or may be an incident. From a, housekeeper to the hierarchy, everyone needs to fulfill their responsibilities in achieving ZERO accidents. Show respect for the human life and show respect for the environment, you eventually reach TARGET ZERO ACCIDENT. Encourage everyone to report a near miss before they report an accident.
Best Regards
27th March 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Dear All,
Safety Officer Role As per my view, Safety Officer gives Preventive direction to organization for effective implementation of safety system which ensures Zero accident... If this systems are not implemented because of N no of reasons which are beyond the control of Safety officer, then how one can make safety officer responsible for the accident...Yes definitely he shall be accountable for any mishappening in organization..
28th March 2013 From India, New Delhi
Safety is a line function, each supervisor/head of department shall treat his/her department/workplace/area, and his/her employees as his/her own peaople.
24th September 2017 From India, Kalamboli
Safety shall be embedded in people not by force but by self demonstration by top leadership
24th September 2017 From India, Kalamboli
Dear All,
First of all don't mix Safety with Safety Officer, Responsibility lies with everybody for Safety implementation in their respective field but the question is who will be accountable ??? If any accident occurred, the Factory Manager held accountable as he is the owner of the premises but his Safety officer who is purely advising body will help the Factory Manager to implement Safety standards by giving training, conducting promotional activities, preparing all the reports and submitting to the Factory Manager. After investigation only we can find the root cause of the accident. The Factory Inspector, Factory Manager & Safety Officer will conduct the investigation.
Now one simple message to all -
If one person fell down in his bathroom and broken his leg, then who will be responsible.
If one person faced accident with his bike then....is Traffic Police responsible or accountable.
If theft & injury occurred at home then....... is police responsible or accountable.
Safety Officer to implement & ensure safety in the factory but persons or employees should follow the safety rules from his home to factory everywhere. After any incident Safety Officer should conduct investigation to find out the root cause and the same will be circulated among all to stop recurrence.
Safety is everybody's responsibility and deviation in Safe practice causes accident.
13th September 2018 From India, Panipat
Dear Biswanath,
"Accidents Do Not Happen/Occur, Accidents are "Caused" was the information my Colleagues (Workers, Supervisiors, Managers and Safety Officers all in One Voice) Handed down to me when I joined the Factory in 1969.
You are very clear on your Observations. Safety Promotion & Accicdent Prevention Campaigns Need to run all 365 Days so that on the 366th Day There is No Accident-Major or Minor or Fatal-.
Such Campaigns cover, End of the Shifts and Beginning of the Shifts "Safety Talks/Addresses", Incessant Supply of Safety Appliances to Users on Old-Return Basis, Close Monitoring if Safety Appliances and Safety Pre-cautions and Norms are Strictly Adhered to and in case of Default, initiating Quick Disciplinary Action including Not Allowing on Duty, even When the Employed Person reported to Resume Work, Safety Slogan & Posters, Safety Skits/Drama, at regular Intervals, Safety Competitiions ( such as Talk, Drawings, Sketches, Suggestions, Rewardi & Recognition for Safety Good Record, Safe Workr of the Month etc), Safety as Most Imp Item on Agenda of Joint Meetings, Daily Production Meetings etc.
That is the Reason How SAFETY occupies First Place in Factories Act (Safety, Health, Welfare, Closer Association of Workers in with Management)
Let us All Learn & Pledge to Act Safely, First Day, Every Day.
Sharan, Kritarth Team
14th September 2018 From India, Delhi
The role of a safety officer is generally defined.It is governed by statutory requirements.
Unfortunately, many companies treat safety more as a necessary evil or a formality. I have seen very good safety records if the top most man believes in safety implementation. While a Safety officer is accountable to manitain a safe environment, the respsonsibility squarely lies on everyone in that company.
17th September 2019 From India
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