Thanks for the word of appreciation Mr. Dabas.... This actually comes from self experience... I can relate myself to Amit and when I retrospected this is what I came up with... Regards, Gagan Sharma
From United States, Irvine
Hi Everybody an Senoirs!

Here I'd like to share about my frustration of life...

I have a big frustration at this moment too. On my workplace I work as an HR intern for a year. During my internship I got my degree in economist on HR field, so now I have my education background. I have a boss a HR manager. We support all the company from HR aspect. I support my boss daily work plus sometimes I have small project as prescreen CVs. I have told to my boss I would like to do a bit more difficult tasks forex attend to interviews personally not just doing prescreen tasks in recruitment. She said now there are other more important tasks you have than attending interviews. And she just give me administrative tasks all the time.

Moreover I wanted to have a higher salary (because my boss exceeded my contract cause i have fix term contract), but she said either you agree with this or leave. Moreover she doesn't want me to work in full time as an HR specialst/generalist/support.... She is saying all the time we cannot hire you in full time because a student can do your daily tasks. But my problem is that she refuse every new tasks that I could do as a full time employee. She said all the time: "I do not want to do these tasks just do who wants to do this, I will not do at all!" So I could have had enough tasks and projects as a full time employee. Moreover my boss and everybody in the company is satisfied with my performance and I exceed most of the expectations.

So what should I do in these situation? Please give me some advize...

Should I say to my boss I would like to have more difficult tasks or what? I used to say her I would like to help her in her tasks but she told to me you couldn't help me in my tasks.

Thank you very much the advises in advance!



From Hungary, Budapest
Read dialy one english news paper in front of the mirror with the help of the dictionary for 3 months u can get the results.
From India
Hey dont get disheartened.... just do onething start replying of questions like on cite hr, yahoo answers of yours interset area,..//that will increase urs knowledge as well u vl get confidence of fact i have also strated in the smae way
From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Haii Amit ,
You r just 30 yrs old frustration should not be in your dictionery.Follow the advices of all seniors who posted in this platform.Well, I wonder whether you are so poor as you have posted .It looks as if you have doctored it. Sorry for my sceptimism.I personally feel, nobody can bre that poor.Anyway,in which language ,you are good at? Take the english book of kids. follow general english.Join speaking courses.Now technology has so improved,you have many avenued to learn.LEARNING DEPENS ON YOUR LEVES OF DESIRE AND PASSION.

From India
dear amit
first of all , i would like to suggest for good communication skill, you will have to change your subconsious in to english ,convert all thinking in to english, use english paper daily, start group discussion and record yourself & then listen........
best of luck.

From India, Delhi
Dear Amit,
It is pretty simple to improve ones communication skills. just speak it bit loudly in front of the mirror, just start this simple exercise and tell me if there is any improvement, after this i will tell you some other step.

From India, Delhi
Hi Amit!
Hope, you must have been motivated after reading the comments of all the friends above. Now just have confidence in yourself and start now..
But it is you who have to motivate yourself now.
Best of good speaking!
Singh S

From India, Delhi
The moment you think, you are not good, you become that. Always think good, you will become good. There thousands of people not your standard in writing, when I see your communication. for learning swimming, you should jump in to water, like that to improve your English,:
1. start conversing in English to every body. Let you make erros, never bother; go on talking.
2. Read a lot. Read Editorials of any leading English newspaper (The Hindu, Times of India) loudly
3. Write more English
4. Listen to other convering in English ( listen to BBC News, CNN,NDTV etc)
5. Go & attend all the English debates, discussion, meetings happenings in your town
I am pretty sure that you will become good in less than 6 months
shyam Kumar

From India, Ernakulam

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