Dear Amit
First of all i appreciate for accepting your weakness don't get discouraged take it in a positive way failure is the stepping stone for success and one more thing just sit yourself and introspect where it went wrong each time and make sure that it will not repeat again start reading newspaper try to learn at least 10 words a day surely it will help you out
keep in mind nothing is impossible in this world
I wish you all the best
Vadivelu A.P.

From India, Bellary
Dear sir,
keep your spirits high. Its not english but its just a language and a means of communication. You can learn it very soon. Concentrate on learning The languange by all means. A child when born does not known english, hindi or any other language, he learns from his surroundings. Try to be in atmosphere where you can learn. Try reading newspapers, magazines, books, focus-focus-focus and reach to your goal. You will learn the language very soon. Create that confidence in you that when a child can learn why not you.
As far as your accounts and job is concerned, you have the knowledge and skills, don't panic. try to express yourself conveniently. And once you do that you will get whatever you like by communicating properly..
Thanks and your english is not too bad sir, please just concentrate with full confidence that you can do it. its nothing great job to learn a langauge very soon. it will take some days.
Shridhar J

From India, Pune
Many persons has lack but not ready to accept it even some times they did not know where is problems. As you know that what are the problems then you can solve it but it required regular practice and full commitment for it.
Thanks to all who has given value added advices.

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Amit,
The fact that you could express yourself very well in cite hr means that you do lag far behind in communication. We could clearly understand what you wrote, which means that you are effective communicator just that your english needs abit improvement.
It is not big task and is very simple just it needs one hour of daily devotion in learning english howmuch ever busy you might be.
There are lot of classes, free online tutorials.
You may buy some english books whcih are simple to read which will intitally boost your confidence. when you are thorough with them i am sure you would be clear enough
Remember, go a bit slow, do not pressure yourself, while learning if you are not able to grasp something at that moment do not assume that you are not good, etc, just tell your self you have to learn that is all..
I am sure within six months you will be real good.

From India, Mumbai

You have conquered your biggest hurdle by identifying your problem and acknowledging it.

Being frustrated or depressed will not help resolve your problem. You will have to work for it.

All the above advice are the right solutions, but from my personal experience I have seen that you must always try and speak the language even when you know that you are correct. I am a non maharashtrian but born and bought up in Mumbai, so since childhood we have grown up with maharashtrian kids so we too learnt marathi. However as I grew up I realised that my Marathi was nowhere as good as a Maharashtrian, so I decided that whatever I knew I would go on talking and in the process my Maharashtrain colleagues / friends would correct me when I was wrong. Now over the years my Marathi has improved significantly.

The purpose of my telling you this is, practice all of the above, but dont be shy, go on, speak to your friends (who speak english well) in English and tell them to correct you when you are wrong. Dont misunderstand them, learn from them, be alert and attentive. Drill it into your mind that it is only a language and nothing great, if you have grown upto the age of 30 against all odds, you will definitely conquer your shortcomings and move ahead and one day be a very successful accountant.

So put your fears/doubts behind you and move ahead as per directions given above.

Best of lucks


From India, Nagpur
Dear Amit
point 3 part 2 of first replier is indeed valueable
""Cultivate a habit of writting a small paragraph at an interval, that suits you. ""
it has helped me in my life ,
so surely it will help you also.

From Korea
dear Amit,
First of all stop worrying...
then whenever you go for interview never try to talk in english because that will loose your may be very clear about your accounts fundas but when you try to explain the same in english you get give interview in your mother tongue and side by side also practice on your english.

From India, Chandigarh
Dear all, I am in need of contract licence for my company. can anyone send me the Form 5 for appylying the contract license regards T.N. VINOTH
From India, Madras
If you are interested in improving your communication(spoken) then I would suggest you to view atleast one session of the BBC worldwide news telecast. You can then follow it up with viewing Headlines today, which is an indian english news channel followed by CNN IBN. What you will find here is the difference in the way people speak and also the vocabulary the presenters use. This would be of great help as you will improve your way of speech as well as your vocabulary.
Let me know if this helps.
Dhiraj Sharma

From India, Madras
I would like to add on the comments, Mr. Amit.. start watching English Movies or News whichever you like and reading news paper... go infront of the mirror and speak with yourself.. I am sure you would be able to speak english fluently. No one has born and brought up with this language. Everyone has got thier mother tongue and Hindi is one our national Language. You should feel proud knowing your own language. You just keep this in mind that whatever you saying that should be relevant and make other comfortable to understand.
Cheers & Enjoy your daz..
Hope you ill find a friendship with your self and you ill like it.

From India, Pune

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