Company must declare holiday. Whole company cannot work & get the wages. But only some people can work & to be paid double wages (Personnel from Maintenance dept where continous monitoring is required for 24 Hrs).
From India, Madras
NOt at all ... any company regardless to origin , region, continent if they set up company in any individual country they need to obey the regulations of the country... if they are not respecting the regulations of the country then they should be punished as per the individual countries legal laws...
From India, Hyderabad
Yes BPO comes under that law and all the labour laws are applicable to the BPO compony’s and employees.
From India, Ghaziabad
According to Standing order act 1946, If an employee is required to work on any national holiday,then he shall be paid thrice of one day wages for work done on each national holiday - wages for holiday, wages for work done and additional wages for one day.
And for permit their is no provision , you can open your office on national festival holiday.

From India, Bhopal
Yes sir
it is possible to work in national holidays which requires permission from the inspector of factories which requires proper explaination.generally companiesworking under the exegencies which requires 24 hrs maintanence like boilers,underground mines, bulk druck chemical manufacturing companies etc work for 365 days.where in people will be paid double or tripple the salary. Segareni Colleries pays tripple the salary for people working in holidays.
Basic rule is any MNC company from any part of the earth establishes a branch in any part of Inda had to follow the rules,regulations and statutary requirements of the law of that particular land ( any state).

From India, Madras
To keep an establishment open for 24/7 and 365 day a year, you need to make an appliation to labour commitssioner of the area to take exemption under certain act of Shops & Establishment Act of the state, in that applicaion you need to justify why it is necessary to keep your establishment open for 24/7 and 365 day in year and you need to pay to your staff double the salary as over time and one compensatory off towards each such holiday. for further clerification call on 9820472697.
Ilyas Hungund.

From India, Mumbai
There are several software companies who call employees to office on public holidays. There are several cos who do not give holidays on national holidays. Nobody dares to question or take action against such firms.
From India, Bangalore
While this topic is stretching far more than it is required..let me sum this up for all.

1. All companies (local , MNC, branch office etc etc.) are governed by local laws. Central law as well state laws. There is NO exception to this.
2. All law prescribed certain minimum/maximum conditions which everyone has to follow.
3. Considering the nature of work companies do including emergencies, each law provide for certain exemptions.
4. These exemptions at time require prior permission or intimation from regulatory body defined under the Act or rules made thereunder
5. To run operations 24/7 and 365 days, do require prior approval in some states while in many it does not. For the shops & office covered under Shop and Establishment Act, there are some restriction to work on all 7 days as they have to declare weekly off for the establishment.
6. Opening of establishment on all 7 days does not mean that staff will not get their weekly off.
7 Situations which demands employee to work extra than prescribed / terms of employment, there are provisions in law to compensate for this extra work (Money or the alternative off) but No law allows / ask for complete shut down of work. (Law understand that in glass factory industrial boiler can not restart if it is shut for a day)
8 Default of law is liable to punishment. however the default need to be reported to appropriate authority and there is prescribed process to deal with the compliant/ default. Labour authorities are custodian of the labour law.

To the specific comment made about no action is taken on the companies.. it is like speed limit on our roads.. there are sign boards all over the place on speed limit but tell me how many of us genuinely follow that or report to police if someone is driving fast.

The companies do try to be compliant since it is a legal entity and many places they may default also.. it depends upon company. We also need to keep in mind the flexibilities these companies give to employee..

Having said that there is NO substitute to compliance and as a responsible citizen and specially being HR professional, it is our duty to educate our leaders and do not compromise on compliance.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Every one,
I am working in corporate office of my company where around 50+ employees are working under different company of our Group.
But sometimes we work on National Holiday also and we are not paid extra or no c/off is given.
So, please tell me what step should I take to solve this issue.

From India, Pune

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