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Dear sir, what is the reason behind some industries calculate salary on 26 days, whereas some industries on 31 days. what does the legal acts says about this.
the workers who are on daily wages basis then their salary is calculated for 26 days which is excluding 4 weekly offs, and for staff it is calculated on monthly basis in which weekly offs are paid.
Bit what if staff is also getting paid only for 26 days. Is it management strategy? Is it illegal? Plz reply...
hii Anpat,
SAME IS WAT I WANT TO ENQUIRE. As in my comapny also we are being paid on 26 days calculation !!! Seniors , kindly suggest is it illegal..n if yes, wat can be done in this regard..
Thanks & Regards,
Priyanka Sharma

If u r working on Monthly Basis, u get salary on the Basis of 30 or 31 days and if u r worinkg on Daily Basis, u get salary on the Basis of 26 Days.
i.e. Your monthly Salary(Basic + HRA + Other Allow.) is Rs. 12000 means ur per day salary(Jun) = 12000 /30= 400 Rs.

Hai... If monthly salary is 12,000 (B.S+HRA+ Other Allow). then for 30 days it will be calculated as 12000/30. For 31 days should we calculate as 12000/31? I need clarification.
There are no laws on this but would stand corrected if anyone is able to point out to an exact law - you can define your company policy and the best way to do is to calculate the total number of working days per annum after deducting for weekly offs, national and regional holidays and leaves which the employee is eligible for. The remainder is your number of working days
365 - 52 sundays - 12 holidays - 10 casual leaves - 10 medical - 10 earn leave = 271
ie average monthly working days = 271 / 12 = 22.5 so you decide and take 23
now if the monthly salary is 15000 then daily salary would be 15000/23. The good thing about this calculation is that the daily salary does not change between feb (28-29 days) and dec 31 days and that is the way it should be otherwise calculating leave without pay or other deductions would be very very difficult.
As long as you are fair and transparent Employees should not have any problem.

Dear All,
Calculation of salary on 26 days is also legal as well as 30 or 31 days. In earlier case the weekly offs are not counted hence whether a person is absent for a week or more his weekly off are not taken into account while calculating salary. for example in case of calculation by 26 days, if an employee takes leave for six working days excluding weekly off then salary calculation will be = salary/26*20 days.
In 30 or 31 days calculation case if a person is absent for more than half of working days of the week or on saturday and monday both days then he forfeits his weekly off and weekly off is also taken as absent and his salary calculated accordingly. Exam a person is absent on saturday and monday both days then his total absence is 3 days which include sunday (Weekly off) also. It depends upon company to company which rules they follow. i.e. more than half of working days in a week or saturday and monday.

Dear Kiran,
There is one logic behind 26 days and 30 days salary. This is only company tactics those who are working under service cader, Supervisors, Managers and Executives they are comes under this 30 days, because these employees are not getting OT even if they work more than 8hrs or 10hrs. For workers we are paying on basis of 26 days with OT.
Over all as per the law it is 26 days Ex: Gratuity calculation.
Lokesh H R

Dear all,
Calculation of salary for 26 or 30, what will be if a month containts ony 30 days and other containts 31 days. so its better to see the number of working days in that particular month and calculate accordingly.

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