Hi Friend, I deal with such issues while I conduct seminars on personality development. The seminar is called "A New Beginning" as it brings about a shift in the way employees perceive a situation and empowers them to push themselves towards Right Thought and Right action which can create a great destiny for themselves and the organization. The problem with your surrounding seems to be this- employees are not fitting their dreams with the dream of the organization. Mail my department if you need help. lots of care, Radhika.


From India, Madras
Dear Nandini,
There is 4m like Men,Machine, Material & Money
The men is important product for any Organization
always respect them and Make them understand their personnel value
and encourage their creativity & Plan,organize
Balaji K

From India, Bangalore
Dear Nandini,
Good question. It is actualy a very common problem of every company.

I would like to tell somethig which is related to the basic needs of workers.

Dear, In every organization there are further two types of organization.
1) Formal Organization,
2) Informal Organization.

FORMAL ORGANIZATION:- This kind of organization contains the group of people who works together but with the feeling of senior & junior. Their relatios remain formal for ever. In this kind of organization people do not discuss about their problems. Also they hardly support each other.

INFORMAL ORGANIZATION:- This kind of organization does not belong to the basi aim of the original organization. People gether themself with a feelinf of fraternity or brotherhood. They form many informal organization by their own based on "cast", "area", "religion" & "language" etc. They don't mix themself with other & also discuss their problem within that informal organization only which actualy effect the performance of worker.
Now question comes HOW?

It is becase people compare their informail organization with other & starts believing that organization is having a feeling of partiality. This directly effects the performance of worker.

Steps to overcome:-

1) Try to find out that how many infrmal organizations are there in your company & on thwe basis of which feeling.
2) Try to finish them by showing the feeling that you are with them & organization is not partial.
3) Organize few wellfare activities to fill the gap between workers & company.
4) Give them resposibility instead of keeping them away from resposiblityies. It will directly build the feeling of confidance in worker.
5) Pick one persan from one department/informal organization & other from other one & mix them together to fill the gap. It will help you to abolish the informal organizations from the company.
6) Off course give them reward for good work in terms of promotions & monetory benefits.
7) You can also go directly & talk to them regarding their problem.
8) Pet their back even for the small work they did.
9) Ask them about their family & the health of family members.
10) Share food with them some times.
11) Pass few time between them & show them that you are also their part.
(These bold points will help you to fill the gap between you & them. and also to let them feel that you are their welwisher. In other words they will get touched with you emotionally & will start working for you not for money.)
12) Make some of them the part of decisions.(Only the compitent person but from amongs them only.)
13) No matter if you are not with them when they are happy but be with them when they are in problem.
14) Talk to them politely.
15) Scold them on their worng doings too.
16) Make them aware about the wellfare HR policies.
17) Try to know their basic needs & also try to solve their problem but do not cross the limit.

These all points will make you mare close to your workers & also win their faith. And once you will win their faith, they start performing well. It is all practical. I have personal experience of this problem.

I hope it will help you. All the best.

Inderjeet Singh"Born to lead"

From India, Rajsamand
[email protected]
management trainer
i am in need of questionaire about the inflencing worker for high productivity and job satisfaction. if anybody can help
From India , New Delhi

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