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a peculiar problem ! i am tasked maximum in my office, all peculiar assignments are coming to me everytime. i am doing all and finishing them within the given time with more then the expected standard, but auth does not feel to recognize these.
what i found, my boss does not accept a confident staff. he prefers a somehow confused character. once he is assigning me and if i tell, 'sir no prob, it will be done'.- he is not liking this. but once i express some how hesitating and asking boss about the very guideline for the accomplishment of his assignment, he looks happy.
any suggestion from any of my friends in this line?

From Bangladesh, Dhaka
there are good bosses and bad bosses. your boss may be a bad boss but this will be difficult to proof. reasons for your boss' behaviour may include the following:-
your boss may fall within the group of bad bosses. this is because of the following reasons:-
1. fear of losing position- he may be afraid that you will be able to take his position soon if you prove to be very good
2. career development- he prefers people who are not good so that, he can tie them down to the same positon for a long time without training them or developing their career. this will be a good excuse to his superiors for not developing and promoting staff.
3. lack of skills in delegation
4. some psychological impairment which make him afraid when others proof to be good
5. lack of good example from his superiours. maybe, your boss' superiors do not help matters or your boss also suffered similar treatment from them so he is trying to visit it on others.
6. poor interpersonal relations.
hope this will help.

From Ghana, Accra
infact, now a days we have changed our behavioral pattern with him. once he assigns us we give a confused look to him showing the attitude that the task is very difficult. then we ask for his sugestion for accomplishing that. then he smiles and gives a happy look.
another peculiarity is if someone is found serious with job and finishing jobs in the desired time with desired standard, he gets tasks and tasks in the series manner, whereas others in the office found relaxing though they remain busy with flattering the boss.

From Bangladesh, Dhaka
i had a similar boss n he was dominating n rude too...As far as work is considered...whever he assigns a task...ask him wat should be done if u dont like it use lines like but sir last time u said or wat about the time u told me to or i read somewhere what do u think to get his buyin...and do the task...sit with him to decide deadline...give him the finished work only around dat deadline n grumble when the deadline is being may take u only an hour to do work but ask for 3 days n give it to him by evening of 2nd day...u r finishing work before deadline...n boss will be happier...try it may help...wait 4 ur appraisal...if appraisal is not wat u expected u gotta look out 4 a change...otherwise learn n grow with the profile...n manage ur manager...its a gud learning eventhough a bit frustrating n all... all d best to you...
From India, Mumbai
HI, I like the answer given by Pranati... 'manage ur manager' is a good term to use!! Partha.
From India, Calcutta
hi, i am sure you are gradually learning the tricks of the trade. Just remember one thing - do things which you feel right inwardly. It is important to work with integrity. At times we conscioulsy lose a battle to win a war but always remain focused on your goal.
I personally have worked with varied kinds of bosses - rude, insecure, helpful, supportive etc. There was always something to learn from each one of them - what finally it was my choice to adopt/avoid some of the qualities to become a good manager myself.
All the best. :lol:

From India, Mumbai
hey i have a different problem my boss fell that i do not work. Actually i work as part time HR and my core activity is just Recruitment but due to much turnover of employee in the company my boss thinks that am not working good and hence feel that i am an under performing employee , but rather am trying my best.... pls help me out how should i gain confidence of my boss
From India, Mumbai
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