Dear all, Pls give me HR Admin person responsibilty in M.S Word format. Thanks Vinod bhatia e-mail: [email protected]
From India, Ambur
Dear All,
If anybody have above discussed material, please post on this platform only instead sending it individually, so that more and more people could get benefited.
Vivek Mishra
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Hi Vikaram,
I can help you out for Functions of IR:
Planning and initiating PR campaigns.
Preparing press releases, articles, handouts and/ or direct mail leaflets. Writing and editing publicity brochures, promotional videos and maintaining information on the organizations Web site. Researching and analysing the target audience's perception of an organization and using all forms of media and communications to project and protect the appropriate image.

From India, Chandigarh


  • Organization Mission / Vision, Business Goals, Strategy
  • Organization Life Cycle Stage
  • Organization Competency Identification (Key Competencies Required)
Competency Dictionary - Definitions
Proficiency Levels Defined
Existing Organization Competency Assessment
Existing Proficiency Levels
Competency Prioritization
GAP Analysis
o Competency Map (Employee Ratings, Observed / Desired / Gaps)
Employee Prioritization for Competency Development

Competency Development Program
  • Competency Mapping Industry/Competitor Analysis


Performance Management & Review Mechanism

Key Result Areas

      • Key Performance Indicators (Highest / Ideal Performance Expected)
Key Deliverables (Role Definition)
Competence Required
Position Descriptions Mapping across Organization
Performance Agreement
Goals / Objectives
Key Deliverables (Role Definition)

  • Performance & Potential Evaluation
Goals / Objectives (Previous Year)
Key Deliverables Assessment (3m,6m,9m,Yrly.)
Developmental Deliverables Assessment (3m,6m,9m,Yrly.)
Shortfalls in Deliverables Achievements
Significant Achievements
Strengths & Weaknesses
Competency Ratings (Managerial/Behavioral/Functional)
Trainings Received / Required Analysis
Performance Scores (Deliverables & Competencies Ratings)
Final Performance Ratings
Miscellaneous Discussions

  • Rewards & Recognitions - What is to be Rewarded/Awarded ?
Overall Performance
Critical Performance
Spot Performance
Personality Growth
Loyalty Recognition
Best of the Best (Individual, Team, Group Recognitions
Developmental Deliverables (for Career / Succession Planning)
Trainings Required (Objective, Priority, Evaluation Parameters)
Organization Support Required
Career Planning
Succession Planning

Recruitment & Selection

  • GAP Analysis / Future Requirements
  • Budgeting New Manpower, Cost Estimates
  • Recruitment Plan of Action (Numbers, Time Frame, Sources, Cost, Internal Movement)
  • Internal Resources / External Resources
  • Position Description
Candidate Specification
Experience Specification (Mandatory/Preferred)
Key Performance Indicators (Highest / Ideal Performance Expected)
Key Deliverables (Role Definition)
Competence Required

  • Sources of Manpower (External)
Placement Consultants
Job sites
Campus Recruitment
Employee Referrals
Head Hunting

Professional Institutions
  • Vendor Relationship Management (Agreements, Contracts, Quotes)
  • Manpower Requisition Process (Authorisation, Documentation, Closures)
  • Selection Methodology
  • Interview Process (Panel, Evaluation Methodology)
  • Testing Processes (Test Instruments, Administration, Monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Forms & Formats (Requisition, Application Blanks, Interview Evaluations)
  • Recruitment MIS Reports
Training & Development

  • Training Needs Identification
  • Skill-Gap Analysis
  • Competency Map (Employee Ratings, Observed / Desired / Gaps)
  • Training & Development Plans (Technical / Soft Skills / Knowledge)
Competency Development Programme.
Behavioural & Functional
Skill Development Programme
Performance Improvement Programme

  • Training Calender
  • Prioritized List of Training Programmes
  • Individual Analysis
  • Faculty Feedback & Analysis
  • Employee / Supervisor Feedback
  • Developing Knowledge Sharing Practices
  • Training Effectiveness Parameters
  • Key Improvement Indicators Defined (Performance, Skills, Competence)
  • Time Frame for Improvement
  • Review Mechanism

  • Oganisations philosophy & values
  • Work Culture
  • Best HR practices / Policy
  • Grievance Management Process
  • Employee Communication formal & informal
Notice Boards
Inter Dept meetings
Dept Meetings
Staff Meetings
Suggestion Scheme
Work culture survey, Analysis & Findings
Employee Satisfaction Survey, Analysis & Findings
Effective Grievance Resolution


  • Offer / Appointment Letters, Compensation Sheet, Contract Letters, Consultant Agreements etc.
  • Salary Fitment Benchmarks / Salary Matrix
  • Joining Formalities & Documentations
  • Documentation Coding & Revision Guidelines
  • Induction & Orientation Company Overview (History, Business, Market, Products/Services, Geography)
Company Presentations
Key Personnel Meetings

Technical / Domain / Process Training Programme
  • Maintaining & updating Personnel Files
  • Compensation & Benefits Administration Salary Structure (Fixed, Variables, Perks)
  • Employee Welfare Schemes
  • Insurance Covers
  • Retiral Benefits
  • Tax Consulting
  • Legal Compliances (Employment / Labor / Compensation Acts)
  • Incentives, Motivational Allowances
  • Employee Relations Employee Benefit Schemes
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries
  • Festival Events
  • Sports Events
  • Inter Dept Events / Competitions / Games / Quizzes
  • Health & Safety Measures

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From India, Mumbai
Please not Admn Responsibilities:

House Keeping: Maintain office environment neat and clean, solve issues related to housekeeping.

Security: Selection of guards from the service providers and keep the track on all the security checks for the benefit of the organization.

Pantry Services: Maintain the facility for the employees in respect of Tea/Coffee, Lunch and creating stress free environment in cafeteria.

Repair and Maintenance: Take care of Repair maintenance of office equipments and office premises.

Stationary and Printing: Ensure the requirements of stationary and printing of Head Office and Branch Offices must fulfill on time.

Budgeting: Preparation of Administration related Budgets for the upcoming financial year

Vendor Management

a. Vendor Finalization: Finalize the vendors on the basis of quality, quantity, brand name in the market and rates.

b. Vendor Appraisals: Do vendor appraisals on the basis of services provided by them on quarterly / yearly basis.

c. Payments: Process vendors payment and ensure the payment made on time.

d. Contract & Agreements: Prepare contract and agreements with supervision of legal department for the vendor and filing the same in an organized manner.

Facility Management:

a. Overseeing complete Facilities (sites) and infrastructure set up, and liaising with contractors and interiors for the same.

Event Management:

a. Venue: Selection of Venue as per requirement of event.

b. Schedule of the Event: Prepare the schedule of the event.

c. Feedback: Get the feedback from the employees on the Event.


a. Issue Mobile Phones and Connection according to the policy of the company.

b. Handle problems, billing and request from employees related to communication sector.

Asset Management:

a. Purchasing: Finalize & Purchase the Asset on the basis of Quality, Brand & after sale service criteria.

b. A.M.C of Assets: Maintain assets through Annual Maintenance Contract by reputed and authorized service provider.

Guest House Management:

a. Handle guest house facilities in respect of house keeping, security, food and customer satisfaction.



From India, Kapurthala
Duties and Responsibilities of HR Admin

* Managing directly human resources staff: scheduling, assigning and directing work; conducting interview, hiring and orienting new staff; supervising or conducting training, coaches; evaluating and giving appraisals; and ensuring good quality of work.

* Conducting with and advising management and supervising human resource issues; investigating human resource related problems and making recommendations to the organization.

* Ensuring the execution of criminal record checks fully in a timely effective manner.

* Providing HR advice and support to line managers and employees, explaining procedures and policies in a timely effective manner.

* Assisting in the development of human resource procedures and policies.

* Contributing to HR projects like introducing an induction program.

* Administering the performance of management system.

* Entering data into the database or HR system for maintaining accurate records.

* Providing data for and preparing management information reports and documents.

* Liaising with payroll, absence recording, and holiday recording systems.

* Administering the probationary review time periods.

* Maintaining and developing the filing system of personnel.

* Assisting the human resource officer with the maintenance and development of human resource procedures and policies.

* Advising staff regarding personnel, benefits, and pay issues.

* Administering staff benefits, programs, and events.

* Counseling applicants and employees on rules, policies, benefits, procedures and job opportunities.

* Supporting in completion of job application materials and documents, and preparation of employment interviews and tests.

* Performing or supervising payroll processing, developing, and implementing procedures and applications.

* Establishing, organizing and supervising the maintenance of department records, ensuring complete accuracy and confidentiality.

* Evaluating risks and giving advices for risk management procedures, processes, policies, and practices.

* Preparing, reviewing, interpreting, analyzing and approving a variety of data, information and reports, and making recommendations depending on findings.



From India, Kolkata
Dear All, Pl. find the attachment copy of HR / Admin person responsibility. Vivek

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File Type: xls Vivek Caparo KRA.xls (21.0 KB, 1425 views)

Roles & Responsibilities-
Event Management
Allocation & Monitoring of Duties (Office Assistants) Housekeeping, Security & Drivers
Security Management, their Duties, Payments & Contracts
Coordinating with various vendors for all office requirement
Monitoring the Annual Maintenance Contracts related to company
§ Recruitment.
§ Responsible for Joining Formalities.
§ Verifying joining documents of new joinees.
§ Exit formalities & Full and Final settlements.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Vinod, As per your request i am attaching the JD for HR & Admin.... Hope it might be of some help to you....
From India, Mumbai

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Dear All, Please find herewith HR & Admin responsibility file. Hope it will helpful to you. Thanks & Regards, Trupti
From India, Pune

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