Dear Seniors One of my Chairman driver slept on the duty. Now my management is asking to issue a disciplinary letter to the driver. Can you give me sample disciplinary letter? Thanks in advance

2nd July 2010 From India, Madras

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I think a Verbal Warning should be sufficient instead of jumping the gun in this case. Speak to the driver and check out if he was really over-worked the previous day. HR is for Policies but more importantly it is for being more Humane with Humans. If he doesnt heed then you can issue a disciplinary letter.....regards SS
3rd July 2010 From India, Mumbai
I think, it is a silly issue.
Drivers' duty is to drive vehicles. They can not sleep while on duty i.e. while driving. Generally, they remain idle while his boss is in office. So, during this period, they have no alternative than to take rest unless a homogeneous is available for gossip.
So, keep him busy, if you don't want him to sleep.
3rd July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Issue of warning letter or not for sleeping while on duty hours by a driver is to be decided on various aspects.
If it is a practice in the company to issue warning letters in writing, if the driver is on the permanent rolls of the company and if the intensity of sleep is more that he did not get up when tried, if he had earlier indulged in such behaviour which would not have been brought to the knowledge of HR, then warning letter may be issued, in the language that is understood by him.
However, the best way is to get an admission letter from him emphasizing that he would not indulge in future, whether it is oral warning or written warning.
4th July 2010 From India, Selam
sleeping on duty falls under misconduct. you can ask for explantion and issue waring /action according
4th July 2010 From India, Gurgaon
Does your standing orders contain about disciplinary proceedings. If so, issue a letter bringing attention to the particular clause which has been violated and nature of misconduct he has committed under the said clause. is it minor and gross misconduct. the letter can be issued on the lines indicated below:-
It is reported against you, Sri.......................................... that while you were on duty on..............., you were alleged to have slept between.........and......... and thereby committed gross misconduct under para...................of......................... ..............
You are therefore called upon to submit your explanation within 3 days from the date of this memo as to why suitable disciplinary action should not be taken against you, If you fail to submit your explanation within the date time stipulated, it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and further orders as deemed fit would be passed against you.
Disciplinary Authority
4th July 2010 From India, Madras
It seems your management is siting idle at work place. Because they are observing what their drivers are doing instead looking at operating staff. Every person has its own value at work place. and our time is precious for organization. so don't ask for sample warning letter better convince the management not to indulge in unnecessary non value added activities.
5th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
As per factories Act sleeping on Duty is indiscipline. see your State factory Rules and the corresponding Standing orders of your Organisation.
But he has slept once and got caught. find the root cause i.e was he not well or he did not sleep well the previous night due to some preoccupation.
or has been sleeping and was never caught and now accidentally caught.
Any way it is not right to take action without any analysis.
If it is one off , then suitably warn him and let him.
if he is a habitual one, based on the organisations policy, past cases and the present environment take a judicious decision.
Don't take hasty decision and repent later.
Always err on the right side and be fair in all your actions.
5th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hey guys

One of my supervisors took a nap of 15 minutes after returning from lunch time. She did such a gross misconduct that i was obliged to warn her as per below. I wonder if employees, including me and you, at times we really feel that we are simply trying to refresh ourselves to start will full vigor again. Those who are conscious do it during their lunch time. But those who are ( hey I don't care, i will tell them that I am not feeling well ) really insubordinate need a punch.

Dear Miss xxxxx

Subject: Verbal warning for sleeping while on duty

We refer to our meeting of today, where we discussed about your negligence and sleeping on duty.

As per our camera recording, you have been found sleeping from xxxxx hours till xxxxx hours in the early morning of xxxx 00, 2010 while on duty. This was immediately after your lunch time.

Sleeping while on duty hours constitutes a major misconduct. Being a supervisor, you have acted unprofessionally, given a very bad example to your subordinates and disrupted the normal course of operation.

You are hereby warned to be careful of your conduct while on duty. Recurrence of this misconduct or any other misconduct will lead to initiation of severe disciplinary action against you including termination of employment.



Sr. Manager
9th July 2010 From Mauritius
Had the Boss told the Driver over cellphone "Gaadi Nikalo"...I bet he would not have slept. The Boss took it for granted that The Driver Is Supposed To Be Holding The Steering For Full 9 Hours Irrespective Of If Its Required Or Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If there is work in the office then nobody is supposed to spend their time on other activities but if there isn't any work then I bet Even a Boss will Fall Asleep!!!!!!!!!!
Salian S
9th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
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