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Hi All,

Below is an article which will widen your view,when you select candidates for your organisation.


Hire chargers and not batteries!!!

When Sapna left the marketing division of a company, everything was going fine for two weeks. People were working as if nothing has happened. They would also call back Sapna almost every day as if she is still there and they did not feel her absence. But gradually her colleagues started realizing that there was something missing. They were having lunches together but discussions were only restricted to clients, they will go for tea/coffee breaks but only when needed to and the whole atmosphere was becoming more of official. They won’t go for walks after lunch or will not talk about their personal lives anymore. Although every one wanted to do but there was no common thread to do this and they felt like a broken pearls whose string has been broken.

The manager, Rahul, did not realize this until someone told him about it from the other department. He said, “Now a days I don’t get to hear the cheers and jokes from your department, is everything OK?” It then stuck to Rahul that yes, he himself did not have lunch with his team for past two weeks. All he talked was about the clients, revenues, billing and business development. All topics on latest movies, new restaurants, and latest fashion icons have taken a back seat.

You would say, what’s wrong with this kind of environment. Obviously it should be like this because a manager’s job is to get the work done so that company makes money. But I am sure you have heard about – work work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!!

Yes I am talking about the people who bring and add zing to your working life. If you have one in your department; you are lucky and if you don’t have one, go ahead and hire one.

Most of the time, managers look for technical skills in a candidate and ignore the social skills to a great extent. The hiring manager’s target is to get a capable person for the job and then it is left to the person to contribute to the group’s culture – good or bad and also people assume that somehow it will be accepted by both the parties. But you may notice that absence or presence of a particular person makes a great deal of difference in the way people work together, the way people relate to each other and interact with each other. If there is a charger in your group, he/she will bind the group together at an informal level and your team will be one. You don’t need to spend money on conducting team building training programs and if this person is missing, then no matter how much time and effort you spend, it will always be a restricted and formal relationship.

When people spend most of their waking time together, they long for good people around so that they look forward to work. They want to have company of such people who have a lively and positive presence than intelligent and hardworking people only. Of course they have their own place in the team but the importance of having a capable and lively person cannot be ignored anymore. It then becomes the responsibility of hiring managers to ensure that they have such chargers in the company.

How do you find a charger?

a. Have a high level of energy and initiative

b. One who has varied social interests

c. positive attitude towards work and life

d. laughs and smiles during interactions

e. makes others feel part of their own in first meeting

f. make conversation on any topic and relate to people from different background

In today’s work environment, where there is tough competition, unbeatable deadlines and tremendous stress of performance, it is essential to have such people who can help you ease the pressure and look at work as fun and then build on productivity charts.

What do you get if hire a charger?

• Better team relationships

• Lively work environment

• Listen to human laughter many times a day

• Reduces the stress level of your people

• And last but not the least, reduces your attrition number – because always would like to work with nice people than serious people

So next time you need to hire a team member, please ensure that you hire a charger who turns your work place into a lively and interactive place to be where everyone wants to come on a Monday morning :D



Hi Meenakshi,
I totally agree with you that we should hire chargers. But what to do when management is interested in hiring only batteries? Actually I face the problem whenever I want to hire lively and interactive people. Management has apprehensions that these people might disturb others and will not work and so we have to go for people who can stick to their seats and just work.Any suggestion ??

Hi Manka,
I agree,to change management perspective is not easy.
If you really want to prove that people who are lively at work place increases employee motivation and are an asset,you need to start with analysis of performance of these employees.Take feedback from his/her colleagues.Make internal surveys which highlights the above fact.If you get positive results you can put forward your suggestion with facts and figures,to prove your point.
But before doing all this,identify such people in your organisation(might be there are few).
Also encourage activities like Open house(a platform where both employees and heads can sit together and converse)-where all the employees and department heads can share their respective department updates.Include few skits/fun activities to make the atmosphere lively.
Hope it gives you some idea...good luck

Wonderful article I say!!! It is the same in the company where i work. Our gang/ team is more or less comprised of chargers becoz if one is down or depressed then we charge them.. On the other hard , we also have had batteries too .. But yes like Manka says " we want to hire lively people who interact and perform" but unfortunately management feels they will disturb the work.. the best part is they are the ones who say the team should be lively and charged up and inturn they are the ones who recruit batteries.. What Next!!!!

Meenakshi This is really a good article. Chargers are definitely a must in every group without these Chargers, the efficiency of the batteries will not be that good. Siva
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